Can anyone find out if Israel is now blocking counter-jihadist websites on the internet? Yes, ISRAEL!

If this is true, can anyone in Israel tell me if BNI is also blocked? Or is this another one of John Kerry’s stupid demands on Israel for the doomed-to-fail peace talks?


Edgar1981  Anyone who spends a lot of time in Israel will know there is a very sizable number of under 40’s who have been indoctrinated with left-wing, anti-Zionist views. It can also be surprising to discover how little those same Israelis know of the extent to which Islamists hate them and want them destroyed. The main stream Israeli newspapers and TV channels are not much different to those in the UK both in their left-wing bias and in covering up Jihadist activities around the world .


An example of the above confirms that those in power in the Jewish State are determined to show that they are the biggest ‘dhimmis’ of all.  On LaLa beach in Tel Aviv today I noticed that the Municipality was now providing a free wifi service.  I decided to catch up on some real  news only to discover that websites like Robert Spencer’s  jihadwatch and thereligionofpeace were blocked as either “Discrimination” or (strangely) “Advocacy Organisation” (curiously one of the only anti-Jihad sites not blocked was Pamela Geller’s). 


Isn’t is great to imagine that you can avoid a problem simply by trying to make sure nobody knows about it?  And is it any wonder therefore that the Israeli Government can actually get away with releasing convicted terrorist murderers (like the latest bunch freed yesterday to appease Obama and the PLO) without there being mass demonstrations?

I wonder if there is a site like this for Israel?

Enter website to test

It appears as though this site IS blocked in Iran. This means that users of the Internet in Iran will most likely NOT be able to reach this site.