Even as a Jew, I find a man in a Nazi uniform costume less threatening than a Muslim in a burqa


The Nazi uniform was worn as a Halloween costume but a British Grocery store kicked the wearer out. Yet they allow burqas to be worn even though there is no way to know whether the wearer is a woman, a man, a robber or a suicide bomber. Robbers and terrorists use the burqa as a disguise all the time.

Algemeiner  While many people around the world celebrated Halloween Thursday by dressing in all manner of costumes and parading about, a British man’s attempt to do the same, dressing as a Nazi, wasn’t well received at his local  grocer.


Paul Dutton, 48, of Cambridge was kicked out of his local Asda supermarket after fellow shoppers spotted him browsing the aisles wearing a black SS outfit, complete with cap and red armband emblazoned with a swastika. Dutton later took to Twitter to claim responsibility and to complain about the treatment he received.

Under the name Operation Fail Safe, he said: “I wear a black SS armband in Asda twice a week for past three years.” He added: “I got ejected from #ASDA for wearing something that is good enough for a #Prince 2 wear #Asda are a bunch of #Racists.” He was referring to British Prince Harry, who dressed in a similar Nazi outfit at a costume party in 2005.


Many Cambridge residents didn’t see his costume as a matter of free expression, but as an insult. Rosina Rusin, 60, from Milton, told the Cambridge News that she felt it was “an affront” that someone would walk around in broad daylight wearing a Nazi uniform. (Yet she doesn’t see potential Muslim terrorists wearing burqas as an affront)

She said: “I was waiting in a queue when a lady came up and she was really quite distressed about it. People’s mouths were falling open. You are not going to come out like that unless you want to draw attention to yourself.”


Rusin’s mother was of Dutch-Jewish descent she explained to the Cambridge News: “I wanted to make sure he was evicted. My grandmother’s family were annihilated in the gas chambers and I thought here is this bloke parading about.” (And more than 270 million people – including Jews – have been annihilated by Muslims and half the Muslim world wants to annihilate all the Jews even now, but she isn’t scared of them?)

Neil Doron, 40, from Cambridge, saw the man outside Asda. He said: “He was just standing there in all that gear. It’s not very nice.” Doron added: “I do not think people should have that on at any time of year because of what it stands for. It’s not nice for people in Cambridge.”