EXPOSED IN EGYPT! The Barack Hussein Obama–Muslim Brotherhood–al-Qaeda alliance

ObamaandMorsybirdsofafeather-viDid you know that ousted Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, along with Barack Hussein Obama, were in regular contact with Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaeda? 

In case you forgot, Obama helped bring down Hosni Mubarak so he could put the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi in office. He has condemned Egypt’s June 30, 2013 overthrow of Morsi and his radical Islamic government by the Egyptian Army with the support of 30 million Egyptians. Obama has been calling not only for the release from prison of Mohamed Morsi, but for all his Muslim Brotherhood associates currently incarcerated, awaiting trial.

Eman Nabih  On 16/10/2013, Albawaba Newspaper in Egypt, published a report which revealed calls and messages Recordings, between Egyptian Ousted President Mohamed Morsi and Ayman  Alzawahiri, the Leader of Al-Qaeda Terrorist Organization.


In addition to the above mentioned report, Albawaba Newspaper, has exclusively published on 23/10/2013, recordings between Muslim Brotherhood Organization and Al-Qaeda terrorists Organization which were sponsored by the United States Of America, as the following terrifying details are going to reveal.

The recordings reveal that The United States of America is involved in direct contacts, which were held between the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda.

On January 2013, Khairat Al-Shater (the deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Egypt), and Issam Al-Hadad, Morsi’s Counselor for foreign affairs, made direct calls with Al-Qaeda Organization from inside the US Embassy in Cairo.


The First  Secretary of the US Embassy in Cairo had a direct call with Issam Al-Hadad (ousted president’s counselor for foreign affairs), and informed him that an American delegate from the CIA was in Egypt for a visit, and the CIA delegate wanted to hold a  meeting with Khairat Al-Shater (the deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Egypt).

In that meeting held between the CIA delegate and Khairat Al-Shater, the CIA asked both Essam Al-Hadad and Khairat Al-Shater, that they are seeking the Muslim Brotherhood assistance in facilitating the American’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. The CIA delegate asked the Muslim Brotherhood Organization to have a direct contact with Al-Qaeda Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri in order to make that withdrawal deal, specially that Al-Qaeda Leader is the cousin of Refaa Rifaa Al-Tahtawy, Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic Mohamed Morsi.

The Muslin Brotherhood Headquarter’s leadership in Cairo Egypt, agreed to carry out the American’s CIA delegate’s request, in favor of the USA. In return, the Muslim Brotherhood were assured through that deal, that they would be able to do whatever they wanted in relation to their plans in Egypt, under the United States cover, blessings and sponsorship.


On the 20th of January 2013, direct calls started between Refaa Rifaa Al-Tahtawy, Morsi’s Chief of Staff, Mohamed Morsi and Ayman Al-Zawahiri the leader of Al-Qaeda,

In another call, an agreement was set between all parties, that a delegate from the leadership of Muslim Brotherhood would go to Libya to meet with another delegate from the Al-Qaeda Organization, and both delegates were authorized to make agreements there. Mahmoud Ezzat, the first deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Egypt, was the leader of theBrotherhood delegate who traveled to Libya  and that delegate had a meeting in February 2013, with Al-Qaeda Organization’s delegate.

Abu Anas Al-Libi, was one of Al-Qaeda members who attended that meeting in Libya between Brotherhood delegate and Al-Qaeda delegate. Just for those who don’t know, who that guy is: Abu Anas Al-Libi is America’s ‘Most Wanted’ man, who has been seized by a team of Delta Force commandos after they ambushed his car in Libya, on 6/10/2013 – He is wanted for planning 1998 U.S. Embassy bombing in Nairobi and, Kenya!   

The Brotherhood confirmed to Al-Qaeda’s delegate that Al-Qaeda members would be able to return to Egypt, whenever they liked, including Ayman A-Zawahiri, leader of Al-Qaeda.


Also, the Muslim Brotherhood made also a deal with Al-Qaeda to help them get to Egypt, through Libya, then to Sinai, and finally to Egypt where they would work with the Muslim Brotherhood regime against their enemies, including Israel and America.


Muslim Brotherhood believes that American withdrawal from Afghanistan, means defeat for the Americans, and a victory to Al-Qaeda, and Al-Qaeda should take advantage of the situation, and facilitate the USA withdrawal from Afghanistan.

All those calls, meetings,  and agreements as the recordings show, were totally blessed by Mohamed Morsi, the Mulsim Brotherhood’s Headquarters in Egypt and The United States of America.


Recordings also reveal that Muslim Brotherhood coordinated with Hamas Organization in Gaza strip, the necessary preparations of all Al-Qaeda’s members who entered Egypt through the Libyan borders, to move them all to Sinai. (Apparently this was part of the Obama-Morsi $8 billion deal to give 40% of Sinai to Hamas: shocker-from-arabic-media-secret-8-billion-deal-between-obama-and-the-muslim-brotherhood


Morsi will go on trial in Egypt on November 4th.


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  1. Serious question – with the resources that are available to this age, why can’t we get an irrefutable document trail showing Obama as a Foreign Student at College or showing the proof that was recently reported about his birth certificate. Why is that not “mainstream”?

    • The universities he attended refuse to release his records that will show he received a foreign student scholarship and apparently nobody can force them to release them. The birth certificate he produced last year has already been proven to be a fake but no media will print that and most people don’t care anyway.

  2. The only thing I find difficult to believe is that ayman al-zawahiri would participate in a real time phone call. After bill clinton’s attempt kill him, obl stopped using all real time electronic communication.

  3. Obama’s friends are America’s enemies…Anymore evidence needed that the man holding the highest office is a treasonous imposter and an enemy of America?

  4. The American people need to stand up and impeech this SOB before you lose your nation to the Messiah of lies.
    Obama’s just like the Proprietor of Needful things, he sold the people ‘hope’ and instead they now have fear.

  5. Afghanistan should have been nuked from the face of the earth 09/12/01 along with Pakistan. There is no excuse for their continued existence.

    Invading Afghanistan without extirpating Islam was a damned fool’s errand; a total waste of blood and treasure.

    Withdrawl agreement, my ass! No agreement is needed, just bring our troops home, evacuate the few Christians and other non-Muslims and nuke the living shit off the face of the earth.

    Obama must be impeached and removed from office. Please go to and click the Impeach Obama petition in the right side bar. The petition will email itself to your Representative & Senators with a demand for impeachment and conviction.

  6. I agree with Bruce Lorraine.
    What on EARTH does it take for this *traitor* to be put on trial?

    I can only assume that all of the judiciary – the judges and lawyers – have been “bought”. That is the ONLY explanation for this guy still being in office.
    That and the fact that he has surrounded himself with Brotherhood members and supporters.

    • He will not be put on trial anytime soon as he operates just like his mentors the Muslim brotherhood. Everyone is afraid. On the personal level he will and has ruin careers, look at ruined military careers for example, and on a national level African americans and brain dead lefty’s and communists will go on MB inspired riot loot burn and kill binges. He knows this and that is why he does as he damn well pleases.

    • Americans are idolaters in general (“Not MY problem or responsibility! That’s why I defer to pay my taxes to other people to do my painful risky thinking and moral enforcing for me!”) and more specifically, “racists” who are determined to prove they *aren’t* racists, by allowing their “First Black President” to serve out his two terms unimpeached, simply so historical posterity won’t label them all as “racists!” – and they’ll continue with enforcing this “narrative” at ALL costs to them selves, too!

      • These days, most if not ALL elected politicians are statists who always want to grow government to reward followers, who are more concerned with the ‘rights’ of their own groups (parties) than with any of their constituents, because if the other members of their party cause it to fall, so do they.

        They will also protect their own political CLASS – members of BOTH parties – lest they all fall as one, too.

        The reason corporazi globalist traitors can puppetize the politicians is because the divisive interest-conflicted political party gangs exist at all. If there were NO funds allowed, no campaigning, but only platforms posted on free websites, and where the people could DIRECTLY appoint the elected politicians to their cabinet positions, the power of corporate money to influence elections would be reduced to near-zero.

        Each politician would then be beholden ONLY to the people who elected them, not to group-rights loyalty conflicts.

  7. ALL the world will come to HATE Islam and everything it stands for. In time, all will be revealed and those in the highest places will be put on trial for treason. They will not be writing books and making speeches at $500K each.

  8. Obama seems to be in “stop me if you can” mode while dismantling America from within as furiously as he can for as long as he can doing as little as possible.

  9. It’s been five years that the POS that puts his feet on the Resolute Desk has been demonstrating through his actions, Executive Orders & enacted legislation that he’s more than just a stooge for the muslim brotherhood.
    What does it take for the rest of America to wake up to who this guy really is? Isn’t it enough that he’s not only aligned himself with the sworn enemies of America but with his open borders policies thousands of enemy agents are not only allowed backdoor access to America but he’s placing some of them at the highest levels of our government.
    In a time of war a rope can be used to punish those found guilty of treason.
    He needs to be removed from office.

    • And Congress has been letting him do it without a word. They are as criminal as Barry is by aiding and abetting him in his usurpation of that office knowing he wasn’t eligible for it.

      I just wonder, what Presidents in the past has leaned back and put his feet on that desk? I’ll be Master Usurper is not only the first black person in that office, he’s the first [horse’s ass] to put his feet on the desk. It would look better if he was in there legally, but he’s a damn crook and Congress is supporting him in it. They’ve all gotta go.

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