FRANCE: Anti-Islam graffiti was sprayed on walls outside the house of anti-‘Islamophobia’ leader…Heh!

Racial (What ‘race’ is Islam?) slurs and Nazi slogans (in honor of all the Muslims who fought on the side of the Nazis?) were painted on the walls of the home in Nîmes of President of the National Observatory against Islamophobia French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), Adbdallah Zekri.


Liberation  The slogans “Islam out”, “Arabs out”, swastikas, “Heil Hitler”, “SS” and Christian crosses were painted on the walls, according to two photos sent to AFP.

A complaint will be filed, said Mr. Zekri also advise the rector of the Muslim Institute and delegate responsibility for parts of the (virulently opposed) Great Mosque of Paris.

In his continued fight against “Islamophobia,” he stated that “the current climate”, including those who speak of French rights and support the increasingly popular anti-Muslim immigration Front National party, is responsible for this.”

“When we talk about Islam which is the second largest religion in France fully anchored in the Republic, we quickly forget that it is the Arabs who participated in the liberation of France against those same Nazis, “said he added. (NOT!)

According to SOS Racisme, “these acts are increasing in the current context of two militant attacks in Paris UNEF-I by members of the extreme right,” “an increase in threats fueled by social networks “. “While many right-wing factions were dissolved during the summer, their former leaders trying to regain its footing, competing in the field of racist (What ‘race’ is Islam?) attacks,” she says, calling for vigilance.