Jesus Christ makes a groundbreaking appearance in Syria!


In the midst of a sectarian war, a giant bronze statue of Jesus has gone up in Syria, apparently under cover of a truce among three warring factions. The grandiose 39-meter high sculptural composition, the statue of Jesus Christ,  called “I have come to save the world” has been placed on the legendary Cherubs’ Mountain. This statue that can be seen from Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel is the symbol of peace not only in Syria but also in the whole Middle East Region.


Voice of Russia (h/t Pavel P)  Jesus stands, arms outstretched, on the Cherubim mountain, overlooking a route pilgrims took from Constantinople to Jerusalem in ancient times. In an interview with the VoR Director of the St. Paul and St. George Foundation Samir

The idea to erect the statue of Jesus Christ came into being when there was peace in Syria. It was a big project aimed at the restoration and strengthening of centuries-long ties between Russia and the countries of the Middle East.

“After this idea emerged in 2005 it was blessed by Patriarch Ignatius IV of Antioch and the Middle East, who was the author of this idea. Jesus Christ who is offering his blessings is trampling upon a snake, which is the symbol of evil. There is Adam on his right side and Eve on his left side. The Patriarch of Antioch chose the Cherubs’ Mountain because cherubs, as is known, is a symbol taken from the Old Testament, which is used by the Christians and which is accepted by the believers of Islam.”

Workman before the statue was erected on the base
Workman before the statue was erected on the base

Taking part in the work, which required 8 years were Syrian priests, theologians from the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Laura (Russia), and sculptor from Armenia. The final stage proved the most difficult because the placement of the statue of Jesus Christ on the top of the Cherubs’ Mountain took place during the hostilities in Syria.

“It was practically impossible to bring the necessary equipment to the site because all roads were blocked. Some of them were controlled by the rebels and some – by the Syrian army. Hence, it was necessary to reach agreement with the two sides so that it would be possible to bring the equipment to the mountain peak, which was finally done. None of the two sides had fired a shot within the period of 3 days.”

The fact that the statue of Jesus Christ has appeared in the country where the Muslims make up a majority is not surprising at all, Samir Shakib El-Gadban said, stressing that the statue “I have come to save the world”, spiritually, meant much not only for the Christians but also for the Muslims and Jews. It may become the symbol of peace in the Middle East, he added. Christ is for all nations, he said in conclusion.

Sadly, this statue could become a target for the Obama-backed, al-Qaeda-linked rebel insurgency: