UK: This former Muslim who is a self-described pro-Israel Arab Zionist takes on a raucous group of pro-Palestinian, virulent anti-Israel leftists

Talk about chutzpah, this guy has to fend off as much Jew-hatred from these leftists as he would from a room full of foaming-at-the-mouth Muslims.

I found him on the IsraellyCool website and don’t see his name posted, but you can read about him HERE

In this video, he takes on Jenny Tonge and her supporters. According to The Commentatorfanatical  Jenny Tonge is one of the most frightening anti-Zionist, Israel-haters in Britain and her leftist supporters are even worse. (Former) Liberal Democrat Member of the House of Lords, Tonge is famous for once saying she might have been a suicide bomber had she been born a Palestinian.

A 1:50 in the video below, you can hear Jenny Tonge declare that “Israel won’t be around forever.”