How to get people NOT to buy your product

A reprehensible advertisement picturing a U.S. solider and a fully-veiled Muslim woman in an embrace has provoked mixed reactions. The billboard promotes sleeping aid brand ‘SnoreStop’ which can benefit couples by ensuring they have a snore-free sleep.


al-Arabiya  Erected in Los Angeles on the city’s famous Sunset Boulevard, the billboard aims to “show couples that you don’t normally see in advertising,” SnoreStop spokeswoman Melody Devemark said in a TV interview according to U.S.-based news website Huffington Post.

Social media users (FYI: ONLY leftists’ comments noted) responding to the ad’s twitter hashtag #betogether had mixed feelings about the billboard:

“What an amazing ad. I wish more companies represented couples like this,” wrote twitter user Hooverr1.

 Twitter user, @Shahkaal said that it was “great to see diversity in Ads” while @KarimiScreamy wrote that the ad was a “good sign of tolerance.”

Facebook user Debbie Herrera wrote that she liked the ad’s “diversity but… I also think this is in poor taste… I would think this would be offensive to Muslim’s [sic].”

Twitter user @uncolonisedmind wrote that the ad’s usage of a niqabi (a women who wears a face-covering veil) was “ignorant and stereotypical.”

A spokesman for U.S.-based, terror-linked CAIR told Al Arabiya News that the organization’s reaction towards the advertisement has been “towards the positive side.” “I think that that is a worthy image which is designed to spark debate on the issues of races and religion and ethnicity,” said Ibrahim Hooper, the national communications director for CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations).


Akbar Ahmed, chair of Islamic studies and professor at American University in Washington DC, said that because the billboard depicted the couple in “a very classic, matrimonial pose,” it was not intended to cause outrage.