LONDON: Lebanese Christian woman fired from Heathrow Airport over an alleged insult to Islam that wasn’t

article-0-19410ED7000005DC-544_306x423Despite working at Terminal 3 for 13 years, Nohad Halawi was summarily fired following un-substantiated complaints by Muslims about her conduct.  Mrs Halawi had persistently complained to management over personal religious abuse and harassment from Islamic staff, who even mocked her about “shitty Jesus.” But if you think this woman is an anti-Muslim bigot, think again, she is married to a Muslim.

CBN  Nohad Halawi learned that in today’s Britain, you’d better not be perceived as having insulted Islam at work because it could ruin your life. Halawi worked the cosmetics counter in the duty free zone inside London’s Heathrow Airport for 13 years. She was by all accounts hardworking and well-liked.

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But when Halwai ran afoul of her Muslim co-workers, she was effectively fired. “I didn’t say anything wrong. I was complimenting a colleague of mine,” she said. Halawi, a Christian from Lebanon, was having a conversation in Arabic with a co-worker and praising a Muslim colleague when it was misinterpreted by another Muslim employee as an insult.

But Halawi isn’t anti-Muslim. She is married to a Muslim. She spoke of the embarrassment of having to explain to family and friends that she lost her job because she was a “racist.”

She also was harassed for being a Christian and heard the name of Jesus mocked by Muslims.


But other things that Halawi witnessed at Heathrow Airport should make travelers who use Heathrow nervous. Halawi heard Muslim employees there praising the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and Britain’s 7/7 bombings. She also saw Muslims bring the Koran to work; she said one man proselytized and handed out radical leaflets. When the employee was reported, Halawi said he was not fired.

Halawi saw a Muslim airport employee waived through security without having to show the proper credentials simply because he had a Muslim name on his name tag. This is the same Heathrow Airport that, in 2006, saw a foiled plot in which liquids were to be smuggled through security to blow up American airliners over the Atlantic. 


So, why is an airport in Christian Britain allowing the persecution of Christians like Halawi while protecting and boosting Islam? Halawi hasn’t gotten any help from the courts in Britain. Her attorney, Paul Diamond, has appealed to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg where it should stand out as a clear case of religious discrimination.