AUSTRALIA: Muslim Convert Cheri Bernice Joan Hays

Some people are just so hideous they do the rest of us a favor by covering themselves. Australian Muslimah Cheri Bernice Joan Mays, who chose the Islamic name Ayisha after Muhammad’s child bride, has started pretending it is Halloween everyday.


Your Daily Muslim  The Muslimah now wears the niqab (ninja costume) on a daily basis to hide her grotesque appearance, and frequently posts images and messages from both jihadis and anti-western clerics. Mays is a divorced mother of two, and is raising both of her offspring to value their religion over being able to integrate into society at large. Let’s see how far off the deep end this young Muslim has gone.


Mays supports the following hate preachers: anti-Western, homophobic mufti Ismail Menk, violently homophobic sheikh Khalid Yasin, recently-arrested anti-Semite Yousef al-Khattab, and terror-enabling imam Abu Taubah, among plenty of others. Instead of being a “moderate” Muslim and pretending to care about the laws of the west, Mays is fairly open about her extremist leanings.


Between postings of her crappy gothic lyrics reminiscent of Evanescence gone Islamic, Mays shares messages on all sorts of subjects Muslims love, including jihad in Syria and forbidding women from showing their faces on Facebook. Sorry, but I’m not gonna add a pair of eyes. Seeing that in my newsfeed would just be creepy.


Introducing YDM TV! Here’s a video from Mays’ Facebook, titled “How you eat and drink in niqab lol.” The use of the “lol” shows that Mays is aware of the absurdity and impracticality of the garment, but still chooses to wear it to please her imaginary friend despite its unwieldy nature. Of course, what she eats is halal – slaughtered according to Islamic standards of utmost cruelty.