Popular Australian counterjihadist blogger, Sheik Yermami, falsely implicated in mosque vandalism

None of the news reports did this, but the vile, pro-Muslim extremist IslamophobiaWatch UK website implied as much about Sheikyermami.


From IslamophobiaWatch UK website: Cairns is the home town of the deeply unpleasant “counterjihad” blogger “Sheik Yer’Mami.” Back in the day, SYM did his best to whip up hysteria over plans to establish a mosque in Cairns, urging his supporters to “do whatever it takes” to stop Muslims from “spreading their tentacles” into the area, but to no avail. The website, Winds of Jihad, has yet to comment on the graffiti attack on the mosque.

ABC  A mosque in Cairns in far north Queensland has been targeted by vandals. The front of the Cairns North mosque was sprayed with large red letters early yesterday, calling for the worshippers to “integrate” or return to their “homelands”.  The attack has been condemned by local political leaders.