Chief Water-Carrier for the Obama Regime, the New York Times, trashes the Egyptian military, sides with the Muslim Brotherhood

imagesEgyptian commentator, Eman Nabihn, is rightfully outraged at the Obama media’s (NY Times) pro-Muslim Brotherhood bias and its attempts to spin the story of the June 30th ouster of Mohamed Morsi by the Army and more than 30 million Egyptians into something it’s not.

Eman Nabih  In a Nov. 4, 2013 New York Times, there was an editorial entitled “Mr. Kerry Fumbles In Egypt”.

What they wrote about Kerry’s visit to Egypt, is not the issue here.  It’s what they wrote about deposed President Morsi and 15 other Muslim Brotherhood operatives charged with inciting the pre-remeditated and deliberate killing and torture of demonstrators in front of Etihadeya presidential palace on May 12th. Charges that address the death of about a dozen demonstrators as well as the more than 800 people who got brutally tortured and injured, some who are now suffering permanent disabilities as a result.


The following two screenshots showing what New York Times have published:



According the above screenshots, New York Times apparently sees it as a bad thing that the Egyptian Military is trying to to crush the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters! What does this statement mean – that it was a fake charge planned by the Military against the Brotherhood? 

If the New York Times consider the Military faked these charges in this specific case trial against Brotherhood, then consequently, New York Times is also accusing the Judges and the General District Attorney and the Prosecutors, who worked on this case, to have been corrupted, too! 

Apparently the New York Times considers the Brotherhood leaders and their supporters as innocent of any wrongdoing. Moreover, the Times is implying that the Army is the villain and  Brotherhood Regime is innocent of crimes they  committed against 87 Million Egyptians, and all the institutions of the Egyptian State.


If the Muslim Brotherhood was so good for the people of Egypt,  why haven’t there been millions of Egyptians revolting against the Egyptian Military Oppression and alleged fake charges against MB? Are Egyptians afraid to revolt?  Hardly, considering the size and scope of the two massive uprisings in the past 2 year.

New York Times described the wildly popular General Abd El-Fatah El-Sisi, as the ringleader of the Coup! Ringleader in the English language, is “a person who leads others in any kind of unlawful or mischievous activity,” which makes the General who is also the Egyptian Minister of Defense, as the chief of a gang here.


More than 33 million (roughly ⅓ of the country) Egyptians revolted against the Brotherhood Regime, hardly a Coup as opponents like to call it, especially in the Obama media. Where is their proof of these allegations?

This is not the first time the New York Times has publish this kind of deliberate misleading news about Egypt! Egypt is ruled by the law, and one of the law’s missions is to protect people’s reputation, when it gets deliberately smeared by whoever think can shoot accusations, and imagine that they can really get away with it!


The link below is  documented evidence, all videos recorded on the 5th of December 2012, published by an Egyptian Blogger, who gathered the videos, which show Muslim Brotherhood leaders and supporters, and including also Muslim Brotherhood individuals, who worked in the presidential Palace, appointed by Ousted President in the Presidential Cabinet, from the minute they announced publicly, that they will end Anti-Brotherhood protests by force and they will intensively mobilize their supporters to make sure those protests against Brotherhood regime, will be ended immediately.

In the videos at the link below, Brotherhood leaders and presidential Cabinet members supervised the torturing of demonstrators inside and outside the Presidential Palace, while Mohamed Morsi was enjoying the show.


Also in the videos are Brotherhood supporters marching to the palace, brutally beating women protesters and political activists, and burning their tents outside the palace, and videos show clearly the presence of Brotherhood leaders and presidential cabinet, inside and outside the palace, torturing protesters and forcing them to confess. Among the victims, a former Egyptian Ambassador, Christians, political activists..etc

When you click on the following link, you will find many uploaded videos links on YouTube, just click on each video link, to watch them.

Click here, Link of Documented Videos of Etihadeya Palace Massacre, committed by Muslim Brotherhood and sponsored by ousted President Mohamed Morsi against more that 800 Egyptians got killed and brutally tortured.