Inside a Syrian town forced to live under al-Qaeda (ISIS) sharia-style tyranny

Raqqa was, a matter of months ago, one of Syria’s most liberal cities. Now locals call it Tora Bora. They say it’s as if the Taliban of Afghanistan have taken over. CNN reports.

CNN After months of bombardment by the regime and a chaotic lack of control by weak and divided moderate rebels, al Qaeda have found a broken society, made it their home, and imposed on it hardline Islamist law.

Each morning, activists told us, they seem to awake to a more conservative city. The “Bayanaat” or rulings sometimes appear on town walls. Many limit women’s rights — to walk alone, to style or show their hair. Other edicts come by word of mouth — no smoking, no cameras. Behind them are often foreign jihadists from the al Qaeda linked militant group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.


Al-Qaeda linked insurgents are flooding into Syria via Turkey, determined to overthrow the secular government of Bashir Assad and replace it with sharia fascist rule. Barack Hussein Obama supports their cause and is using American tax dollars to fund and arm them.