PRAGUE nursing school bans Muslims from wearing headbags

As a result, two Somali Muslim students have withdrawn from the nursing school and are planning a discrimination lawsuit.


Praha iDNES  (h/t Susan K)  Two Muslim girls left nursing school in Prague, because they were not allowed to wear a head bag. According to Czech Television, this the first time Muslim students have left school because of this rule.

Case soon ended up with the ombudsman and the lawyers are considering an anti-discrimination lawsuit. (OH! Does CAIR have an office in Prague, too?)


“The director called me and said, ‘If you want to be in school, do not wear a head bag.’ “I said that it is against my religion, I am a Muslim,” said one of the girls.

Director of the School of Nursing in Prague says the school is not at fault. Schools are free to enforce their own rules about student attire. The school, which has has a large number of foreign students from four continents has had similar problems with Muslims before, when they opposed compulsory gym class and other compulsory activities.