British journalists handing out flyers near a mosque of escaped Muslim terrorist, were arrested for ‘racially aggravated public disorder’

Police hunting a runaway Muslim terror suspect swooped in and nabbed…2 tabloid newspaper reporters. The journalist had been distributing flyers near a West London mosque where Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed dodged the law by donning a burka, offering a reward for the 27-year-old Somali Muslim’s arrest.

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, Somali Muslim terrorist on the run
Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, Somali Muslim terrorist on the run

MIRROR  via Blazing Cat Fur (h/t  Linda R) A Muslim mob soon gathered and someone complained to Plod. Uniformed officers arrived and took the reporter and his photographer to Acton police station on suspicion of “racially ­aggravated public disorder”. The pair were quizzed under caution by detectives for four hours before being released.

Police say their investigation is “continuing” and charges could still follow. It seems to be open season on journos right now. They’re so much easier to nick than fanatical al-Qaeda-trained jihadists, aren’t they? For one thing, they don’t cunningly disguise themselves in burkas.

An Noor Masjid Mosque where reporters were arrested
An Noor Masjid Mosque outside which reporters were arrested

This whole fiasco began when three terror suspects, including Mohamed, who were accused of tampering with their supposedly state-of-the-art monitoring tags, walked free from court after lawyers successfully argued their electronic tags were faulty. Mohamed was said to have damaged his tag accidentally while kneeling down to pray five times a day.

After he was freed, Mohamed – who has been linked to al-Shabaab, the terrorist gang behind the Kenyan shopping mall massacre – walked in to the An-Noor Masjid Mosque and Community Centre in Acton. CCTV footage showed him wearing his everyday clothes. When he left the building a few hours later, he was wrapped in an Islamic ­woman’s burka.


The Met’s Counter Terrorism Command, MI5 and the UK Border Agency have now joined forces to find him. But last night, Mohamed was still at large.

I’m not surprised. In the current ­climate, where the police tiptoe around, terrified of infringing anyone’s human rights, it’s a brave copper who suspects somebody lumbering down the street in a burka might actually be a man and asks her/him to take it off – if you don’t mind, madam/sir.


Who’s to blame for this ludicrous state of affairs?

Home Secretary Theresa May ­ultimately carries the can. But the finger is being pointed at Deputy PM Nick Clegg’s Lib Dems, ­forever sucking up to the civil liberties brigade, who persuaded the Coalition government to scrap Labour’s ­controversial “control orders” which ­allowed fanatics – including Mohamed, as it happens – to be placed under virtual house arrest.

white-widowThe Mirrors Tom Pettifore reports: Terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed is believed to be trying to flee the country and join up with his fanatical leader – White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite, allegedly involved in the Muslim mall massacre in Nairobi which targeted only non-Muslims. Counter-terrorism chiefs fear the 27-year-old fugitive, who has been on the run for four days, is heading for East Africa to become part of her jihadist cell.  

What else do we know? Last night a shopkeeper revealed Mohamed bought FIVE sim cards in recent days – meaning he could communicate with supporters without being monitored as he plotted his escape.