U.S. and Israel lose voting rights at UNESCO over Palestinian issue…Susan Rice blames Congress

But American taxpayers gain $80 million per year that no longer will be thrown into the money pit of yet another useless, parasitical UN organization.


Washington Post  The downgrade is the result of two sets of laws that the United States and UNESCO have had for years. First, the United States automatically stopped contributing to the organization in October 2011, when Palestine was accepted as a member.  Israel also stopped its contributions to UNESCO at that time.

That dates back to early ’90s legislation — one measure signed by  President George H.W. Bush and one by his successor,  President Bill Clinton– that triggers an end to U.S. payments to any U.N. body that recognizes Palestinian statehood. 

Now, UNESCO has automatically rescinded U.S. voting rights after Washington missed its two-year deadline to begin contributing again. That comes from a rule in UNESCO’s constitution, last updated in 2001.

Before the cutoff, the United States used to provide  $80 million every year to UNESCO — about 22 percent of the agency’s funding. Now the country has lost its voice in a critical governing agency, argues Mark Goldberg, who edits the news site U.N. Dispatch and has been watching this funding standoff since 2011.


“Shameful that US has lost its vote at #UNESCO. Congress needs to fix this. Current law doesn’t punish the Palestinians; it handicaps the US”

The Obama administration has, in fact, proposed changes to the current U.N. funding policy, but Congress tabled it.