WHERE’S THE UN? Ethiopian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia face robbery, abuse, torture, rape, and death

Saudi Police whip and beat Ethiopian migrants.

Saudi Arabian mob beats up and kills Ethiopian Christian migrant calling him a dog.

Ethiopian domestic worker is tied to a wall by her Saudi employer when she isn’t working.

Arab human traffickers beat up their Ethiopian cargo.

Ethiopian migrants abused by Saudi Security Forces.

Another Ethiopian migrant beaten up by Saudi mob.

Ethiopian domestic worker hangs herself, another victim of Saudi employer abuse.

Ethiopian Review  Some Ethiopian women resort to suicide after being subjected to barbaric acts at the hands of their Saudi employers, and the Ethiopian embassy has refused to provide them with assistance. The women are trafficked to Saudi Arabia by agencies in Ethiopia that are affiliated with Saudi-Ethiopian billionaire Al Amoudi and his associates, in collaboration with the TPLF junta.


Ethiopian woman at the town of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, has committed suicide by hanging. It is reported that she killed herself after she was prevented from going back to her country.

Ethiopian Review


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If you think what you’ve just seen is bad, look at this travesty:



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  1. I didn’t want to go through all those horrible videos, but I think you may have missed one:


    The sheer quantity of these evil accounts is mind-numbing.

    And to think that blacks would voluntarily convert to Islam, product of Saudi Barbaria. They think that by leaving Christianity for Islam they’re sticking it to “whitey” while jumping on the “people of color” bandwagon. WRONG! Arabs are among the worst anti-black racists in the world.

  2. Saudi Arabians are the source terrorist, from the beigining they kill devasitate on USA land in 9-11 on inocent socity and now they proved it on inocent poor Ethiopians. Saudis are true and pure terrorist, it is a nature in their blood. I don’t think the rest of the world needs them they are not even close to Animals. They are true and pure terrorist.

  3. With respect to all of you they are the one who started the killing of innocent people in saudi.
    It started as the government 7 months ago ask all illegal workers to fix thier or leavr the country. The 7 months has ended a week ago and that time the ehtubians have started by killing and harming the saudis. The saudi police is still tring to manage tge situation by taking the illegal workers back to their home country.

    I can’t recalled how many saudi kids have beem killed by the Ethiopian.

    Its recommended 4 all of us not jump to conclusion and do more research.

  4. Hi I started a petition, so that the US government do something about this. They can talk to the king or something. the link is


    and after watching all this abuse the list you can do is sign the petition so that something can be done. I want the Saudi government to be know for its cruelty and abuse of humanity. China has a mush better humanity records than the Saudis as shown in the videos above I want this to be acknowledged and that the US foreign policy towards Saudi government should reflect this realty.

    Thank you

  5. Do they get praised and go to heaven by beating, raping, torturing, killing human beings? Is this an Islam thought? This is an ignorant idea if they believe so.
    Where are the Saudi religious fathers, may be they are with devil, because its devils idea. I am very sorry to anyone who is a citizen of an ignorant and evil country Saudi. They are the most backward people with most inhuman and back ward religion(Islam)

  6. indeed they are, yet the Northern Sudanese are trying sooo hard to be like the Arabs and to be accepted by them, denying their strong African heritage and history in favour of the Arab indentity.

  7. I am sorry to anyone who goes to that ignorant and evil country Saudi. They are the most backward people with most inhuman and back ward religion(Islam)

  8. Satans own doing as he commands “kill the innocent and weak” thats satans command.

    The ethiopians are black Africans yet African Americans are standing in line to join satans cult. Just unbelieveable!

  9. I am still waiting for the blacks in the USA to stand up against slavery worldwide. Those blacks that seem to be hell bent on punishing whites in the USA for what a few slave owners did over 200 years ago is sick shit.
    We have children being sold into slavery in the USA and Mexico today and I still don’t see the loud black and Mexican community saying anything not to mention doing anything about it. I have to stop here before I explode.

    • Stel, most blacks in the US are ignorant of how they are viewed in the muslim world. If they knew, why would any of them convert to Islam? I take that back. Even when they know, they don’t believe it. They deserve the treatment they get.

      • Consider me a BRICK WALL THEN ! I’m not a member of “most ignorant blacks” in the U.S. I’m not putting up w/ anyone’s sh*t ! I don’t care what color you are. Respectfully – Black Man

      • Blacks in the american is not ignorant. We as blacks know that there are racism in the world, and there are also blacks from other parts of the world don’t care about Black Americans. So at the end of the day nobody care about blacks in america. Yes, I do understand and sympathize with the plight of the citizens in Saudi Arabia. Ethopians and other blacks from around the world are muslim and you don’t say they ignorant. At the end of the day blacks worldwide has a problem with racism.

        • GH, Black Americans have it made. It’s time to stop your incessant whining about ‘racism’ in America when your hero is in the White House. So SHUT UP! We are sick of it. Try whining about the real racism in the world that is coming from Muslims who treat Black Muslims and non-Muslims like shit.

  10. The UN does not exist anymore.

    It is a farce. I believe BNI had a post on here a couple weeks ago, where the UN fawned over Saudi Arabia and it’s alleged support of rights for women?


    Seriously, just can’t make this stuff up. rina is correct, “they are too focused on Israel to do anything good in this world.”

    • The UN was founded by big businesses and remains in the control of big businesses. Their claim of defending the peace is whitewashing their true agendas: world dominance and the abolition of individual sovereignties.
      The NWO is NOT a new concept but a very old one. One founded by Satan himself. And we’re seeing that come to fruition as they’re no longer able to hide it. Their defense of islam, and the growing restrictions on freedom, itself, is more than evident of their evil treachery.
      Their condemnation of Israel, a nation that has done nothing but return home and defend itself is appalling yet their ignoring of issues like Darfur, Rwanda, the Congo, Nigeria, and the list goes on, is wholly overlooked and shrugged off.
      Out to lunch, NO. They’ve never been there to begin with.

        • oh suadi may you get payed back in harm in this world and when you die when you guys had no shelter no food no drink no support we standed by you and know is this what we get for being nice do you not know that we are brothers and sisters in islam but rather you stand by T.P.L.F and kill us god said when you kill a animal you make your knife sharp and kill fast and you should never abuse any of his creation what will you say when god says blow back life in to the ones you killed you cannot do this rather you will be throrwn to hellfire on top of your faces is this how you represent islam you are just races just cause we are black on the outside rather you are black on the inside

  11. Ethiopians are being robbed, tortured, raped, beaten to death and even after they are killed they are spitten on and beaten and called christian dogs, even Ethiopian muslims aren’t spared. Where are the UN, Human riggts organizations, international news media?

  12. It is all happened because of our dictator regim…it is totally shame for me as Ethiopian….oh is there any one who can tell me the solution? May be destroying Islam would be better.
    Our stupid officials are not better than those muslim savages.

  13. what do you expect, most Arabs raised in the middle east still refer to all black African people as slaves, and as such they are sub-human. however most of the time the females are still good enough for the sick men to get their sexual frustrations out on, slave/sub-human or not. i mean some of these guys rape their own children, because they think that their 3 year old daughter is not a virgin and i guess have to rape her to find out for themselves.

  14. What 99.99999% of the world population doesn’t understand about the fucken’ United Nations is this: Each member Nation gets ONE vote…

    Now let’s look at one of those member Nations whose vote can cancel out our vote.

    Just for grins, lets look at Burkina Faso, formerly Upper Volta. They’re always changing their names. Personally I think they do that as a bookkeeping maneuver to side step bankruptcy. Change the name of your country, burn the records, design new currency and a flag, and you’re good to go. Oh… and hum a new national anthem while beating your drum made out of a log.

    Read the stats below on Upper-Burkina Faso-Volta. The USA is over 23 times larger in population. “Burka” Faso is mostly grassland. Imagine a Nation the size of Kansas getting ONE vote around the UN table, and is equal to the remaining 49 States in the USA.

    Read all about them:

    Burkina Faso
    formerly Upper Volta

    Country, West Africa. A landlocked country, it lies south of the Sahara Desert. Area: 103,456 sq mi (267,950 sq km). Population (2005 est.): 13,492,000. Capital: Ouagadougou. Ethnic groups are the Mossi, Hausa, Fulani, Mande, Bobo, and Senufo. Languages: French (official), Mossi, Dyula, Fula. Religions: Islam, traditional beliefs, Christianity. Currency: CFA franc. Burkina Faso consists of an extensive plateau characterized by a savanna, grassy in the north and sparsely forested in the south. The plateau is notched by the valleys of the Mouhoun (Black Volta), Nazinon (Red Volta), and Nakanbe rivers, which flow south into Ghana. The economy is largely agricultural. Burkina Faso is a republic with one legislative body; its chief of state is the president and its head of government the prime minister. Probably in the 14th century, the Mossi and Gurma peoples established themselves in eastern and central areas. The Mossi kingdoms of Yatenga and Ouagadougou existed into the early 20th century. A French protectorate was established over the region (1895–97), and its southern boundary was demarcated through an Anglo-French agreement. It was part of the Upper Senegal–Niger (see Mali) colony, then became a separate colony in 1919. It was constituted an overseas territory within the French Union in 1947, became an autonomous republic within the French Community in 1958, and achieved total independence in 1960. Since then it has been ruled primarily by the military and has experienced several coups; the country received its present name in 1984. A new constitution, adopted in 1991, restored multiparty rule; elected government returned in the 1990s. Economic problems plagued the country at the beginning of the 21st century.

    For more information on Burkina Faso, visit Britannica.com. Britannica Concise Encyclopedia.

    They are a Super Power among ant colonies.

  15. The wasted UN is a voting block of 58 muslim countries. We need to abolish the UN and stop paying billions to support this wasted effort called the UN.

  16. Sorry… I just had to get all that off my chest before I lay me down to sleep.

    And thanks for your gracious hospitality Bonni. Where else could we meet to express ourselves in this manner.

    May God bless and keep you.

  17. How is that for a crock of shit? The UN can look right past the two women hanging by their necks, at their work place as domestic help, and wax eloquent on higher thoughts about future Peace and fucken’ Tranquility. Ain’t this a great world?

  18. 40 years ago, when I was a young Art student, open minded to the extreme, I stumbled over, and fell into the Lucis Trust’s Arcane School. Only to find that it was the fountain head of the League of Nations which became the United Nations.

    If any of you, dear readers, dare to examine the Lucis Trust website, I admonish you to proceed carefully through that snake pit. DO NOT read the Bailey Books. I read all 24 volumes 40 years ago. My life was subsequently a patch of scorched earth. Over a period of four years, I lost it all.

    I am posting below an article from the Lucis Trust site that discusses Obama and the Noble Peace Prize. Just so you will taste the flavor of the mind-set of the wizards behind the curtain of the United Nations. The thought forms are out of this world. They are very attractive to inquiring minds. Mesmerizing like a serpent.

    The UN is just a front, and a mouth piece for the corrupt spirits who pull the strings in world affairs.

    So when you ask: “Where is the United Nations.?” My answer is, they are hiding right in front of you. You can’t see them because you don’t know what they really are.

    Now read this post, with a grain of salt.

    WORLD VIEW – On President Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize
    Much controversy has been stirred up by the recent awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama so early into his Presidency. Some see it as an embarrassment and encumbrance to the work before him, others see it as a triumph of good intentions over effective implementation of policy; others still, regard it as little more than a slight against the previous administration. Whatever the rights and wrongs of these and the many other points of view, a more expanded perspective can be gained by exploring the meaning behind this event.

    According to Alfred Nobel’s Will, the Nobel Prize should be awarded to the person who “during the preceding year… shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”.

    While this dictum may be interpreted in terms of outer events and measurable changes, its psychological aspect is arguably more important, for those fundamental ideals which can bring about international peace must first gather sufficient mental and emotional force to empower outer changes. The skilful projection of a vision through the right use of oratory is of immense importance in this process. Great oratory awakens hope and adds its momentum to the transformative process to ensure its emergence in the world of physical plane events. Tied down as we are in the world of the five senses, it may not be easy to relate cause and effect; but in the realm of conscious energy, every momentous thoughtform must reveal itself in the mundane world at some point.

    Not for nothing is the term “a ray of hope” evoked in journalistic circles in contrast to the gloomy background of world affairs. Diana Mukkaled, a prominent and respected journalist in the Arab world, remarks that “Obama possesses a particular ability to push matters towards hope, not only in America, but also in the rest of the world. Perhaps the Nobel Peace Prize will contribute towards making this hope a reality, particularly in our countries that are drowning in despondency and despair.” http://aawsat.com/english/news.asp?section=2&id=18521,

    Though hope may be transient, it is a carrier wave for a principle or truth to be ushered into the collective consciousness. There it resides in latency until the next wave of hope reawakens and strengthens it. The recognition of a new truth, a spiritual principle, thus makes its way incrementally to the forefront of public consciousness, its pressure eventually achieving sufficient influence to become an effective agent of change.

    President Obama’s many speeches have “captured the public imagination”, thereby energising a positive vision of hope for the future. Their quality could be described as that of the practical visionary rather than the mystical dreamer. The difference between true vision and non-pragmatic idealism is a fine line, but when the hope of nations soars in response, it is a sure sign that the right spiritual note has been sounded. When people are brought together by such a vision, a bond of world unity is recognised and this provides an unique opportunity to the spiritual Hierarchy Who stand behind world affairs to help further integrate the consciousness of the “one” humanity. For unity is the destiny of humanity, as a clear-eyed study of the evolution of social consciousness and its imaginative projection into the future reveals.

    More and more people are beginning to be forward-looking and to hope with greater conviction and courage for a better world set-up; their hitherto wishful thinking and their emotional desire are slowly giving place to a more practical attitude; their clear thinking and their fixed determination are far more active and their plans better laid because both their thinking and their planning are today based on facts; they are also beginning to recognise those factors and conditions which must not be restored…
    Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p.459.

  19. Ethiopia is despicable for refusing to help their own severely persecuted people.

    Every single non-Muslim country has a MORAL responsibility to ban people from traveling to Saudi Arabia or working in Saudi Arabia.

    No schools, universities other institutions or businesses should be allowed to take donations from Saudi Arabia.

    INNOCENTS must be protected from INHUMAN MUSLIM MONSTERS.