EGYPT SHOCKER! Russia reveals U.S. confidential report about Obama plan to get Egyptian Army involved in a civil war to overthrow General Sisi

Recently, the Russians revealed a U.S. Confidential Report about the Obama Regime plan for getting the Egyptian Military involved in a civil war and the necessity of overthrowing the wildly popular general who deposed former President Mohamed Morsi, General Abd Elfatah Al Sisi, now the Egyptian Minister of Defense, before he becomes the new Nasser.


Translation from Russian into Arabic by and into English by Eman Nabih (edited for clarity by BNI)

The US report revealed by the Russians started by saying that “if Egyptians don’t have a reason to kill each other, we must find them one…”

Our main goal is to push the Egyptian Military and the Egyptian People to fight each other before year 2015. If things remain the same as they are right now in Egypt, we will be facing a new Nasser in the Region. But this time Sisi will be supported even from the Gulf Oil countries which was not the case of his predecessor. On the Political and Economical levels, things will not be in the interests of the USA.


The popularity that the Egyptian Military and General Sisi are having now is not just in Egypt, but we are seeing also an increasingly admiration towards Sisi from the Gulf countries and Tunis who has started to look for his counterpart. If this happens, our influence will be exposed to a great unprecedented danger in the whole region. 

Recently, the Gulf states have lent their support to Sisi which they would not have done in the past because of their knowledge that the Muslim Brotherhood (Morsi’s people) have declared their intentions to “First take out the Arab dictators, then the Kings,” a clear threat to the Gulf States.


The US is worried  because the spy plane that Egyptians shot down, was not taken down by US weapons, but with  new weapons made in Russia. (2/11/2013, Egypt shot down an American spying Plane on Egypt’s borders with Libya).

If things continue to go on as they are right now, we won’t be able even to keep the Fragile Balance between Egypt and Israel. In this case The Egyptian Sinai will be a real threat for our friends in Israel, specially if Sisi insisted on changing  Sinai’s demographic form and increase its population. (This is Crap. Sisi is working together with Israel to get rid of the terrorists  in Sinai and the Egyptian Army has eliminated nearly 1200 smuggling tunnels that threatened Israel)


The US is investigating how Russia got their hands on this report. This report revealed many things about what the US is planning and shows an inherent weakness in the American Security System if Russia was able to get it. Exposing this report by the Russians comes at a critical time which the US is facing an obvious political failure on many levels.

The Original Report contained 1736 pages about the positions in the Gulf Countries and the Arab countries. While there were about 1900 pages which are considered the most important research, studies and recommendations done according to field analysis supported the above mentioned pages. The study also contain many suggestions and proposed scenarios which could be applied toward achieving the target. This part of the report was supervised by 4 research units which included 120 strategic military and political experts, mostly Americans.


This study classified the Iranian, Syrian, Egyptian, Saudi and Pakistani Armies, as the strongest Armies who possess huge weapons arsenals after th Iraqi Military was demobilized after the US invasion. One study contain 432 pages on how to fragment these Armies as introduction to occupy their countries as a second step to the fragmentation. 

The study also indicates techniques for fragmenting the Egyptian Military by creating a confrontation with its own people, which will make the Egyptian Military fragment in less than 10 months.


In addition, the study considered that as Iran is a strategic first degree enemy to the United States of America, the Iranian Military can get in a direct confrontation with the Saudi Military. At the same time, street wars will be directed  from Bahrain, Yemen, and the Eastern region. These wars and confrontations will result to the total fragmentation of the Saudi Army, and also will result the weakening of the Iranian Army.

Moreover, the study have put more than 69 expected Scenarios in order to confront the people in the region for 750 days successively, before dividing the whole Arabic Region (Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia) into States with same size of Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait.

eg july 26 Egyptians authorize army

The study sees achieving  success in a short time period and that success depends on the current ideological, ethnic, intellectual and sectarian division in the whole Middle East Region. The study described the current stage in the Arab Region that it is the proper time and place to attack while the whole Arab Region is busy and distracted with its own internal affairs.

The study also covered some reactions towards the US plan of dividing the whole Middle East Area into areas instead of countries like : The Kurdish, Alawites, Druze, Christians Regions and the Shiites States with all its different communities.


The Study contained 600 pages which mentioned how to influence people in the Arab World with the Arab Spring Symbols, Revolutions and the Media brainwashing through more than 38 Media Channels, in addition to the different Social Medias Networks.
























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  1. The insurrection plan is all President Zero. The fragmentation plan is all VP Joe Biden. I’m sure if you follow the MB money trail, it will lead you-know-where.

  2. Knowing Ruskies, do not trust this completely, or at all.They too have history of fabricating “revealed obtained classified documents”. Yet, many points in it may be true and they probably want to make the public aware of it.

  3. Our wonderful dictator, I mean leader, has done a fabulous job of isolating America in the world. The rest of the world can see what a fool he is, even though far too many U.S. citizens simply cannot see reality!

    Obama is truly an outcast, generating anti-American alliances of the rest of the world. Sadly, we deserve it, so long as Obama, his minions and Democrats/socialists/communists/liberals/progressives are in charge of anything more than a lemonade stand!

  4. Considering the source, I think this is misinformation. As soon as I read the part about US occupation of the WHOLE middle east, I began to lose belief that this was the product of a US research project. Where is the money and personnel for this going to be conjured from? The part about splitting the middle east into mini countries sounds like someone got a hold of a ragged edge copy of Preferred Risk (a 1950’s science fiction novel about the US dominating the world). iraq, syria and lybia are artificial nations, carved from turkish satrapies with no common history. Egypt, iran and Saudi Arabia are less so. Minorities in these nations are real minorities dominated by an overpowering majority ethnos. One more obvious boner is comparing Saudi Arabia’s forces quivalent to iran and Egypt. Including reserves, Saudi Arabia has 200,000 military vs roughly a million each for the other nations. I think this a rather credible attempt to drive the wedge deeper that was started by odumbo’s treasonous idiocy.
    Question? Could the Supreme Court declare the office of presidency vacant like they did in the Philippines? Wishes, Wishes.


  6. Sorry, this ‘report’ reads like a total fake. It’s nonsense. A typical slice of arab conspiracy theory which they are useless at. I’ve read loads of stuff just like this over the years.

  7. I plan on sharing this with everyone I know..Remember year ..VOTE…VOTE…VOTE..We must take over the senate and retain control of the house..CAN YOU SAY..IMPEACH AND REPEAL…AND AFTER IMPEACH..IMPRISON…

  8. That’s not the half of it, check out, follow the links for confirmation by a Saudi source ” 50,000 sunni fighters financed by The House of SAUD training in Jordan for invasion into Syria. Now you know why the Saudi’s are pissed at Obama’s bin a liar all of his life. Why the Kerry boy, ” I served in vietman” who was for the war before he was against it, current sissy of state, had a meeting with the Saudi’s over this past couple of weeks in his attempt to mend the peace between them and Obama’s bin lyn’ because they just can’t get the American Patriots to volunteer to give up their guns already and as well are pissed off at the bamster of lies for listening to the words HELL NO about the invasion of Syria when he tried to a couple of months ago from the We The Patriots crowd, now you know the rest of the story. Have a look, see folks, its getting to be a rather small world that’s crumbling all around this mutt pretending to be someone’s pResident lately, good, can’t say he doesn’t deserves it, F-ng traitor of this Republic. that’s all. Good day.
    Semper Fi.

  9. What a crazy world we are living in now, The mighty USA is looking favorably to foreign leaders, including a, so called 3rd world, for help!! This catastrophe is due to the ignorance of those ‘Americans’ who voted for that America hater, enemy #1 and MB.

  10. I am deeply skeptical that content was in a genuine strategy report intended for implementation in the near term.

    The wording and syntax; the whole image presented seems fabricated and fabulistic.

    Given the recent leaks and disclosures, even Obamination is too smart to leave planning documents of that nature where Russians could access it.

    i suspect it is disinformation generated by our enemies.

    • dajjal, you could very well be right,,, But~! Given the history of this administrations duplicity and actions since his Cairo speech in June, 2009, as well as his admitted admiration for the Muslim Brotherhood, I would err on the side of this being basically accurate.

    • Don’t agree with you. I was reading a tweet sent to me through a friend. Mogahed (MB in White House) claims that Egyptians will be taking back their country real soon and Morsi will reclaim the presidency.

  11. The world looks at us like we are fools because that is what we are thanks to the sociopathic elites that rule over us serfs.

  12. The blowback if this Obama treason — not only to America, but also to the prestige of state reason and western common sense — might be devastating.

    Even in the anti islamist faction of Yemen, Obama is now seen as a terrorist :

  13. I love the Egyptian resistance to the Brotherhood.

    How is the American left — I mean the socialistic fascists like the NYT for instance -interpretating Obamas adamant and persistent support of the Brotherhood? How do they justify the project of a caliphate ?
    I could be generous with those who were supporting Khomeini in the 1970s. But after 40 years of obvious islamo fascism in Iran, how could the so called liberals justify another Islamist fascist party for Egypt?

      • It saddens me that Obama is morphing the good news of Sisi into a bad news for America. When obviously it doesn’t have to turn this way .
        Cooperating with Sisi would have been a great way to build a relationship with Putin and Israel. Such an alliance could be very helpful to deal with Iran and the Syrian situation. But no. Obamas chosen Islamist fascism in the name of democracy, and sponsor terrorism in the name of. .. what? Human rights? Pffft.

  14. Honey Boo Boo and crotch shots of “hot” celebs are statistically more important to Americans than the state of the Nation. Thankfully I live far away from Barry’s America, but ripples do spread. I watch this situation with horrified fascination.

  15. Honorable, patriotic, General Sisi and his honorable patriotic military are heroes!

    It is shameful and a terrible stain on America that Obama is eager to create war in other countries causing the maiming and murdering of hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of innocents. Obama makes Russia’s Putin look like a saint.


    The Obama regime are making America into the most hated country on earth. Obama stabs America’s allies in the back and seizes every opportunity to help America’s enemies.

    It is alarming to think of the terrible damage that will be done to America AND other countries before the next election. And Hillary Clinton, Obama’s twin, will be running for President!

  16. “Things will not be in the interests of the MSA”, they mean. That’s the Muslim Socialist Alinskyite. Be nice if we could swap him out for General Sisi for the next 3 years or so.

  17. WOW. Who leaked the report? It has to be someone high up in the Pentagon. Maybe some generals are finally realizing what a danger Obama poses for the U.S.

    The whole Obama scenario is unraveling, he is a failure at everything he does and once he is no longer president of the USA, I have this gut feeling his life won’t be worth much regardless of how much protection he has. He has made too many enemies among the Arabs and Arabs don’t forget and always take their revenge.

  18. it’s not good enough to see obama stopped in his tracks nothing short of impeachment and prison will balance the right he has done wrong , SiSi has access to the proof , the world is watching now is the time

    • He’s so busy pushing for “democracy” that elects tyrants who then remove the rights of the common people who supposedly elected them, we have to wonder if that’s also HIS next move.

      Will King Obama ever give up the thrown?

      Not before he’s Islamized the country and the world beyond recognition.

      • the only thing stopping Obama is the 22 amendment. but he’s said he will issue an executive order to remain in office beyond Jan 20 2017
        why else has upper echelon of us military loyal to Constitution been fired?
        remember Admiral Ham who wanted to respond to Benghazi against orders to stand down was replaced and forced to retire?
        Barry Soetoro’s entire plan is to destroy this country at all costs

    • No, we don’t. The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings. Get the word “endure” out of your vocabulary. We need an American Al-Sisi. We need to indict Obama, impeach him, and put him away for life.

  19. Never thought I would see the day when a Russian President would step on America the way they have. The world looks at us like fools. Thank you Pres. Obumnation.

    • “Never thought I would see the day when a Russian President would step on America”

      You can’t be serious?!? Vladimir Putin is “EX” KGB from the time of the Cold War. I used quotes because, truth be told, there is no such thing as an “EX KGB Officer”. Once you’re KBG, you’re always KBG, or you’re a dead KGB operative.

      When Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979, many Russians soldiers were killed by CIA trained Mujahideen armed with American weapons. Putin likely knew many of the Russians that were killed in that conflict. Putin now has an opportunity for some revenge by backing America’s enemies the same way.

      This is really freakin scary! And if you’re not scared, you should be. Revenge is only 1 motive, don’t forget about resources like oil or even to retry another Afghan invasion.

      • Smackdageehad , you are typical morron who is still living in cold war ERA……Putin has time and again shown his willingness to work with uSA …its successive US govts that have continued to ignore them …..Putin understands the real threat is Islamic terrorism …….and thats guiding his decision to support moderate muslim regimes like syria and now Egypt.

        Its Obama who is working for the Muslim brotherhood and he was and is a muslim brotherhood member and they are using it to blackmail him to do their Bidding by supporting MB jihadi acts across the world.

        Stop living in loony cold war land………….it was greatly hyped up and used by the Military industrial corporates to suck dry tax payers money in supporting and supplying weapons to jihadis across the world that continued to this days.