Muslim Women’s Workout Video? Now, THERE’S a product with no market

Why do Muslim women need to work out if they’re always covered up in what looks like oversized garbage bags? ‘Nadoona Extreme’ is billed as the first ever workout DVD for Muslim women.


RFERL  The video features a woman named Zainab Ismail, the ‘Hijabi Drill Sergeant,’ with a unique story: she’s Puerto Rican, a former national body building champion, and a fitness trainer with 20 years of experience. She’s also a fairly recent convert to Islam. In the video, Ismail wears athletic pants, a long-sleeved tunic, and a hijab as she performs simple but demanding moves like squats and lunges to a thumping soundtrack.

Because the video is being marketed to Muslim women, Ismail’s workout outfit was the subject of some discussion. We wanted to have Zainab comply to the religious attire of having her body covered, but at the same time not make her look like a bag.