New, extended version of how Saudi paedophiles are exploiting very young Syrian girls for temporary sex arrangements

This is legal under Islamic law. Rich Saudi men go to Jordan and get temporarily ‘married’ to underage refugees from Syria, use them sexually for a day or a week, or until they tire of them, after which they return the girl to the broker and do the same thing all over again with another girl.

LiveLeak  The younger the better, with 13 and 14 the norm. Girls with green eyes and blonde hair are most in demand by the Saudi perverts. Human Rights organizations have tried to stop the trafficking but are unable to because Sharia Law allows it. And their parents allow it because they need the money.


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  1. OMG! Its actually not halal AT ALL AND PUNISHED BY LAW!! Donno where you get ur info from but this is actually fake as fudge!

  2. These poor girls. I wonder why the morally retarded lieberals have nothing to say about this? Or Amnesty International?

  3. those rape condoms should be given out there like condoms are given at a planned parenthood
    too bad most of them think this is normal or are doing it for the $….
    insane fucking child molesters but then again they grow up hearing that their prophet was sexually pleasing himself with young kids so why would they think its disgusting

  4. Here we go , the 7th century savages doing what they do best after beheading and stoning that is . Exploiting girls and women. Polygamy is bad enough, as really legalised adultery, but this is pimping.
    Vile perverts ! And always taking the moral high ground, criticising the West for ” immorality” sick.

    • “Vile perverts ! And always taking the moral high ground, criticising the West for ” immorality” sick.”

      That reminded me of the Ouled Nail (pronounced “oooled nile”, or “will-ed nah-eel”), a Berber tribe who inhabited the Atlas Mountains of Algeria; their origins are lost to history, and though they were converted to Islam in the 7th and 8th centuries CE, they retained a number of ‘distinctive characteristics’ which set them apart.

      Little girls were TRAINED by their mothers, from an early age, in the intimate intricacies and details of enticement, exotic foreplay and LOVEMAKING. They left their desert town between the ages of nine and twelve and went into the cafes and practiced their trade.

      Interesting, starting at nine, hmmmm….

      IFTikhar? Not in Pakistan? Pity?

  5. In islamic culture paedophilia is a sexual preference not a perversion. There is only one rule there: if girl’s leg is thicker than your penis then you can have sex with her. So keep an eye on your daughters if you don’t want filthy to rape them.

  6. Allah Fuckbar !!! Muslims like to follow Prophet Muhammad hobby like interest small kid and many wives. He was the best sex mania example in the history of Islam

  7. There is no god on this world, or else he would have done something. He should take responsibility for what he has created. And if i am wrong and he does exist, he is nothing more than a damn sadistic asshole!

    • There is a God, a true God, Nadine, and many of us can tell you that He will appoint a judgement in its time and season that will satisfy justice for every aching heart that suffers. The reason these things happen is because we are in a fallen world and islam sure does prove that point.

    • What they are doing is not sanctioned by God it is sanctioned by satan. Revelations clearly describes what is happening. Islam is Satanic and muslims are his minions.

  8. I remember the iranian regime executing prostitutes. My question is, what is the difference between muta “marriagrs” and prostitution.

    • Make an English word out of it: M U T A T I O N

      Mo: “Ali, fancy a trip to the ‘rebel recruitment camp’ for a little mutation?”

      Ali: “I don’t mind if I do. I haven’t been feeling mythelf lately. Do you think they have my thize? I’m about a thighs thix. We could play that ‘Ring a Rothie’ game. You know the one that ends – “…Aisha, Aisha, we all fall down!”

      Mo, interrupting: “Then they help us to ‘get up’…”

      Ali: “You got it. What are we waiting for!” “Don’t wait up Gertrude (fave camel)”

      Exit left.

  9. Instead of helping their distressed brethren, they swarm like flies over the refugee camps to rape vulnerable children. Notice how the reporter says nothing can be done to stop this abominable behavior because it is LEGAL in sharia law, yet there is no criticism of a legal system that allows this filth. That would be too islamophobic I guess.

    This video really turned my stomach. Mo paired hatred and perversion together, called it islam, and unleashed it on the planet.

    • Our fed govt fights states that try to ban sharia in the US! This is what sharia in the US will ultimately become. Islam is SATANIC period.

  10. Despicable. How do Moslem women react to this OBVIOUS hypocrisy ENSHRINED in Islam from the DISEASED piratical, pedophiliac, psychopathic brain of Mohammed. Mohammed’s mental illness was recognized by his contemporaries…that’s why they murdered him with poison.