French pigs are dying for the cause

555-viAll around France, wherever mosques or proposed mosques are found, pigs and pigs’ heads are showing up – a symbol of the French Resistance against the expanding Islamization of their Christian country.

Two pigs’ heads found on the site of the future mosque in Hazebrouck in Northern France.


La Voix du Nord  The police investigated but could not find any evidence. “No evidence has been identified. It has launched an investigation of neighborhood. We had no complaints, no response either, “says a neighbor to the police.


The building permit was signed to create a building with two prayer halls. “I find it very strange, pig heads, explained another neighbor. Currently, the mosque, it does not bother me. But it is a big question mark. Why Hazebrouck “Another reaction:” I wonder how it will be built – I’m afraid of flooding in this area – but they do not bother us, there are no problems. I heard that there may be social housing would? “

happypig-viPig’s head left at site of Turkish cultural centre: It is with shock and grief that Muslims in Amboise Indre et Loire discovered a pig’s head on the site of their new Turkish cultural center.

AJIB  Workers on site discovered the pig’s head.


Officials of the Turkish community Amboise expressed their indignation, all the more justified anger because it is the third Islamophobic attack that suffered the site in a few months. September 29, 2012, a pig’s head was found on the site after Friday prayers. Until then, the leaders of the Turkish cultural association of Amboise did not wish to communicate these facts to the press, but enough is enough. For Kazim Hofflu assistant secretary of the association “is pure provocation”, he condemns the act but also condemns the attitude of state officials who do not move.

There are some days, two mosques were targeted Besançon Nazi and racist tags. Registration calling for the murder of Muslim had also been found on one of the mosques.

REIMS: Pig’s head was found at the door of mosque 


AJIB  The AMCIR mosque in Reims has filed complaints following the finding of a pig’s head at the door. Collective against Islamophobia in France said in a statement that the police were contacted to see the desecration of the mosque.

The desecration of mosques through the filing of pig’s head is the new weapon of Islamophobes. The latter believe that placing a pig’s head on a land where there is a mosque, a place of worship becomes profane and not suitable for Muslims. 

DUNKIRK: Pig’s head found attached to a mosque


AJIB  We would not have to write these words, but the attacks, Islamophobic acts have become almost weekly.  After the Haguenau mosque burned earlier this week, the voice of the North newspaper reveals a new case of desecration of places of worship in Dunkirk.

Sunday morning when they arrived for morning prayers (salat Sobh), the faithful of the mosque Petite Synthe found a real pig’s head attached to the mosque. An investigation was opened but do not dream, it is a mosque desecrated, seek forensic case for such cost too much.


In October: 
Desecration of the mosque Hagueneau 

In September: 
Desecration of the Mosque of Lyon Essalem 

In July: 
 Desecration of the mosque \ Hérouville-Saint-Clai

Desecration of Muslim steles Tarascon
Racist Inscriptions on a future Muslim butcher Lisieux 
Racist Inscriptions on Muslim graves in Vienna 

Desecration of the Mosque of Cholet 
Desecration of the mosque \ Istres: Attack \ ‘s weapon fire

In March: 
Racist Inscriptions on a high school and a prayer room in Toulon

In February: 
Desecration of the Great Mosque of Saint Etienne

NANTES: Two pigs’ heads found at future mosque site 


AJIB  Two pig heads were found on the construction site of the new mosque in Nanterre avenue Georges Clemenceau. Two heads of pigs raised on the floor, one inside and one outside. The association filed a complaint and an investigation is underway. 

In a statement, the president of the Association Irchad expressed outrage at the shameful and despicable act.

This is the second mosque desecrated in a week. There are some days the Nazis tags were placed on the façade of the Mosque of Montigny en Ostrevent.

NOGENT le-ROTROU: Pig’s head found on future mosque site 


AJIB  A pig’s head and offal were placed on the site of the mosque of Nogent-le-Rotrou located in “the gauchetières” neighborhood Eure et Loire (28). Upon arrival on site, the head of the mosque said it was a disgusting act of cowardice.

The perpetrator claimed its action by sliding a letter signed “The Hallouf Democrat” in the mailboxes confirms that the Republican Action the facts.

Do not look there will be no investigation, it’s just a pig’s head placed on the site of a mosque, it’s just Muslims. Despite the recent desecration of the mosque of Roanne in December or tags on the mosque of Marmande in November … we dare not utter the word Islamophobia, the government and the CFCM preferring to count the number of attacks on Muslims rather than fight against the cause of this Islamophobia.