LONDON: Muslims turn a multi-faith community center into a sharia-compliant operation

Hainault Community Action Group is fighting a building grab by an Islamic group who were gifted the building by the local authority – Redbridge Council in East London. However those who run the mosque are now applying Shariah Law to the centre.


Fahrenheit 211  Music, dancing, alcohol, gambling (even Bingo) and the use of the building for clubs like the Boy Scouts have all been banned by the Hainault and Chigwell Muslim Association who are managing what is laughingly referred to as a ‘multi-faith’ community centre. Women are only to be there, when booked to be so, maybe once or twice a week. 

It seems that the group running what should have been a facility for all, have turned it into a threatening ‘shariah zone’ and are making non-Muslims unwelcome by imposing rules that they know will cause problems for them or which go against the customs of those who live locally and wish to use the centre for more than just a mosque.

This is illustrated by the video below which was filmed secretly. (The question should be why was this building ‘gifted’ to a Muslim group in the first place?)