FLORIDA Democrat Dhimmis who go ballistic over Christmas trees in public schools are defending indoctrination of Islamic propaganda in the same schools

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Shilling for Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR, democrats claim: “A cynical attack is being launched upon our Volusia County School Board by a group of bigoted, Tea Party ideologues bent on censoring the District’s state-approved 10th Grade History text and rewriting it to their own liking. This is clearly the first salvo in an insidious attempt to unseat the current moderate Board and replace it with individuals more easily controlled by far-right extremists. Stand Up To the Book Burners!


Support our children’s right to learn be brainwashed with terror-linked CAIR’s lies and propaganda about Islam.! 

Attend the School Board meeting! (I think this meeting was held yesterday)

Try to arrive no later than 2:30, seats are limited and the “patriots” will try to pack the house! Anti-bigotry, anti-censorship, anti-extremist signs more than welcome!

Stand Up to the Book Burners!

Hosted by Volusia County Democratic Party

You can read their Facebook comments HERE (Be sure to leave one of your own there to balance all the moronic ones)

Fortunately, the Florida Republicans aren’t taking this sitting down.

Volusia County Republicans laid out a plan Thursday to persuade the School Board to get rid of a world history textbook that party leaders believe is pro-Islam and change state law so publishers of books found to be inaccurate would be forced to pay for statewide replacements. Read More




UPDATED: florida-the-fight-against-the-growing-islamization-of-public-school-history-textbooks-heats-up-again