OUTRAGEOUS! NO CHARGES filed against the Muslim cab driver who ran his cab into pedestrians on the sidewalk and severed the leg of one tourist

NO charges will be filed against Faysal Kabir Mohammad Himon, the cabdriver who crashed onto a pedestrian plaza in Midtown Manhattan in August, pinning under it a British tourist which severed her left leg, and caused her to lose it just below the knee.

Faysal Kabir Mohammad Himon, cab driver
Faysal Kabir Mohammad Himon, cab driver

NY Times (h/t Mark A)  Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., said that after an investigation of two months, it had decided that the driver, Faysal Himon, would not be charged with a crime. Mr. Himon’s license was suspended for 30 days after the crash, on Aug. 20, for prior violations.

Daniel G. P. Marchese, a lawyer representing the family of the injured woman, Sian Green, said that the family was shocked and disappointed by the decision. But he said that it would not preclude the Greens from suing the driver, his cab company or the taxi commission, among others.

British tourist who lost a foot in midtown crash after a taxi jumped the curb says she wants cabbie charged with a crime
British tourist, Sian Green, who lost a foot in midtown crash after a taxi jumped the curb says she wants cabbie charged with a crime

NY Daily News “Throw the hack in jail.” That’s the message from brave British tourist Siân Green, on NBC’s The Today Show, whose legs were crushed when an out-of-control cab jumped a Manhattan sidewalk last month.

Speaking in her first newspaper interview, the 23-year-old Green told the Daily News she was incensed when she learned the cabbie who hit her denied responsibility. “He’s just being a coward,” Green said Tuesday. “He should own up to what he has done. If you’ve made a mistake, then own up for it 

Mr. Marchese said that based on his knowledge of the evidence gathered, he believed Mr. Himon had intended to ram his cab into a cyclist, who, the driver said, had cut him off in late-morning traffic at the intersection of 49th Street and Avenue of the Americas. Mr. Marchese said that after Mr. Himon braked to a sudden halt, his cab rocked back, then lurched toward the cyclist, Kenneth Olivo.

Along with the loss of half a leg, Ms. Green, who lives in Leicester, England, sustained nerve damage to her right leg and a traumatic brain injury, Mr. Marchese said. Now 24, she is taking college classes but has not returned to work since the crash, he said.