SWEDEN: Pigs’ feet found at mosque, windows broken (naughty pigs!)


Police suspect vandalism after pigs’ feet were thrown into a mosque near Stockholm after the windows of the building’s main door were smashed in on Monday.


The Local  “Shortly before 11am we received a call from the mosque” in Fittja, police official Ulf Lindgren told AFP. “The person had just arrived and found pig’s trotters inside.” In Islam, pork meat is considered impure. ”We have classified this as an act of vandalism,” Lindgren said. “But insofar as it is pigs’ feet, it could be something else.”

Police are looking for witnesses in the area and have no suspects so far. “In Sweden, pigs’ feet are a traditional dish around Christmas time. You can buy them easily,” Lindgren said.

Pig's Feet

The mosque was the focus of attention in the spring as it hosted the first public call to prayer from a mosque in Sweden. (Perhaps this is the reason for the pigs’ feet attack?) 

The eardrum-shattering, offensively loud Muslim Call to Prayer came following a decision earlier in the month by local police who ruled that it wouldn’t violate local noise ordinances. Back in September, local government officials had approved the move in principle, voting in favour of scrapping a 1994 prohibition on allowing prayer calls, which dated back from before the construction of the mosque.