UK: Hate DVD sent to mosque where terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed evaded police by wearing a burka disguise

islamic_britainThis is the second hate DVD sent to the mosque and arrived through the mail after the mosque held an open house for the public to learn more about Islam to help dispel fears that the faith nurtured extremists and terrorists. (Apparently they weren’t convinced, LOL!)

Get West London  Abdul Maalik Tailor, an interfaith outreach worker at the An-Noor mosque, said the open evening on Monday had an exhibition about Islam and that women who wore the face veil were there to answer any questions.


The DVD contains footage of a fake skull with the words ‘Prophet Mohamed’ scrawled across. Offensive words are held underneath it before it is cut with scenes from a pornographic film and a BBC Newsnight report about a banned extremist group.

Mr Tailor said: “The evening was to show people who we really are. We’re not a threat to society. People really liked it. To be sent the DVD again is upsetting. All we can do is keep trying and we’re planning to have more open days. This just shows we have more work to do.”

The latest DVD is thought to be directly linked to the fugitive Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed because it came with a postcard which attacked Islam and said…’Beware of men who wear skirts and women’s clothes.’

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, Somali Muslim terrorist on the run
Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, Somali Muslim terrorist on the run