FLORIDA: Volusia County School Board caves to CAIR thugs, will continue using sharia-compliant history textbook that teaches Islamic propaganda

Gee, I wonder if learning how to pray to Allah will be part of the curriculum as it has been in some public schools in California? I hope Volusia residents will remember the names of these CAIR-compliant dhimmis and kick them off the board.


News Journal  A world history textbook that sparked a heated controversy over the way it covers Islam will remain in Volusia County high schools, the School Board decided Monday after hearing four hours of public comments about its merits and shortcomings.

“I’m still confident with this book and its presentation to our students,” School Board Chairwoman Diane Smith said after hearing from nearly 80 speakers with widely differing opinions. The board didn’t take a formal vote, but only member Linda Costello pushed for a more thorough review. Candace Lankford, Stan Schmidt and Ida Wright sided with Smith to keep the textbook in Volusia classrooms.


Opponents of the textbook said it’s full of omissions and errors that favor Islam over other religions like Christianity and Judaism.

“It’s kind of what I would have expected,” said Walter Hanford, a book opponent who stuck around long enough to hear the board discussion. Hanford told the board earlier in the meeting the “World History” textbook published by Prentice Hall “whitewashes” the history of Islam and its Muslim followers, including involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the shootings at Fort Hood, Texas.


The textbook controversy erupted in early November after a Deltona High parent complained about the book’s over emphasis on the Islamic religion and virtually none on any other religion.

“This book is ridiculously biased. The whole history of Muslim is violence,” said Armando Escalante of Port Orange. “This is a vanilla history,” said Joel Paige of New Smyrna Beach.

Thanks to Freedom America for providing contact information for the board members. Please email them and politely inform them why they made a horrendous decision:

Mrs. Diane Smith, Chairman
Member – Serving District 5
Home Phone: 386.216.7901
Email: djsmith@volusia.k12.fl.us
Board member since 2006
Current Term: November 2010-2014 (2nd term)

Ms. Candace Lankford, Vice Chairman
Member – Serving District 1
Home Phone: 386.734.1082
Email: cclankfo@volusia.k12.fl.us
Board member since 2002
Current Term: November 2010-2014 (3rd term)

Mr. Stan Schmidt
Member – Serving District 3
Home Phone: 386.761.1742
Email: sschmidt@volusia.k12.fl.us
Board member since 2006
Current Term: November 2010-2014 (2nd term)

Mrs. Ida D. Wright
Member – Serving District 2
Home Phone: 386.227.7938
Email: iwright@volusia.k12.fl.us
Board member since 2013
Current Term: January 2013-November 2016 (1st term)

Be sure to also contact the Volusia 9.12 Patriots, because they will be educating the public about upcoming elections and they need to know!!! (They are closed in November)

Email us at admin@volusia912.org.
PO BOX 1903
Ormond Beach, FL 32175



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