If you think Sweden should limit (Muslim) immigration, you are not welcome in the Armed Forces there

flagswedenislamWant to work in the Armed Forces? In that case, you must “see diversity as an asset,” according to the Armed Forces Code of Conduct. In practice, supporting diversity is a requirement of employees in the Defense Department and they must also stand behind the current immigration policy (of flooding Sweden with Muslim entitlement whores, criminals, and rapists)


Friatider (h/t Colgate)  “You can not, for example, while in the Armed Forces agree that  diversity in the workplace is an asset and something worth promoting, while being against (Muslim) immigration in your free time. If that were to happen, credibility would suffer, not only for the soldiers but for the entire military, ” says the Armed Forces on its website below.

(What about Muslim immigrants who hate Sweden? Are they banned from the Armed Services, too? I guess that means there is no diversity in Sweden’s Armed Services)


It may seem paradoxical that a central component of the Armed Forces’ mission is to protect every citizen’s right to think and speak freely, but as an employee you have to accept a code of conduct, both in service and in private. But that’s how it must work.

For example, if you are not actively working for greater diversity in the Armed Forces and are simultaneously expressing anti-democratic values ​​or otherwise contrary to law, regulation or set of values, our credibility would suffer, not only for the employee himself but for the entire Armed Forces.


Seeing diversity as an asset is included in the code of conduct and means that the Armed Forces rejects all forms of discrimination, harassment, and crime such as corruption, trafficking or abuse.

Our values ​​provide a natural base for the code. Other components of the code is that employees must be loyal, take responsibility for their actions, conserve resources and take advantage of lessons learned.