Oh, how they wanted to believe the shooter at the Paris newspaper offices of ‘Libération’ looked like a ‘European’…

But the only suspect now in custody is a Muslim named Abdelhakim Dekhar. Below is the shooter on CCTV initially described as “looking European.”


IslamvsEurope  (Nov. 18th) There’s been a shooting at the Libération newspaper in Paris. This is a left-wing paper, a sort of French equivalent of the Guardian, so it perhaps suggests a right-wing perpetrator. But Libération has also been hosting the staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo since its offices were burnt down after publishing cartoons of Muhammad. There have also been incidents at other French media outlets, involving threats to staff. So it’s not yet clear whether the perp is a Mohammedan or someone reacting to the Mohammedans. Either way, I blame Mohammedanism.

One eyewitness described the perpetrator as being “of European type”. A police report said they were looking for someone who was “self-radicalized.”

LeFigaro  (Nov. 20th) The man suspected of being behind the attacks BFM TV, Liberation and Defense , has been placed in custody. Though he has “a strong physical resemblance” to the person being sought,  it is still too early to confirm that it is the shooter. But sources close to the investigation, say it is Abdelhakim Dekhar convicted in 1998 in Rey-Maupin case. The man nicknamed “Toumi,” had provided the shotgun that had been used by the couple Rey-Maupin to kill a taxi driver and three police officers in 1994. The man nicknamed “Toumi,” had supplied the gun. DNA tests are currently being conducted to positively identify the suspect (Photo below)

In addition, according to TF1 , the police found in the hotel room of the man in custody clothes matching those worn by the shooter Monday.