Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we allow ourselves to be deceived by a so-called ‘moderate’ Muslim

OIC Sayeeda Warsi and Ekmeleddin IhsanogluThe media are falling all over themselves gushing about a UK Minister, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a Muslim, who made a speech at Georgetown University about the danger of extinction of Christians. (Quite the departure from her usual obsession – ‘Islamophobia’) Because Warsi never actually uses the word ‘Muslim’ when speaking about the persecutors of Christians, I have taken the liberty of marking the places where references to Muslims could/should have been used. 

From the UK Independent: (MUSLIM) Persecution threatens ‘extinction’ of Christianity in ancient homelands, warns Baroness Warsi

UK Independent  Christianity is threatened by extinction in some (MUSLIM) parts of the world where Christian communities are persecuted (by MUSLIMS) because they are a minority, a Government minister has warned. Christians are being driven out in (MUSLIM) regions such as Syria and Iraq, places where the religion first took root, Baroness Warsi said.

Warsi, as you can see, is a big fan of the pro-sharia Organization of Islamic Cooperation
Warsi, as you can see, is a big fan of the pro-sharia Organization of Islamic Cooperation

She used a speech at Georgetown University in Washington DC to express her concerns that Christians were being persecuted (by MUSLIMS) and called for a “cross-faith, cross-continent” response to the problem. Lady Warsi, who has responsibility for faith communities, called on politicians in (MUSLIM) countries such as Pakistan to “set the tone” for tolerance towards religious minorities.

She told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme she was concerned that the (MUSLIM) parts of the world where Christianity first spread is now seeing large sections of the Christian community leaving and those that are remaining feeling oppressed.


“There are huge advantages to having pluralistic societies – everything from the economy to the way people develop educationally, and therefore we all have an interest in making sure that Christian communities do continue to feel that they belong and are not persecuted (by MUSLIMS) in the places where this religion was born”, she said.

“One in 10 Christians live in a minority situation and large numbers of those who live in a minority situation around the world (in MUSLIM countries) are persecuted.” In some cases, Christians are targeted for “collective punishment” by majority (MUSLIM) groups in retaliation for what they perceive as the injustices committed by Western powers, she added.


“This concept of collective punishment and them being seen as agents of the West or agents of regimes is wrong”, she argued. “We need to speak out and raise this with the (MUSLIM) countries where this is happening.”

The Foreign Office minister said she had already had “very frank conversations” with (MUSLIM) ministers in Pakistan, telling them senior politicians have a “duty” to speak out against (MUSLIM) persecution and set a standard for tolerance. Some 83 per cent of countries have constitutions guaranteeing freedom of religion, but do not implement these provisions, she said.

Abu Qatada and Sayeeda Warsi for Sharia

“There is much more that we (MUSLIMS) can do,” said Lady Warsi. “There’s an international consensus, in the form of a Human Rights Council resolution on the treatment of minorities and tolerance towards other faiths. But we need to build political will behind that.

“Of course there have been moments when religious communities have been in conflict, but there have also been great moments of co-existence between faiths (Only when the non-Muslims agreed to live as dhimmis under Islamic rule). There isn’t an intrinsic clash between different faiths.

Eretz Zen