Call it MUSLIM ‘CHUTZPAH’ (Unmitigated gaul): CAIR files lawsuit on behalf of a Muslim woman who tried to crash a Baptist Women’s Retreat

CAIRvivivi-viMINNESOTASTAN: Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR has filed charges of discrimination with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights on behalf of Rania Elsweisy, a Muslim woman who was physically escorted out of the Annual Women’s Retreat of the Chisolm Baptist Church because of her religion. The kicker? The person who kicked her out is a former Muslim.


CAIR  On September 28, 2013, Elsweisy, who wears the Muslim head bag, was physically escorted out of the Annual Hibbing Area Women’s Retreat at the request of event speaker, Cynthia Khan. Khan is the Director of the Human Care and Community Development at People of the Book Ministries.  

5239f314c5297.preview-300Khan (left) was born and raised a Muslim in Pakistan, and has personally dealt with the people and issues she raises awareness about. Topics include the history and basics of Islam, women in Islam, cultural awareness and orientation, along with her personal testimony of her journey from Islam to Christianity.

Elsweisy completed the registration, paid the entrance fee and was given a nametag. As she was entering the auditorium, Khan approached event volunteers and asked that they remove the Muslim woman from the premises. When Elsweisy explained that she was only there to listen and would not interrupt the speech or disrupt the event, Khan said she did not want a Muslim in the audience. Khan told her that videos and materials “offensive” to Muslims will be shown and distributed during her talk.

Despite her objections to the unfair treatment due to her religion, Elsweisy was physically escorted outside by event volunteers.