Any guesses as to the ethnicity/religion of the two people who enslaved three women in their home in the UK for 30 years?

Apparently, the British media are unable to report the identity of the two captors other than they are a ‘non-British’ couple.

But there is a good chance they are Muslim, per this just in from the French media 20 Min : British police try to understand how this man and woman, both aged 67 years and Indian and Tanzanian origin, have managed to keep the three women in bondage for a long period.


UK Daily Mail  The Lambeth slaves allegedly held captive for 30 years may only have had rare glimpses of daylight when they were allowed to hang out the washing or go shopping accompanied by their captors. The three women – including a British 30-year-old never allowed to step into the outside world – were held in ‘horrific conditions’, the charity who helped free them said today.

Their decades of forced servitude ended last month when one of the victims apparently made a ‘call for help’ when her ‘friend’ – another victim – was refused medical treatment after having a stroke. The Irishwoman of 57, who made the call, fled with the unwell 69-year-old Malaysian and the youngest victim, who were all held in servitude by a non-British couple in their 60s for three decades.

Police said the three women were unrelated to each other, but it was unclear if the youngest victim is related to their captors
Police said the three women were unrelated to each other, but it was unclear if the youngest victim is related to their captors

A picture of life inside their Lambeth prison has been slowly emerging, where the women were allegedly kept as servants, carrying out everyday tasks around the home. Although they had their own rooms, it is understood they were never allowed out unsupervised.

They were released in October when one of the women called Freedom Charity after seeing a documentary about forced marriage on television. The Independent said she spoke of a ‘friend’ being unwell, but did not reveal that she and the two others were being held captive.

Apparently in an ’emotional state’, she then said her ‘friend’ had suffered a stroke but was not allowed medical help, and added that the other ‘friend’, presumably the girl held in captivity all her life had never been to school.

The woman did not give her name or address, but it is believed the police were then contacted, who traced the phone and found the ‘ordinary house’ in south London, which the women left on October 25.

Aneeta Prem, founder of Freedom Charity, which was called by one of the women, today spoke of their release and said: ‘When we got the message they were outside the front door, the whole call centre erupted in cheers and there were tears, and everyone was incredibly emotional to know we had helped to rescue three ladies who had been held in such horrific conditions.

‘They’re quite traumatised … but they’re very relieved to be out. ‘When I met them, it was a very humbling experience. They all threw their arms around me, and apart from crying enormously, they thanked the charity for the work Freedom had done in saving their lives.’


The two people, a non-British couple, both 67, were held by police at a south London station last night have been released on bail, and it is unclear if they are back at their home. ‘There are fears this is part of a wider abduction ring. There is an ongoing search of possible linked addresses, and for any bodies that might be concealed,’ a police source said.

‘Slaves’ were in ‘invisible handcuffs’ according to charity. Detectives said they had never seen a case like it.

The charity’s founder, Aneeta Prem, said: ‘They were absolutely terrified by the people they were held by.   ‘They felt they were in massive danger, but they made a decision to make that phone call. It was very difficult for them. The victims are so traumatised that police have been unable to interview them fully, and are still unsure of key details of the abuse.