GERMANY: ‘Christmas Bazaar’ renamed ‘Market of Colorful Diversity’ to pay respect to Muslims


“Willkommenskultur” is one of the buzzwords German leftist politicians invoke to tell the victimized natives that they must adapt their ways to the invading Muslim colonist populations.

The new symbol of Christmas in Germany - multi-colored hands
The new symbol of Christmas in Germany – multi-colored hands

Islam vs Europe  In Saarland’s Homburg, a decision has very consciously been made to rename this year’s “Christmas bazaar” in the child centre of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Awo) [Workers’ Welfare Association] in Birkensiedland. But it has little to do with the fact that the pre-Christmas festival takes place on the afternoon of the 23 November, just before the Sunday of the Dead [last Sunday before Advent, in which the dead are commemorated].

Rather, the “Market of Colourful Diversity” is to be understood as a very deliberate contribution to multiculturalism. “Our idea with this is to pay respect, especially to the children from Muslim families,” explains the nursery director Ulrike Agne-Stutzenberger when asked about the decision by JUNGE FREIHEIT.


However the suggestion to sacrifice the Advent festival with the oriental name “Bazaar” did not come from the parents of the children, but followed instructions from the nursery operator’s AWO [Workers’ Welfare Association], Agne-Stutzenberger admits. As one of their “Annual objectives 2013”, all AWO nurseries were tasked with “going very much on the offensive to strength the Willkommenskultur [Welcoming Culture]”.