IRELAND: Muslims are shocked by a letter posted to schools and mosques declaring war against Islam

545840_254986071267218_517782720_nAn anonymous letter has been received by Muslim schools and mosques in Dublin. The letter is full of hatred and threats beyond comprehension. See letter here: Threat letter

mmm8f-viMinor Details News  It was posted but it is not signed and the sender or senders are unknown. The language contained is intimidating and extremely violent. It also makes a specific reference to the planned construction of a mosque in North Dublin. The letter, among many other violent threats, states that “we will attack any Muslim man, women and child that enters any mosque in Ireland and especially if the new larger mosque is build in North Dublin. And our children will attack yours in schools…”


 It is evident from the letter that the mosque planned to be build in Clongriffin, near the Priory Hall site in North Dublin, is the main reason for this extremely racist reaction. There are people and some organisations who have been campaigning against Muslims and the planned construction of the mosque in the area. An interview with one of the campaigners was published in September 2013. 

This letter is unspeakably shamefully and disgusting. This kind of attack needs to be exposed, and public opposition to it needs to take place. The author(s) of this ‘porn’ claim to represent ‘the Irish People.’ (And I’m sure they DO represent a large segment of the Irish people)











331 comments on “IRELAND: Muslims are shocked by a letter posted to schools and mosques declaring war against Islam

    • Nobody should rent property to these vile parasites, nobody should do any kind of business whit this low life trash. And everybody should give them shit.
      This is a Christian country so why is this scum been allowed in here.
      Only vote for people that will help get this low life shit out of our country once and for all.
      oh and before the Liberal Arse Brigade tell me I am a racist, let them name one single country in the Western World that has benefited in any small way from allowing this scum to enter it. just name one please.

  1. Ultimately we can only look at ourselves as people and individuals. The majority of the comments on this website are quite vitriolic. Some may be for good reason, but if you can say wholeheartedly that you would never accept help from a muslim, whatever form that may come in due to you believing they are “scum”, then i applaud you. not because i agree with your views because i respect that you are not a hypocrite. Because only a hypocrite would slander a group of people then unashamedly request their help. I speak of this because i over the past few years have had to make numerous trips to our beloved NHS. I have a number of medical conditions. i spent most of my life care free but i’ve woken up to a reality that i never imagined when i was in my teens. During my hospital stays i have often been treated by muslims who look on it as their duty to provide health care to all regardless of whether they can afford it or not. I am grateful to them for this. If this upsets you or offends you well so be it. I do not judge almost 1.5 bn over the actions of thousands. The islamic world is in turmoil at the moment for various reasons, just like the Christian world was for many centuries in the past (and anyone who has bothered to pick up a history book knows all about the millions of people who were slaughtered in the name of Christ). All things come to pass. My friends grandfather served in the middle east after the 2nd world war and he came back hating the jews because of how some of them treated the british soldiers. He witnessed a soldier being hanged by jewish extremists. he also knew soldiers and british civil servants who were killed in a hotel bomb attack by jewish extremists and the extremists were treated like heroes by the jewish community. However we used to try and tell him this was not representative of all the jewish people but he just wouldn’t accept it. People will think what they want to think. If a muslim or anyone for that matter approaches you as an individual with hatred and threats then as a human being you have a God given right to defend yourself. However if you approach a muslim or anyone (who has not bothered you) with threats and intimidation then you are the aggressor and the blame lies squarely with you. We are responsible for our own actions. we are not responsible for the sins of our fathers. Peace to all creation.

    • Mr Bill, nNo hypocrites here, and everyone knows not to do business with, hire, much less allow any muslim to touch us. That’s the problem with your so-called “beloved” NHS and why we are fighting so hard against it. You trade the best medical professionals for free health care as people leave socialized medicine because the pay is so bad under this system. You are treated by 3rd world scum because your govt can’t afford to pay for highly qualified personnel. I have asked people in the emergency room whether or not they are muslims and if they are I tell them not to come near me.

      All muslims have the same beliefs and just because they aren’t slitting your throat today doesn’t mean they won’t cheer on the muslim who does it to you tomorrow. You are a fool and deserve what you get.

  2. I come from an Islamic country, Malaysia, which according the the Western Governments is supposed to be a, “moderate Islamic State.”
    Believe me there is no such thing as a moderate Islamic state and what you are doing is perfectly legitimate they intend to take you over bit by bit.
    The next thing they’ll do is use an economic tool called “Halal” and they’ll demand you have it on almost anything you sell including water.
    To get Halal your manufacturing or other processes will have to be open tho their scrutiny, you must employe Muslim staff and they’ll take all your secrets from you.
    I suggest you begin with Halal Whisky that way they’ll force to go non Halal because Whisky and other alcoholic beverages can never be Halal.
    What you allege is true and that is what will happen, they” live in communes have their own laws do a lot of things to undermine you and the government of Ireland.
    Drive them out to save yourselves

  3. The solution is easy: treat Muslims immigrants in the same way as Muslims will treat you when you settle in their countries of origin and build a church or whatever holy shrine….

    • I think the writer of the letter should also have told them that pigs blood onto their bodies will be part of the plan as well. They fear being contaminated with pigs blood upon death more than death. To them, death means martyrdom and paradise unless they have been contaminated by pig blood, parts etc. I wonder if it is possible to add powdered pig blood to the inside of bullets? Hey there maybe a world-wide market for such valuable tools against the current Islamic invasions. Anyone have any ideas on that? There’s got to be some ingenious, industrious entrepreneurs who would want to make money selling those all over the world.

      • You know the irony? They buy kfc and burger king and do not know
        that some of the products they shovel in their mouth HAS PORK FAT!!
        Then again they believe what always worked for them,”Ignorance is bliss”.

    • F#cken AWESOME, it’s about time we all stop being told what to do by MUSLIM S#HIT, Every Muslim country is at war with itself, do we really want that happening in the free world. Our forefathers fought and died for our right to freedom, we cannot disrespect their sacrifices and should not forget that they fought for our freedom. They want everyone to bow to their religion while disrespecting all others.

  4. It is an invasion! In times of war there is no such thing as hate speech!
    Why are they not diversifying Muslim or African countries?
    Kick them all out!
    We are the our ancestors descendants and our descendants ancestors, YOU have no right to break that chain!

  5. The Emerald Isle will soon be a different kind of green. One with
    a crescent join saudi australia,united states of emirates and the United lingdoms of muhammed. Islamophobia,it is not.
    Islamonazism ,yes of course. heil allah.

  6. “Full of hatred & threats beyond comprehension”? “Intimidating & extremely violent”? “Extremely racist……unspeakably shameful & disgusting…..’porn'”? Who wrote THAT shit??? How would THEY describe the unspeakable atrocities being committed in the Middle East by muslim’s fanatical branch, ISIS/ISIL, for God’s sake?!?! What “nice” words can anyone use for the rape & murder of Yezidi Christians? How do you describe the beheadings, mass shootings, crucifixions, tortures, & now burnings these animals inflict on anyone who does NOT share their ‘religious fervor’, using anything BUT strong language & condemnation! I’d have used a whole range of “choice’ words, were I the writer of that relatively tame letter! This REALLY has MY IRISH up, & I think it’s more than fair & just that the author of this letter was kind enough to give these invaders fair warning. ‘Tis more than I would have done. Does anyone think St. Paddy sorted out the venomous & non-venomous snakes when legend says he drove them out of Ireland? Well then, neither should these muzzies be sorted out into “good” & “bad”. A snake is a snake!

    • Frank, most Muslims come from the Middle East and from The African Continent. Muslims are a problem. Have you every thought about the reason why Muslims are now in every European Country and in America and in Canada? Wake up Frankie boy! Soon they will be making war on us; they have already committed thousands of horrible crimes in our countries. They have already repeatedly raped our women.

    • Frank, Jews aren’t a “race” either, yet they are spoken of in that context, right? Race, group, gang, pack, gaggle, I give a fuck what you call them, Muslims are a huge problem, and have been so for not just a few decades. “Political Correctness” is a fukkin’ blight, and it is making even the strongest of peoples a bunch of PUSSIES!! These goat fukkers need to be stopped, for the good of all. Their holy text demands they take all others out, and WE ARE ALL OTHERS! I say fukk that, hand them back their own hate in spades and let them all go to hell. So sorry if there are “good ones” in the mix. Since it ain’t a “race”, it must be a choice, so they choose the ass-whoopin’ they will get. Always time to convert to something less heinous, and still save their own asses, but doubt they will. Fukk ’em!

      • AD, actually Jews are a race, though few think of themselves as one. That’s because they have traced DNA bloodlines back thousands of years and there are certain genetic diseases only found within the Jewish community like Tay Sachs.

      • I may stand corrected on the Jews as a race. Is that the kind of explanation for such as Sicle Cell Anemia, I mean the racial distinction part of your reply. ( “Identification” instead of “distinction”??)

      • Sharia law makes PROVISIONS for sex with INFANTS & ANIMALS! Not penalties, but PROVISIONS! “If you do this afterward, it is all good” Who among any of you believe this is a proper way to conduct one’s self?? What God would be tolerant of such absolutely insane behavior? What sane, modern society could believe that it is alright? What kind of physical and mental damage has to be inflicted to make one twisted enough to agree with these PROVISIONS in any sense? I do not need to know anything else about the Muslims after learning about these things, REALLY!! These things are enough to wish extinction on this CULT!! REALLY!! Send them all to Hell, the lot of ’em! Fuck trying to reason, or talk, just get ’em out of the mix for good, this world’s got problems enough without muddying it up with Muslim non-logic, and Sharia bullshit laws!!



    • I’m an American and I agree with you most fervently. My ancestors came from Germany and right now I am ashamed of Germany. They are giving my ancestral home away to the moslims at an alarming rate. Even with the protests , the Government has their heads so far up their a$$es they can’t remember what daylight looks like! At least the Norwegians are moving in the right direction. France is a lost cause, as is most of the rest of Europistan. It will probably tale another Civil War here to clean the bastards out.

  8. I will be so disappointed that the country of my ancestors ceased to exist. I will be even more disappointed that the Irish and the English killed each other and then surrendered to the Muslims. What a terrible footnote to history that would be. Whatever problems Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales ever had doesn’t look like it was good enough to kill over. Whatever problems the American colonies had with England looks tame next to this invasion of Muslims. No, the Muslims do not have a race. There are white ones like the ones who bombed Boston. Yes, they do rape and take advantage of white women. But sometimes it means that there are more Arab Christians in the world. Just because a child’s father was a monster doesn’t mean he or she can’t be a Christian. The Saudis have children in the United States with American women and most of them, almost all of them are NOT MUSLIM. Thankfully they never claim the children or pay child support. I know 2 that have gotten physically hurt thinking they could scare Anglo women. I have always been ready to go to war with them. I just couldn’t get my government to put America first. I was not shocked by 9/11. Anyone who listened to the experts on the news should have seen it coming. I tried to reach out and get people to help the Arab Christians. They should have been the only ones to be allowed into our countries. They were and are the ones in danger. The Muslims are and always have been here as our enemies.

    • Exactly. How on Earth could the Irish, one of the most fiercely independent peoples, who resisted British Imperialism for centuries, now allow themselves to be taken over by Islam. It just staggers the mind.

      • Whenever a country accepts/forced into submission to the central banker cartel, they are subjected to all manner of atrocities.

        The nEW wORLD DISoRDER is to be imposed by the dhimi politicians if they want to continue receiving a paycheck.

        Typical of the DIVIDE and CONQUER playbook; the three stage methodology of pick a nefarious goal, create chaos, accept people fearfully begging for rescue – the psychotic islumic clowns are supposed to soften us up (FEEBLE, OLD kissinger, brezwezski, and the other wannabes with their delusions of elitism can’t manage to steal a lollipop off a child on their own).

  9. All I know it that the Irish people need to Wake Up and stop fussing amongst themselves over Christianity. There’s a MUCH larger problem facing you all and real UNITY is going to be needed. You may very well have to ally with those you least expect. Where’s the BOYS when you need them? C’mon out of retirement gentlemen-your services will be needed if your government doesn’t help to stop this Islamic takeover in your own lands!!! Do NOT let Islam take the Emerald Isles, Please!

    • Don’t worry the IRA are reborn and will have a much larger force now. 700 years of sheer horror from the English has made the Irish the meanest mother……rs on the planet. Stupid people completely misjudge them because of the ‘fun’ exterior, which is bluff. You don’t have to scratch the surface much to release a ferociousness so savage you will be left speechless. They have no concern for ‘authorities, they have long known they are the enemy mostly. They don’t care about consequences either. They gladly die for Ireland. They gladly go to gaol forever for it too. Famous song ‘Kevin Barry gave his young life, for the cause of liberty’. He was hung at 18. Let the Irish led us all into this one. In your Civil War, some of your commanders couldn’t believe the savagery and stunning courage of the Irish they had enlisted on arrival at the immigration centre in New York. They don’t stop and charge relentless onward yelling like the banshee. Start quaking muzzas, you don’t know what you have done, upsetting the Irish. I am half Irish.

  10. Muslims are Shocked? Really? You aren’t as shocked as CIVILIZED peoples are of YOUR SICK and PERVERTED sect. (It is NOT a religion – you SICK bastards and bitches).

    The “cat is out of the bag”. Ordinary people WILL rise up against you and DESTROY you and your evil cult.

    We WILL DESTROY your mosques
    We WILL destroy your book of SATANIC verses
    YOU will either swear allegiance to another religion or you WILL be KILLED. Sound familiar does it? It’s what your sick sect IS and HAS been doing for 1400 years.

    THIS is the ONLY solution for you savage RETARDS. You understand Nothing else. Those that live by the sword WILL DIE by the sword.

  11. I think it could be a psy-op aimed at making Irish people feel guilty for trying to protect themselves and their country.I hope the Irish do wake up and kick out the muslems.I hope all of europe and america does the same.People are scared to go against the PC line so I won’t hold my breathe.Anyone else betting on the pale horse?Looks like a winner to me.

  12. Their mosques are built for the invasion of countries. They have self-proclaimed MANY times and PROVED they are at war with the West. If a violent enemy had built a fortress on your land what do you think would have been done in the past? It would have been DESTROYED. Correct. And this SELF-PRESERVATION is NATURAL and the REASON we are Western FREE societies today.

  13. > “It is evident from the letter that the mosque planned to be build in Clongriffin, near the Priory Hall site in North Dublin, is the main reason for this extremely racist reaction.”

    What a stupid statement. Islam isn’t a race, it’s a highly organized terrorist movement disguised as a religion. Opposing a mosque isn’t racism.

    “Islamophobia” isn’t racism any more than “Naziphobia”; It’s jut a natural reaction to a system of imposed tyranny.

    Islam is not a race.

    • you are, of course, correct; islamophobia is not racism, it is sectarianism.

      unfortunately, your argument is one of semantics rather than ethics. people born into certain cultures have little more say in what religion they are than they do over the colour of their skin.

      they DO, obviously have a choice, once they reach maturity, to change or deny their religion but it is not much of a choice as they would have to give up their entire social support network.

      however, belonging to the same religion as someone does not mean you automatically share every one of their attitudes. interpretation is key. many people of the same religion (and i’m not just talking about islam) hold wildly divergent views. the trouble with islam is that there are many more fundamentalists than in christianity, and those fundamentalists are more radical than ours.

      i do not excuse them but look to history and ask yourself if christians were any better back in the day.

      they DO however, hide behind the minority card and their own, mostly peaceful brethren and use our own civilised behaviour against us. the key issue as far as i am concerned is not what these people believe, but what freedoms they are allowed.

      you might be forgiven for thinking that i am a sympathiser or a bleeding heart liberal. i am not. those who flout our laws or expect us to change to suit them, should be deported. i am also in favour of the death penalty. i would happily tighten the noose, for instance, around the necks of lee rigby’s killers.

      as many have said; if you don’t like it, feel free to leave.

      however, it is OUR pathetic laws that allow these people to foster anti-english/irish/american/whatever sentiment right here in our own countries. like most problems with immigrants of any stripe, it is the fault of the politicians that make the laws that allow them this latitude that are actually to blame. people in general are bored of the racist card i think. most people would say ‘yeah, whatever. im racist. now get the fuck out of my country’. the establishment that never has to deal with the realities of its policies is further behind. by being soft on the bad elements, they foster hatred against all.

      but that is mob mentality. just because i understand it, doesn’t mean i condone it. by all means hate the haters. do not assume that they are all haters

  14. It is vital to declare a war against the politicians who import Muslims into any civilized country. Although there are some good Muslims “we don’t need Muslim immigration”, due to the fact that a percentage of them are radicals who are attempting to enforce their barbaric Sharia Law on us. What is wrong with keeping Ireland Irish?

  15. I do not believe in threats of violence but I understand the position of the writer of this letter however, the author of this article seems to disregard the game that Muslims like to play which is to act the victim in Western countries while at the same time they do not practice what they preach in their own countries. It seems that the majority of people lose their own rights and opinions for the benefit of the few. I am all for the right of Muslims to build a new mosque and pray but only if they compromise and allow churches to be built in Muslim churches and Christians to be treated as equals and with respect. My proposal is this. For every mosque allowed to be constructed in traditionally non-Islamic countries there should be a church constructed in a Muslim country. Since the mosques already outnumber the churches by a huge number (I am taking an educated guess there), this one for one exchange can begin after 100 new churches are opened up in the Muslim world and Muslims allowed to convert to Christianity if they so desire with no repercussions.

  16. Good. I really hope Ireland can hold on to it’s’ integrity and keep the Muslims at bay. They have already started taking over parts of the UK, France and Scandinavia. Neighborhoods in London can be downright dangerous with muslim weirdos beating and spitting on citizens in the areas they have taken over. Indeed there should not be a mosque in Dublin. These people need to adapt to the Irish way of life, not the other way around. If they don’t like it then they should return to their own countries. Australia are another country who have it right. It’s a shame to see so many Nations lose their identity, their heritage to these foreign troublemakers. Just think of the consequences that would befall any Irish who tried this sort of thing on the soil of a islamic nation. There has to be a double standard.

  17. IMMIGRANTS, NOT AMERICANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on 911, we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Americans.

    America has been developed over centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom. We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society. Learn the language!

    Most Americans believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.

    We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.

    This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great American freedom,


    If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted

  18. What is the problem? There is such an easy way to get stop all the building of mosques and get rid of the Muslims. Pigs are sacrilegious to them. All Ireland, the U.S., and other countries have to do Is scatter pig cuts, blood, etc. all over lands for mosque sites, on mosque buildings, on Muslims property and land, etc. They will leave because those areas will be defiled. Just make sure the pig cuts, blood, and other parts are spread so wide and deep that there is NO WAY to get rid of or eliminate it. If there is a home for sale in an area you live, just plant and spread pig stuff on, in, and around it. They won’t buy. WORKS FOR ME. LOLOLOLO

  19. “Muslim” is not a race; therefore the claim that this is racism is bogus. “Muslim” is also not a gender, color, or sexual orientation. Islam is a creed, and the adherents are followers of that creed. Therefore, this activity is no better or worse than the hatred and violence perpetrated against Christians and Jews in any number of Islamic theocracies around the world. The threats (not yet carried out) are certainly not as bad as the actual attacks carried out by adherents of Islam against those who hold different religious beliefs – the World Trade Center, Pan Am 103, the Boston Marathon, I could go on and on…

    As much as I abhor random violence, and as much as I detest violence against innocent non-combatants, I cannot help but think that Islamists bring this type of reaction on themselves. Likewise, they bring it on those they use as pawns in their game of global theocratic usurpation… exporting their theocratic absolutism through emigration and “community organizing.” With each act of violence against civilian populations, with each imprisonment of apostates for no other crime than having a different faith, with each statement by a CAIR official that their sole objective is to abrogate my Constitution and instill Islam as the sole religious belief in my country, I grow less and less concerned about what happens to the adherents.

    • CHRISTOPHER MILLER– So very well said! Random violence is not the way things are done, in OUR WORLD, the SANE-ish WORLD. That being said, there are good reasons for making exceptions to the rules, and it seems these people are that good reason! I can’t believe the general population has put up with this plague for as long as they have. I also can’t believe the American people have even thought about tolerance for these FUKKIN’ GLOBAL TERRORISTS! They hate EVERYONE, and everything that is NOT their own. Sex with infants, sex with animals, killing people for sport, beating (sometimes to death) spouses, children, grandchildren, ALL LEGAL UNDER MUSLIM LAW. That chunk of debauchery alone should be enough to convince any sane, rational person that this plague needs to be stopped, ” damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead “!!

  20. It is not racist when other people come to your country and expect you to follow the laws they supposedly fled. My question is if their country is so wonderful, if their religious laws are so wonderful why did they leave? How is asking that question racist. I say it is racist to enter my home, my country and expect us to change our laws into the very laws you are fleeing. I say it is racist for you to come into my home and my country and expect me to undergo change to accommodate your beliefs. You fled from your country because of Islam and then want to bring Islam with you now that is racist. That is phony, and taking all that into consideration gives me every reason not to trust you and every reason to ask you to please leave. Because you choose not to change and news flash I don’t intend allowing you to make me change. Do not come to my home and my country and try to rearrange my furniture and expect me to be happy about it or even offer you a warm welcome.

    • @Barbara O’Connor

      they didn’t flea (I know that I deliberately spelt ‘flee’ wrong; sense of humour 😉 ), it’s an organised INVASION !!

  21. I can trace both sides of my family back to Ireland and their are no muslims in it any where as there should be none in Ireland. Don’t accommodate or coudill them, Make them like the Blarney Stone covered in bacon grease if they want to stay

  22. I did not think that Jesus preached hatred and violence. Some “Christians” seem to have lost their way, and want to make themselves feel important by causing trouble for others. Mind you, Islam has the same problem.

  23. Too bad I can’t include a picture with this. BUT, what you folks in Ireland should do, is bury pig guts and their foul caresses (got rotted before processing) onto EVERY “Muslim site” and/or “proposed site” within the entire country. You old members of the IRA should also provide “set up crews” to coax out the Muslims, committing “hate crimes” against your people, and TURN THE TABLES ON THEM! Beat them down, and spray the crap out’a them with pig’s blood!!

  24. You people are hilarious, the problem is religion, all religion so just band religion in public and gov. period keep that nonsense in your own home where it belongs, if you want to believe in fairy tales go ahead but keep it out of public and stop acting like its real, as for me I will stick to Aliens, because to prove them apparently we are going to have to go out there and find them ourselfs and not wait for “The Return” of whatever, due to us being insane (see religion) and them not being willing to come here and land. So thanks for that insane religious people of all faiths!

  25. The Irish were oppressed for over 800 years…why the hell should they lay down and let their country be taken over by these people who are dictated by their religion to kill all who do not believe in Islam!!? Sort of like a no brainer!! These Muslims have the entire middle east….why would they even want to be in a country that is Christian? Time to bring out the IRA and kick some Muslim ass!

    • You’re spot on, Shirley.
      There’s only a few reasons they invade other countries and that’s to spread their hate. “Rape, kill, pillage and destroy” is their driving intent.
      To divide, much like o’shitbag has done here, and conquer a civilized society and make it tribal as they are. They’re driven by pure hatred and can accomplish nothing BUT death and destruction.
      I relish the thought of the IRA coming out of the woodwork and tearing these reptiles a new one. Let their bodies litter the streets until they no longer exist.

      • The IRA needs to capture one alive, stitch it in a pig skin pouch (from the neck) and drop it off to scream for help through a gag on in inside of a model :)

  26. One would think that Muslims may understand the vile and detestable nature and wording of this letter when they are living in a world where they are failing across the board to speak or stand AGAINST the vile and detestable acts being committed by Islam against their own ‘brothers and sisters’ around the world. Why should they be shocked to learn that it is entirely possible for others to view followers of this so-called ‘religion’ with equal contempt? By the way, Islam isn’t a race, it’s a fascist cult, a political system that seeks to indoctrinate, enslave and destroy what it cannot control.

  27. If you believe in the GOD of creation, the GOD of Abraham and the Father of Jesus….you cannot believe in Allah…..If you believe in Allah then you cannot believe in the God of Israel and the God of Christianity. Just because a person has faith in Christ does not mean he is supposed to lay down and have his throat cut by an enemy of GOD. God has been at war with Satan for a very long time….can we do any less?

    • I’m sorry, and I don’t mean to be a “word nazi”, but can we all come to the consensus that “G-d” has a NAME? His name is Jehovah (spell it as you please). Since “allah” is called by name, it’s only proper that WE do the same.
      The use of the word “god” is an all-encompassing title and doesn’t define Him specifically. Although we know whom we mean, it’s simply “impolite”.
      The more WE recognize Him by name, the more personal His existence becomes.
      You wouldn’t call your child “son” or “daughter” if you wanted their attention, right? They have a name. Same situation.
      No worries; I’m not guiltless either. But I will make this correction in future.
      Again, I apologize for entering this comment but I felt compelled to bring this to the forefront.

      • You need to have your facts correct: ‘all a’ means moon demon. [From Satan’s a*se to no-HAM-head’s ear]

        no-HAM-head was pissed that a pig ate his first girlfriend, a camel corpse, that he slurred against the pig’s good character.

        That shaking wasn’t in outrage – the inbred mongrel was both schizophrenic and epileptic.

  28. It’s time… It is time people all over the world see what the extreme Islamic followers are doing to all the countries of the world. Germany,UK and France, needs to put their foot down as well and say “enough”…
    Angola (Africa) has taken steps to destroy the worship centers there and boot the Muslims out. Japan has made it so that Muslims cant live there only visit. Russia said they will not, “cater to minorities.” The rest of the world needs to wake up. The USA needs to put in place restrictions on them as well. Sadly they need to stop allowing anyone of Muslim faith form coming here. Islam is using our own freedom against us. We need to get Obama out of office and support Israel. The deal with Iran is only empowering them. Wake up world. its not to late yet.

  29. The Irish are an extremely proud and nationalistic people and while many may not be as vehement, it is obvious that as a majority they do not want Muslims there. I have no issue with this, think how they would do if a group of Irish were living in a devout Muslim area.

    • Exactly, if you wore a cross or have rosary beads, a bible in your hands you would be locked up in Saudi Arabia. our women have to cover up to walk the streets in respect of their laws, no churches are allowed.. but here in Europe they can cover up like bank robbers have a mosque on O’Connell Street, carry the Koran and tell us that they ignore our laws because they are not their Sharia law and that we will all burn in hell…Don’t come to my home and tell me what to do and I won’t go to your home and tell you what to do.. Think of this, why do they want to leave a country so badly then move to a better country and then make it like the country they so desperately wanted to leave???

  30. America cannot do anything about Islam invading their country because their president and along with all the officials with sensitive position in White House are muslims.

  31. I feel sure that it does represent the feelings of most of the good people of Ireland. Muslims in general and Sharia Law in particular are a poor fit with any democracy that has rights and freedoms written into their Constitutions. I live in the Canadian Province of Ontario and I’d bet that there is an ongoing attempt to have Sharia recognized under our Laws. Damn the witless Politician that thinks that this would be a good idea.

  32. Ireland, you make the rest of us proud! Do not give up,we here in America support your cause, The filth that is muslim should be confined to their home countries not allowed to spread their evil. Anyone that can believe the crap in the Koran is evil. No one can justify what it allows.
    Take your country back, show them who is boss!

  33. Your allegations of racism are ignorant and unfounded. Words mean things and that one doesn’t mean what you think it means. It doesn’t even mean what you want it to mean. If you ever hope to betaken seriously as a journalist you’ll figure that out and increase your vocabulary at least enough to articulate your thoughts using the right words…heck if you ever want to be taken seriously at all… Islam/muslim is not nor has it ever been a race you tool.

  34. Shamefull and disgusting? Why would you say that BNI? I’m sure 95% of the non-muslim population will agree with the letter and it doesn’t matter which country or which continent they may be.

  35. Please, please how can I help. I dont want anymore of that (muslim) religion in my country.
    Send me links, pages, hope. What can an ordinary guy do to keep this infection out of here. We need ideas!!!!!! We need experience, im a stable working man in the US. And before I get any hate mail, I praise God, I live to help but im tired of this muslim influence. How did we let this happen.?

  36. Muslim obligation to kill us if we’re pagan, pass jizya if their religion dominates and we’re not Muslim, to delegate us to second class status if we’re not Muslim, and to lie to us while trying to bring this to pass (taqiyya) is not conducive to friendship.
    Islam is subversive and tyrannical…allowing no equality of others. This gives us 100% the right to reject it and its free practice.

    Islam is all about what they call “submission.” Loosely translated, “Reject Islam and we’ll build a mosque on your house.”

    When Mecca drove Mohammed out for being a sex freak, he came back and slaughtered 30,000 Jews…on this they built Ramadan.
    Dome on the Rock celebrates more Jewish blood. Muslims claim (and many might believe) its from common threads of history but, uh, no. Muslims build holy sites where ever they win victory, like their rush to build a mosque at the Twin Towers site.

    The more important the holy site they conquer is to their enemies, the holier it is to them.

    And where ever Islam comes to dominate, other faiths are either subjected and repressed (Judaism, Zoroastrianism & Christianity,) or destroyed. (All the others.) Even Judaism and Christianity can be brutally destroyed by this manic “faith.”

    Islam, Submission, is brutal, it is repressive, it is subversive.

    The rest of humanity is under no moral obligation to cater to Islam in any way, shape or form.

  37. I support and agree with the writer of this letter; very bold and the truth was told. This is what needs to happen here in the US. We need to stop with tryin to tolerate a religion of hatred with people who hate and cannot tolerate us.

  38. so glad the irish are taking a stand against the invasion of these revolting subhuman individuals coming into and, trying to overtake our countries around the world. Angola has just made islam illegal, so the time has come for all of western nations to rise up and say enough! It’s clear our governments won’t help us, so we need to stand as one and start this war on islam…and btw how is hating islam racist ? it is not a race it’s a cult, please get your facts straight!!!

  39. There is only one way to drive this islam invasion back, it isn’t through appeasing them, and make no mistake, a stealthy invasion is what it is. Their book commands them to convert non-believers or kill them. The sooner islam is seen as a satanic cult the better. God bless Ireland.

  40. Racist…. its not racist, theres no race in “religion” its called fighting fire with fire and we all should follow suit, Every respect to the people sending that letter, even more to them if they carry their threats out… They are doing what ever it takes to protect land and home and preserve what is us, and what makes us… which is waaaay more than any of our sorry ass governments are doing.. which is feeding us to the rabbid dogs!!! … What they would do to us given the chance of being the majority in our countries is far worse than these people threaten… GET THEM OUT!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!

  41. porn? what porn? i didn’t see any stinking porn i saw only truth snakes were driven out of Ireland so must this vermin be driven out of Christian Europe

  42. The author of this text tries to do what all muslim pigs do – make people believe there’s something racist in hating islam. Race has nothing to do with this.

  43. This is fabulous…leave it to the Irish (I love you people SO much) to show the rest of the Western World how it should be! I wish luck to all involved in the operation to remove this cancerous Islam slime from Ireland! A wonderful movement and intention! I hope it begins in the rest of the UK, now, also!

  44. What should a people expect from those they’re engaged in eternal war against, as described by their god in Koran 9:29 and their prophet in hadith Bukhari, vol. 1, book 2, no. 25 – among many other unchangeable readings from their “holy text”? Were the situation reversed, kafir wouldn’t be invited into Muslim lands and given welfare, but virtual slavery and slit throats for those raising any Muslim ire whatsoever. People in the West provide food and shelter for their animals, and Muslims migrate to get that food and shelter, but somehow feel themselves superior to their hosts.

  45. can someone send this letter as a template to the UK prime Minister…. because he is a spineless twat… when it comes to this

  46. If Ireland does not stop Islam and any new Muslim Projects- My Ireland will be killed by Muslim invaders like what is happening in Africa- non muslims are killed and raped- The Irish are a proud nations- But they will not be Irish in 20 years- Send them back to their countries-

  47. sweetolbob I totally agree with You. Let Mighty Irish Peoples give a good example to the rest of the Europe. We in Poland and another Slavonic nations will create the Last Bastion of Native Europeans and We will be fighting there till the bitter end with bayonet with hand protecting each others back and we will never submit ourself to this abominable repulsive islamic radicals.. Fight for your folk Fighting with steel kill all of the enemies their blood is our seal fight till the last of the enemy is death ride through theirs blood that we gladly have shit!! We will never surrender to islamic radicals and tis morons from brussel and european union who create such kind of abominable principles which destroy the European Nations!!!

  48. The letter is not complete.
    Muslim is not offended much by telling him that he is Muslim and not welcome in here. So also not offended as much by telling him a scumbag and parasite etc.

    The right punch is delivered by having reference to the cult leader and to their more than perfect book. Therefore, something in the honor of the Mo and the Qrn would have been very appropriate; only then the muslims would think an believe that you, the Irish people donot really want them in your Ireland. I suggest to do the amends in the letter.

    As a little cancer in the body is sure to go to full blown state in the time; unless proper “precaution and treatment and surgery” is done. So also unless you check the growth of them, you will be overwhelmed sooner or letter. Because they breed faster, bring in their brethren from around the world and hide such of them with in their homes, marry migrants with their daughters/ sons. The police cannot really discover this due to their close proximity physical as well as emotional.

    As they out-breed you, their comparative number increase slowly, steadily, until they becoming a significant number as to force their way onto yours. The defined fitna in the Qrn ultimately will cause your slaughter or conversion or both, some time in future.

    So in effect letting them in your system and giving them a freewill ultimately is equivalent to you allowing yourself to be killed or be converted, of course, in a time in future.

    I maybe incorrect, but not wrong entirely.

  49. Note to muslims, you think that you’re good at blowing shit up, mess with the Irish and see what happens to your camel shagging ass !!

  50. The Irish Catholics and Protestants went at it, so it seems quite plausible that muslims are not going to get the white glove treatment in Ireland. It is about time someone took a stand against this filthy ‘religion’ being shoved down our throats. Why should any person tolerate muslims entering our countries when they rape our children and women. It defies logic.

  51. If you want to STOP Muslims from entering your country, one must seek out the door in which they are arriving! Much to my amazement I found out that there are local charities getting paid BIG BIG BUCKS like up to 30 million to relocate these poor, desperate and good people just needing a home!! The Lutheran, Catholic and Jewish federations are some of the biggest importers of Muslims in the US. Seems to me if everybody in their respective cities and or Country’s start bombarding them with a letter writing campaign just maybe they will start to think twice. Be sure to get the facts about their financial motivation and EXPOSE THEM!!!

  52. I am Irish By Birth Born in County Of Kerry Town of Killarney. Ireland is Prodminately Catholic. How would they like it If Irish Invaded there homeland and started building Cathedrals all over and forcing Muslims to be Catholic? They’d try to Kill the Irish and tell them to f*ck off. IRELAND BELONGS TO THE IRISH NOT THE MUSLIMS ENOUGH SAID!

    • I am Polish by birth, and I couldn’t agree more. They are not so tolerant and open in their own countries, Sometimes admitting that you are Christian puts you in very unconvenient situation, if not in danger. My country is by far safe from them, but I’ve no idea for how long.
      I have lived in Canada for some time, and I have seen how it changed, over the past few years. Multiplicating and collecting the benefits without any contribution to the country. That is their way. Still however wonder if the govt. see the danger. ?

  53. I’m sure they really mean it and bloody with weapons in their hands. They have fought for their freedom before, and they will do it again.

  54. i havent read all the comments but i think the irish have the balls to stop this now not like the knobheads in parliment in england good luck.

  55. Given the great beauty of the girls of Ireland and the fact that the stats for the rape wave in Sweden are now clear, i expect muslims everywhere are salivating and drooling at the prospect of grabbing some female Celtic comforts.

    Is there anything sicker than a state which is prepared to sacrifice the safety and happiness of it’s young people to it’s political agenda and PC dogma ?

    Quite a lot of people understand bombs and guns in Ireland , , , , , , ,

  56. Finally The Muslims Lock Horns With People Who Are Not Afraid To Blow Sh#t Up.

    Turn About Is Fair Play.

    Kiss Your Arses Bub Bye You Worthless Welfare Colonists!!!

    The Irish Have Really Bad Tempers And Are Not Inclined To Play Nice.

  57. Irishmen write very well. I’m suspicious.

    This is probably Takiya, my understanding is that Sinn Fein are pro immigration and pro Muslim. Gerry Adams is a Koran Kisser. Nationalist Irish are not organized enough to understand Islam. They tend to live and breathe Anglophobia still.

    • Sorry Dan but we dont have a fear of the English or their goverments. If you mean a dislike dont mistake that for fear. And another thing we wont stand by and watch our streets become like englands you can bet on that.

  58. I love and support the Irish in any way necessary to rid off these inbred fucks who want to take over ther world, (FACT) I just hope the uk will follow suit and kick these fucks back to the shithole they come from.

    • UK is as far as a can see an almost lost case.
      -caMORON in charge, does not blame islam when mozlims commit crimes (for instance the murdered soldier Rigby and Nairobi massacres and inhumanity),
      -sharia courts effectively working,
      -police fighting their own people while letting mozlims plunder, rape and murder,
      -innocent vulnerable girls fall prey to muslim gang rapists,
      -churches turned into mosques,
      -sharia compliant neighbourhoods,
      -anjem choudary (and others) spewing their islam hate,
      -Geert Widlers, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller refused entry, while islam terrorists pass without a problem, and even abuse the socials system, raking in money
      -‘insulting islam’ makes you lose your job
      -World Islamic Economic Forum was held in London from October 29-31, the first time the event has ever been held outside the Muslim world.
      -All British schoolchildren required to study Islamic history starting 2014
      -mozlims forcing sharia law in UK streets
      -Illegal immigrant paedophile has already cost taxpayer £350,000. Now he will get compensation… because Britain breached HIS human rights by locking him up

      • It sounds to me like you guys need the same type of uprising we need in the United States. It’s refreshing to know not that others in other countries are being overrun by this satanic cult, but that there is real anger rising because of it. My belief is that we’re heading for Armageddon and only the Lord will sort this out, but if that event should be afar off, wars for freedom, independence, and true representative government have to be on the horizon soon.

  59. Personally I say stop all immigration unless the person or persons has a skill that the host country is in need off. they should be sponsered to migrate until they are in a position to support themselves. Adoubt our culture and intergrate or take the option to bugger off.

  60. I believe the letter was written by muslims so that they would get simpathy from the irish people and the world and present them selvs as victims , its not the first time they did something like that and it probably wont be the last,they are taught to lye and deceive non muslims ,All their deceptions are slowly coming out and more and more people are waking up to a fact that muslims are savages,deceivers and barbarians and they dont belong in a normal world in which human beings live.

  61. Hallelujah and pass the ammunition, finally a country who will stand up to the inbred savages and Im proud to say Im from a long line of Irish immigrants who came to America. If only my fellow Americans would wake up to the takeover of the USA by
    these barbarians who will no doubt , outbred us. Most Americans who are paying
    attention , believe that our country is being invaded from “within”. But, it seems, that
    no one will come forward to start a movement to oust these invaders. The “silent majority” is praying for a leader. God Bless America and the true Patriots.

    • Pauline, the Irish are among the worst in Europe when it comes to submitting to islam. And as you can imagine, that’s up against some pretty stiff competition. I travel to ireland a couple of times a year, and I’ve watched their descent. Intelligent, educated professional people I know still think it’s a religion of peace, say “what harm can a few mosques do?”, and other classics. They’re brain dead sleepwalking into a disaster.

  62. This letter was written by someone for whom English is not their first language ie a muslim. If you think this has been written by indigenous irish people, you’re a fool.

    As sure as night follows day, just as the vast majority of mosque ‘attacks’ turn out to be done by Muslims, so will this.

    Forget it. NEXT!

    • This was the first thought that jumped to my mind when I was reading this ‘horrific letter” reported by Memet Uludag, whose similar opuses litter this site, depicting “horrific racist” (horrific is his favorite word) crimes against Muslims. The spelling errors are typical for a non-native English speaker, not a native speaker writing in rage. Wishful thinking, guys. Read this guy’s other posts to trace his “trademark” writing style.

      • It’s total BS. Written by a muslim, I guarantee you, 100%. Please, everyone – engage your brains before you get carried away.

        This is the oldest muslim trick in the book, and the most ham fisted I’ve ever seen at that…

  63. Why muslims are in shock!!!…They are killimg infidlels, raping, gangs impose sharia las, our reaction will gonna happen, and will be very, very strong. We will gonna, and again giving back, in order to keep our culture of freedom!!!!

  64. If that message was reproduced verbatim, it didn’t come from an Irishman. Only a non-native English speaker from would make such elementary grammar errors. This is propaganda, a form of taqiyya.

    • Whether true or not, only the author will know. That said, let’s not be trivial. I’m sure the author was pissed off and typed it in rage. To be honest, how many “typos” do WE make….and we’re not on the front lines….YET.
      Let’s focus on the message and leave the grammar alone. I sincerely hope this letter is genuine but won’t know till the bullets fly and buildings burn.
      Patience, my friends….

    • I’m Irish and that letter is fucking Irish. Trust me, the grammatical errors are totally representative of today’s youth. And I for one will be standing with them armed to the teeth. People need to stop talking and start doing.

      • David – My Dad was a proud Irishman also, the difference now is we won’t have any problems picking them out in a crowd, cause they have that very special look.

      • The Irish are a tenacious and tough lot and thus it makes them stubborn.

        Like most of the West, the Muslims have seriously miscalculated an easy takeover, they won’t get it. For hundreds of years the Irish did not bow to the English, and they are not about to give into the Muslims newcomers. Eventually, the mosque in North Dublin and elsewhere across Ireland (and wider Europe) will be burnt to the ground.

        Like the Scots, I would not want to be on the wrong end of an Irish fist, they are absolutely ferocious and fearless.


        Maybe you are familiar with this Irish saying:

        “A family of Irish birth will argue and fight,
        but let a shout come from without,
        and see them all unite.”

  65. Too bad the Canadian people don’t have the guts of the Irish. We need them out of Canada also. They are changing our Country for the worst and our Gov’t are allowing it to happen.

    • @Fedup It’s coming, don’t you worry! I live just east Toronto, and we’re fed up too and appropriate action is coming. The issue that you need to remember is that if one cultural group is target openly, other cultural groups will not react favorably to action against a minority group, even if it is only Islam. The fear will be that it won’t stop at Islam. So action has to be smart and precise

    • I agree strongly with you, fedup. We here in the US must do the same starting with the so called president. He is causing all these problems, not only in the US, but all over the world, including the Muslim countries. He is the MOST evil and inhumane person in world history.

    • It seems to me that other nations, (Ireland, Angola, (and it is written that Egypt will stand with Israel), are beginning to come around to the fact that Islam is 100% evil and condemning their vile, extremist, cry-baby bull-shit and standing against them. To bad the United States is going in the wrong direction and most are taking their crap right up the ass. And for those of us who are intellectual and stand-up for peace and actual tolerance and can see the detrimental, adverse, far-reaching destructive results of allowing this in our country, we are labeled racists, bigots, intolerant. All things in this country have been turned up-side-down, polluted, bad called good and good evil, and so-on and so-on. Shit I might have to move to Ireland where they have some balls.

  66. Muslims need to get out of the west, and western politicians need to stop any further immigration of same. Western civilization is NOT compatible with barbarism. It seems to me that the letter should also be addressed to the traitorous politicians who are condemning our societies to this evil.

  67. I could make this look “real” in 5 minutes. Right now, it’s positively ignorant. Now why is that? You think they couldn’t have found someone to correct it? Like the Irish don’t have a decent command of English..?

    Looks like BS. Sorry, don’t be led by the nose by controlled opposition. They’ll make you look foolish . Educated Anti Islam is Far smarter than Open Threats of violence.
    Don’t be used and suckered into , setting yourselves up for being a violent group.
    Anti-Islam is a battle of intellect, so far.

  68. “The letter is full of hatred and threats beyond comprehension … This letter is unspeakably shamefully and disgusting.”

    Says whom? That primitive, barbaric, violent, hate-all-others “culture” which masks itself as a “religion” (of peace, no less is, and should be, unwelcome anywhere in the civilized world.

    It is not “racist” to bar those who would only destroy. There is, throughout history, no good in Islam.

    • Yes, holding placards saying ” behead all those who insult islam” and ” Sharia will rule” or ” Hitler was a hero ” is not disgusting, banned or deemed”hateful” of course, but ” cultural diversity ” really quite quaint and creates community cohesion ?

  69. They desperately need an editor that writes in correct English. This hack job looks like a third grader wrote it, unfortunately. It makes it look like people against Islam are uneducated hicks.

    • It’s proper spelling in the UK. It’s like the difference between Canadian spelling and American spelling. Example, here in Canada, we spell ‘centre’ instead of ‘center’ or “colour” not ‘color’. Also, in the UK, there’s so many dialects used across the country and each has certain nuances in spellings.

      Not sure about punctuation though.

      Source: I use to live in Sunderland, in the North east of England. Sunderland is about 15 mins drive from Newcastle and about 1.5 hours from Manchester and Leeds was close by too. Even though proximity so close, totally different dialects specific to cities and towns. It’s easy for me to know what city a person is from in the UK based on their dialects and pronunciations of words.

  70. It’s a fine bit of cage-rattling, though it remains to be seen whether anything will come of it. But telling the ragheads what they need to hear is never wasted. At the very least it shoots their blood pressure up.

  71. Bonny what’s the chance it’s been written by a Muslim to garner sympathy for Muslims in the same way they have been vandalizing their own mosques?

    • Keith, I was wondering that myself, and upon closer examination, I think this is one of the few times this is a genuine example of push back against Islam.

      What gives it away is the sheer rage that is just dripping from that letter. To me, this is written from a person/ group of people, who are clearly at their wits end. Their country and the entire continent is being marched into genocide and they have no one to turn to. The constant refrain of “we trusted the government, and we were betrayed” also is an indication this is an Irish, not a Muslim in disguise. In all the phony “Islamophobic attacks” created by Muslims, I have never seen one refer to the utter shock and agony one experiences over their own government selling the people out.

      Usually when Muslims play pretend as so-called “Islamophobes”, the letters are crude and overtly racist with things like “Fuck Pakis, we kill all yew, Ireland 4ever!”. Things that Muslims think the average non-Muslim talks like. This is long and thought-out, filled with pent up fury, and speaks of a person or people who feel they have nothing to lose anymore. Whether this will actually translate as promised is another matter entirely. If the rage is strong enough, and I think it is, perhaps we may see these threats manifest into fruition. Time will tell, I suppose.

      • I agree der Kanadier, this does seem to be a genuine rage against Izslime. The Irish past has had many events that have tested the resolve of the people- Viking Raids, The Famine & Mass Emigration/Exodus, the struggle to split from England, the Ulster “Troubles”, economic collapse and rebound… and so many other things have given the Irish an edge in standing up for themselves.

        An edge and mentality you don’t see in some other states… such as Sweden for example. There is LESS islamization of Ireland having taken place…. while there is MORE Irish rebellion against izslime… than what seems to be going in Sweden. A larger amount of Sweden has turned into Swedenstan… yet very few complaints, protests or acts of dissatisfaction.

        Maybe this extra edge, a more protective and fierce love of Irish identity and culture will protect Ireland.

        Sometimes Ireland does need a reminder or two of things. Such as during WWII, the Irish government was an official neutral state. Yet, it was Nazi bombs falling accidently on Dublin, not those of the British or Free French. Also, Irish neutrality only existed as long as Britannia stood her ground. The Nazi maps of occupation of the British Isles and also eventual extermination of British Jewry… showed Eire in the Nazi sphere and the small Jewish populations of Dublin and Cork with a target on their backs.

        When the Nazis planned Nazism take-over of the British Isles… it was not just the already occupied Channel Islands… or Isle of Wight, Isle of Man or the Scottish Orkney or Shetland Islands…. that caused the use of the “plural” British I-S-L-E-S. Ireland was on the menu…. neutral of not. Thousands of Irish nationals knew this, and many joined British, Australian and Canadian Forces to fight Nazism.

        So, I have high hopes that nor matter how disappointing the Irish government is in its treatment of the izlam threat, of its relationship with Israel, with bringing in more muzzie immigrant scum…. AT LEAST THE IRISH PEOPLE will hopefully stand up and save their nation.

        I have also mentioned in previous posts how North African muzscum had led raids and pirate attacks along the Mediterranean coasts of European nations. Theft, arson, kidnapping, rape, capturing slaves, murder… terror and horror of all kinds perpetrated by muzzies upon Europeans. It ONLY STOPPED when a revitalized Europe post-Renaissance began to prosper over the discovery (for Europeans of the Americas), exploration of the Paciifc (and eventually that of Australian settlement), etc, etc… European naval power began to grow… and Europe did something that was totally needed… the Europeans colonized the muz North African states. Then and only then did the arson, raids, rapes and murder- perpetuated by muzzbeasts onto Europeans finally STOP.

        Why did I mention this historical moment? The muzzie raids not just hit Greece, Italy, Spain or France… they went as far and even hit (though rarer) Ireland itself. So Ireland…. muzzie actions caused blond and red haired Irish girls to be buried in Catholic cemeteries along the Irish coastline (that is if they weren’t carried away for some desert North African harem).

        Ireland. Please don’t let this happen again. Because it seems to be starting all over.

      • Whaos @ Arjay. I think you have forgotten, that Jefferson who had been Only about Colony self defense up til the time of his Presidency, but was blackmailed by the Barbary Pirates upon his inauguration , created a Navy especially to War with Muslim scumbags that Europe had been paying off for years. The Colonies went to War and while suffering huge losses over a decade, eventually defeated and put down the Scum Pirates.
        This is why The Marines still sing ” to the Shores of Tripoli”
        Jefferson effectively ended the Blackmail of Islam, perhaps not singlehandedly, but Europe and the US had paid millions in blackmail before he decided to end it with Brute Force. (Against his initial ideology, but Enough Was Enough!)

  72. With the “peaceful” muslims everywhere discriminating heavily against European Christians in Europe with impunity it doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to take a guess at islams medium term ambitions. Not looking good for the Cross.

      • I noticed in the header “IRISH MUSLIMS” when did Ireland become Muslim they are not IRISH they are lowlife scum that suck up the resources that should go to low income Irish nationals.

        It has happened here in Australia African blacks come here and get all the welfare. Meanwhile if a Australians who needs legal aid they can’t get it because these pedophile scum are using all the money to fight being deported

    • Leave it to Muslims to turn the word “racist” into a badge of honor. Only Islam could do that. Good job.

      Now pity those who do suffer real racism, as these slobs have destroyed that meaning of the word.

    • Oh, and notice the screaming-meemy jackass writing the “racist!” articles on that website is named “Memet,” which is “Mohammed” in Turkey. That fact alone speaks volumes that Ireland is under the same genocidal and culture-destroying assault.

    • I sent that guy an email telling him to stop playing the victim card, we Irish had enough to deal with living under the enquiring gaze of the priests without having to reckon with Islam and I made sure he knew, that I knew, Islamic history and its ambitions to rule the world and all about Hitler’s relationship with the muslim of the ME and Balkans in WW2, especially as he had brought Krystallnacht into his post.

      As for the Roma – I explained to him that’s what happens to Hindu/Bhuddist folk who have had to leave their homeland when Islam invaded way back when (having to earn a crust by fair means or foul) and who are now being treated the same way by the Pakistanis in England.

      Wonder if he will reply!?

  73. Some Irish have now come to realize that islam is the problem. The Irish will not sit back and have their culture destroyed as the countries of Europe are allowing. Every country that has been taken over by muslims have turned into hell holes with draconian laws. Angola gets it and so does Ireland. islam is the problem. Ban all muslim immigration and deport all muslims.

  74. Well, one can hope that anyone attending the terrorist Jihad planning headquarters known as mosques… will indeed be harassed and made miserable trying to enter and exit those buildings that represent death, enslavement and persecutions.

    If ANY muzz maggots in Ireland DARE PLACE their inbred, idiotic, drooling, spoiled bastard brats miniature shit versions of themselves in Irish schools…. Well, gee whiz… if the tots of terrorists get shoved on the playground, given wedgies, get jammed into lockers, have spitballs thrown at them… and get bombarded from all sides in dodge-ball… well, ain’t that a pity. Maybe the school cafeterias can have pork on the menu every day! Even on Fridays during Lent!

    Maybe the terror tots in the garbage bags can be forced to say the Hail Mary and rosary… after all non-muslim children have to go to mosques or face penalties that will go through their entire academic career! Better yet, rip off the garbage bags or send them home.

    If muzz bitches dare shit out moHAMmed bastards with their partial camel DNA onto Irish soil… then either raise them exclusively to obey and respect Irish laws and customs… or they can give up their fat welfare checks…. grab their kiddies and rip their hubbies away from the computer where they spend their days watching donkey sex porn and visiting anti-Semitic sites (like the Guardian and New York Times) and go back to any one of over 50 backwards 7th century islamo nations where they can have a 50/50 chance of having more babies that will strangle to death on the goat hair like pubic bush jungle the fetal freak will have to get past to be born.

    Izlamiks are EVIL and every last one needs to be deported from every non muz nation. Ireland, Canada, Israel, Belgium, Nigeria, Thailand, Italy, Australia… DEPORT ALL OF YOUR MUSLIMS… OR EXPERIENCE MORE AND MORE SHARIA AND TERROR!!!!

  75. Yes, good for the Irish if they realize that England is their friend and Islam is out to destroy Ireland.

    Green Fascism is not good for Ireland.

    And Islam is not a race…Irish is a race. It is not necessary for the Irish to commit self-genocide.

    • England is their friend? Not hardly from an Irish girl who lost an uncle in the Bloody Sunday Massacre , however since Brits have already sucked Muslim Ass , taking it all friendly, we just hope Ireland won’t go down that same road.

  76. Putin in Russia, China, Buddhists in Myanmar, Angola, and now Ireland. Maybe there is hope yet.

    Act! for America has created a new wing called Act! for America Education that can provide tax deductible receipts as an incentive for giving.

    All of us need to increase our support for BNI and Ann Barnhardt.

  77. As much as I can understand the rage of the Irish – remember that they went after English Protestants in their land for centuries, ramping it up with modern weaponry – we should also wonder if Muslims themselves made up this letter in order to portray themselves as victims and gain even more inroads from the pandering governments.

    Either way, it’s a move on the chessboard, and – even though I don’t support Catholicism – I certainly hope the natives prevail against these vile invaders and their demented cult.

    • This isn’t about “Catholicism” and your support for the author of this magnificent piece of honest, truthful and factual letter, isn’t supporting “Catholicism”. Your support is for people to be able to have pride in their country, their culture and the freedom to follow a faith that doesn’t oppress and threaten anyone else’s beliefs by using murder, intolerance, torture or tyranny. You’re also supporting the natural inhabitants of a country who take pride in their culture, their heritage and way of life, from being destroyed with the Islamic infection.

      And, finally, don’t forget you’d be supporting and backing the human species, as Islam and Muslime are nothing but parasites and savages that are only good for a couple things…….. to be used for traction when driving and you get stuck in mud, snow or ice, just put a Muslim face down in front of the wheels for traction. They’re also excellent if stuck in a fire, put them on top the fire and walk across their body to prevent you from being burned. If it’s a large fire, or even a water crossing, it’s best to tie a few together face down and used as a bridge.

      • Smack – This is about an invasion BY STEALTH, not your Catholic versus Prostestants thing,…… read the small print, and watch what’s happening around your very own Door-step, the next time you go for a “take-away” look out your window for fucks sake,…or are you an M.P. that finds their’selve’s in the some of the affluent area of where THEY don’t live???

      • eoin – the unfortunately thing is the, other side does not know when the when their “REAL enemies are at their Door, but even THEY will have to decide… them or our Christian Friends…….

    • Agreed, mileaway!

      *** IRELAND! WE SUPPORT YOU! ***
      Defend your country, culture and values!
      Kick out the Muslims NOW while you still can!

      • Hear hear! Btw, is this a signature of the IRA? I hope its the IRA because they are significantly organized paramilitary force built to wreak havoc against the muzzrats. I wasn’t a fan of ‘the troubles’ but the IRA can go toe-to-toe with these muslim cockroaches. Might be Ireland’s (& western europe’s last vanguard)

  78. Islam is NOT a RACE! I really, really wish people would figure this out! There is NO racism in telling some cult what you think of their dispicable motives, morals and manners!
    Islam IS a murdering, mutilating, oprressing, barbaric cult of pedophiles and inbreds!

  79. i don’t think it is disgusting at all. I do find some of the violent threats disturbing, but as fars as the sentiment; I find it relevant to the way Muslims have moved in and proceeded to abuse the people, the laws, the other religions, and bullied everyone in their path.

    • I know you find the violent speech disturbing, but the truth is that Muslims will not listen to normal speech. Muslims consider anything less than Violent speech as cowardly and not to be respected, so they would disregard it.

  80. Who is the spineless, fookin sod of an Englishman who calls a prudent warning to the filthy, posturing, lying, demanding, sheep shagging, donkey diddling muslims PORN ? Has he had his head anus planted for the last 10 years ? Has he never seen the intimidation, cruelty, and death inflicted on Christians by muslims in other countries ? Has he never seen what happens to neighborhoods that surround these terrorist training centers they call mosques ? Does he want the muslim only and no-go areas, formerly Irish neighborhoods where even the police dare not go that this filthy,inbred bunch have gifted to Britain ?
    He needs his head straightened. It is the muslims that are PORN !
    From their marrying off 8 year olds, to female mutilation, to sex with animals. And he calls a friendly warning PORN ??

  81. GREAT STUFF! Really good to see this!

    THIS is what is NEEDED in the West! FULL-ON, no-holds-barred action against Islam!

    I ***SUPPORT** whoever it was that wrote this letter!

  82. With the second largest mosque in Europe in the muslim pipeline is it any wonder why Irish people would or should not be alarmed. The muslim evil could not happen without the expectation of short term profit for the effete politicians.

    • My thoughts exactly….hurray for the sensible Irish people who want to keep their country and their heritage. Hope it isn’t too late.

      • It remains to be seen what % of the Irish the letter speaks for; and, what actions as threatened will actually be perpetrated. The letter is, for all intent and purposes, a declaration of war. And, that may be necessary, a war, because muslims have made it savagely apparent that they will take no prisoners in their supremisist onslaught.

        I fear there is no choice other than taking the battle, to the end, to the most cold-blooded, sadistic, and evil social system in human history, because for islam any other option is inconceivable.

      • Hate to be pedantic, being Ulster born and bred, but someone needs a lesson in spelling before they start pontificating about “boarders”!

        Otherwise, I think they have a fair point.

      • smooth lee, I’m guessing a greater % than you think. Ireland isn’t exactly know for religious tolerance. Though in this case, that may be a vice turned virtue for evils no mater what form it takes should never be tolerated and make no mistake. Islam is not a religion.

  83. This letter is just saying what people are saying worldwide. There should be no muslims living in western countries, they are part of a satanic cult and want to either convert us, implement sharia “law” or kill us. They are parasites that just sponge off the working people of the host country and want to outbreed us. They need to return to their own country and change what is wrong there, we are more than happy with our great nations and see nothing that need changing. We have to fight the good fight for the sake of our children and future generations.

    • Having a ‘Bit ‘o the blarney” in my veins, I have to say that I’m rather pleased to know that many there still have the intestinal fortitude and balls that the Brits seem to have lost. The kowtowing to these people world wide must be stopped! What right have they to change things that don’t agree with their twisted views simply because they chose to live in a place? If they don’t like things where they have moved to then they should have stayed put!

    • I AM A CHRISTIAN i am a firm believer in all people of muslium faith should be forced to receive jesus as many of these muslium ppl are disgusting i do know a few good musliums i know very few at all and they are all good people, should they be allowed to build??? hell fuck no!!!!!!!!!!! they did the same thing in nashville tn and now have 55,000 sq ft mosque (DISGUSTING) I AM AN IRISH AMERICAN BORN AND RAISED IN THE US SO I AM AMERICAN BY BIRTH BUT IRISH BY THE GRACE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Any Christian should know that you can not force any one to be a Christian. God is love and allows us to chose. The bottom line is that this is not our home and someone will always be doing the devil’s job, trying to anger us and make us hate-filled. This does not mean that you can not take steps to oppose evil, but remember where is originates.

      • that’s great Wilson you’ve got time to put billy down and maybe he does sound a bit extreme but I see you’ve got nothing to say about Islam and what the extreme wing of them are doing to everyone else including all the murders committed in the name of allah.. but u think billy is funny.. lets hear how funny u think Islam is and what it is planning for the rest of the world………..

      • I agree with you 100% I am a Christian, US born and Irish decent and dammed proud of it. These animals need to get the hell out of the USA and go back to where they came from. I am not ever going to change and I intend to raise my family as free Christians in the USA so I can see there is going to be a problem in the very near future.

      • billy your are not Christian for one as a Christian no one is “forced” to believe in Jesus, and another you would not use such language, Jesus calls us to love not condemn

      • Wilson Lim – if you were educated, which you’re obviously not, you’d know that the words Billy Bob used, are actually from Latin, old Briton and Greek! It is only the ignorant that don’t know their true meanings and unfortunately, society has turned them into ‘bad words’ by their own reasoning.

        I have family who are muslim and friends too. They are very nice people and do not agree with the radical side of Islam that all non-believers should be killed.

        On the other side of this coin, despite the letter, I think building these mosques at such a great rate, is despicable and governments at all levels, need to seriously look at how culture is being destroyed by Islam. We are denied our rights to history and culture, as well as our everyday living, while the political liberals kowtow to the every whim and complaint of Muslims and others, moving into our lands! And yet, in some middle eastern countries, not one single Christian church is allowed!

        It’s time to put a stop to the growth of these mosques!! England is a prime example of too many, while Christians and non-believers alike, are told to shut up and like it or lump it! Well, no more!!

      • I agree with you Billy only I would leave out the cussing it has offended Wilson Lim , lol. My Grandmother was from Ireland as well and your right they are only doing what Americans are to politically correct to do. Politically correct is killing off our nation.

      • GOD created the Devil and the Muslim just like he created the proud Irish who will stand together for what they believe in . U.S is a melting pot of pussy’s .if you stand up for something your jailed and called a criminal but a criminal will do what needs to be done take a look at Ireland .

      • Bob 1967 because you know a few Muslims you think are good enough, they would surprise you that they will ALWAYS follow the extreme Muslims!

      • no muslim is good.they will smile in your face and when the time comes they will slit your throat.i too thought there were good ones but the ideology is their life.they will be killed if they associate with when push cpomes to shove they are taught to lie(taqiyya) to non beleivers.

      • I think Billy is just pointing out that muslims intend to ‘force’ Islam on the rest of us. Give them back a taste of the ‘idea’ of having another religion forced on them. See how they like it. PS: The 4 noble truths and the 8-fold path doesn’t force anything on anyone. Same with the ‘golden rule.’


      • Jesus does not believe in forcing anyone to follow Him. We can plant the seed but the Holy Spirit has to open someone’s heart and mind and soul to the Lord. Forcing Muslims or anyone to follow our Savior is NOT what he requires of us.

        • You’re exactly right, Susan. We always have that choice of whether to do good or evil. Seems like the latter is becoming more chique, nowadays. Unfortunately, folks don’t realize that the consequences will also be dire. So be it!

      • Diane, really? Christians dont sin?? Hmm, well you just fully judged Billy for the things he said! Telling him he’s not a Christian, really? Who are you to say that Jesus’s forgiveness does not apply to Billy? The bible says “ALL” our sin is forgiven! So according to you, our future sin is not cleansed by Jesus while you accept the belief that yours is? “Luke 6:37 “Do not judge, and you will not be judged”.
        It is one thing to point out anothers sin and offer prayer for them, its an entire different thing to tell them that they are not Christians because they sin and then turn your back on them! If that were true then there could be NO Christians because all people (including you) sin and will continue to do so! You need to go back and educate yourself about the Christian walk with Jesus Christ!
        Its one thing to have an over zealous passion against premeditated pure evil and contempt for others (as does islam) which by the way threatens you, me and Billy! Yes we are suppose to love all people, I believe we do, but like God, we hate sin/evil, which is islam. Even God hates evil, sin etc!
        No, Im certain God has never cussed and Im certain those of us who do are chastised by the Holy Spirit in our walk with the lord as I know I am. But thankfully he doesn’t turn his back on us for our mistakes/sin/overzealous hate for evil fake religions who murder for the devil not God!
        You should think about the fact that God hates all sin, not the sinner. He hates your sin as much as you hate Billy sin!

      • Billy Bob. Islam uses force to convert people, Christianity does NOT! Mohammad said ” I have been made victorious with terror” Jesus invited” Whomsoever will come , let him come. Whoever comes to Me I will in no wise cast out” Islam threatens, Christianity invites, it does not use force.. If you don;t understand that basic difference /principle between the two faiths please do not call yourself a Christian.

      • Gods army surrounded Jericho and slaughtered everyone man woman and child even the animals . But i prefer to believe in baby Jesus cause hes happy . Gods army has done what Hitler failed to do. but the Irish stand strong

      • @aussiegirl, you think christianity doesn’t use force to convert people? why do you think most of the western world is Christian now? You may not see it much these days, but the wars against Heathen northern europe were long and bloody, with Charlemagne baptizing and decapitating near 5000 saxon men in one day after they were defeated and surrendered. Christianity and Islam are two heads of the same beast.

        • I’m afraid it was 400 years of Islam raping, pillaging and enslaving Europe that launched the Crusades. FOUR HUNDRED YEARS. Now that’s what I call Religious tolerance.

      • To those uneducated ones who like to proclaim that the crusades were on account of anything other then self defense, read below and educate your PATHETIC selves!

        “When the call for a Crusade was finally made by Blessed Pope Urban II at Clermont in 1095, he stressed the outrages suffered by fellow Christians at the hands of the militant Muslims:
        “They [the Muslim Turks] have invaded the lands of those Christians and have depopulated them by the sword, pillage and fire; they have led away a part of the captives into their own country, and a part they have destroyed by cruel tortures .… They circumcise the Christians, and the blood of the circumcision they either spread upon the altars or pour into the vases of the baptismal font. When they wish to torture people by a base death, they perforate their navels, and dragging forth the extremity of the intestines, bind it to a stake; then with flogging they lead the victim around until the viscera having gushed forth the victim falls prostrate upon the ground. Others they bind to a post and pierce with arrows. Others they compel to extend their necks and then, attacking them with naked swords, attempt to cut through the neck with a single blow. What shall I say of the abominable rape of the women? To speak of it is worse than to be silent .… On whom therefore is the labor of avenging these wrongs and of recovering this territory incumbent, if not upon you?” (6)
        6. Dana C. Munro, “Urban and the Crusaders”, Translations and Reprints from the Original Sources of European History, Vol. 1:2, (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 1895), 5-8
        Such descriptions raised the indignation of the multitudes and inspired an inevitable response. The general view was that the Crusade was justified as a defensive reaction to injuries sustained by the faithful in consequence of past or present aggressions. The Crusaders were protecting the right and possibility of pilgrims to go to the Holy Land. “

    • Great letter Laraine if we wait another ten years we will living under Sharia Law.Action must start now to kick the Muslims out of Europe for good!!!!!

    • My liberal friends TOLERATE and EMBRACE everything perceived as ‘liberal’ no matter how destructive to society it is. Some have parroted the old Marxist ideal of asking why we listen to anything from ‘dead old white men’ aka the founders of the USA and the Constitution.

      From Howard Rotberg’s book TOLERism: The Ideology Revealed “He argues that we have entered an ideology of “Tolerism” – an unhealthy degree of tolerance without limits, and an excessive leniency towards those who represent the most intolerant and illiberal societies. He observes how cultural and moral relativism, moral equivalency, and political correctness have all contributed to a modern political culture whose elites and cultural symbols evidence, not only an undue tolerance of the illiberals, but a disturbing element of self-hatred, cultural masochism, and delusions about the difference between social tolerance and political tolerance – and an elevation of tolerance over the principle of Justice.”

    • Before I begin my comment I would like to say the origin of the word racist is in the Communist revolutions of the early 1900’s. It’s purpose was to shut down political debate and shame the other side into silence. It is a tool and a weapon of the thought police of the left to stop all dissenting voices. The mere use of the word racist in this article is shows how ignorant is. Muslims come from all races, even white. In collage I had a professor who was a Muslim, she was also whiter than sour cream. I honestly cannot believe anyone would except Ireland to accept Muslims with open arms. A Muslim “invasion” of Ireland is probably the only reason the Catholics and Protestants aren’t shooting at each other anymore! This truce will probably last only until the Muslim threat has been dealt with.

      • …AND THATS A BAD THING???? if anything stops people shooting anybody else that’s a bad thing,????…. nah I don’t understand that part at all Linda, I think you have to understand the REAL goals of the Islamic “cult” look to the long term of the Islamic political way of thinking before you embrace chains and slavery, because at the end of the Day that’s why they are HERE.!!!!!!!

    • I agree with you 100%. They need to stay in their own God forsaken countries. It is like being expected to accept a pack of rats or roaches into your home and change for them. They (Muslims) are the same as the minorities in the U.S., everything they are given turns to shit.

      • O isn’t a weeny. He is a muslim Manchurian Candidate. The West is too nice. If Hitler came today, the West would talk ourselves to death. Roll out woodchippers and give the Religion of Satan a choice: leave or go in.

    • to the understanding of islam and allah……. first off Allah is a 3 thousand yr old word that means tree of oak.. not god….. and Islama is a birth right of Abraham falsely put forth by Mohammad a person who calles himself a prophet but from his mouth is spread only lies and false promises from which he say he is the one chosen by god ….. this according to the people of the book is a blaspheme which he continues to do with the son of god “Jesus the Christ” or chosen one

    • The Muslims need to think for a moment. The Irish have fought wars of occupation against the British, and in many cases(particularly in the North, used the same tactics that the Muslim extremists have and do use. They are looking in the wrong place if they want a fight. The Irish people(not all of course) will fight as dirty as the Muslims do, and it will be a matter of them getting a taste of their own medicine.

      • That doesn’t work anymore. For the sake of “invasion”, they have decided that pigs, defiling places of worship, will no longer be an issue. They just remove them and continue on.
        These , forgive my misuse of the word, “people”, will circumvent any rule or law to attain their evil goals. The only REAL way to stop them it to make sure they no longer exist. Sorry; Its an unfortunate fact.
        I have, personally, never hated anyone until THEY announced that they hated me for just being.

    • I agree. If the decent Western Civilization doesn’t fight back we will be exterminated. We are IN WWIII and we all need to wake up.

    • Laraine, I completely agree with you. I see these P’sOS in our society acting arrogant as if they are entitled and being in health care I have to be nice to them. It makes me angry and SICK! I don’t even care if they are children. Children grow up to be enemies! They are a cancer on society. They didn’t have to stones to fight their terrible leaders so they went crazy and turned into child molesters, rapists, psychotics and killers and now want to bring it over here and all over the world. Fork them with a chain saw. They need to get the hell OUT. NO ONE except traitor want that sh** here. Anyone who does is fundamentally suicidal.

    • I totally agree with you Laraine about muslims taking over the world. They say in years to come that all countries will have been taken over by muslims and it being the first language spoken as well. They do all need to move back to where they came from and stop taking over our countries. They have their own religious beliefs and it should stay in their own country as well. Too much killing going on by those people. Our governments should be closing their borders for the sake of our safety of our future of our children.

    • First off, no phooquing war in history has ever been fought for the reasons told to us by our leaders. Never in fact are wars about ideology or religion or ethnicity or the well-being of mere plebeians. Such is fairy tales told by leaders so as to convince the hapless to fight wars on behalf of the powerful so that the powerful might have more power so as to manipulate more wealth. If you think Muslims have run to Ireland so as to convert you to Islam or subjugate you under Sharia law, that is stuff and nonsense and while it is you might scuffle with them, your silly little scuffles are not part of the actual war. I instead suggest you follow the money. These Muslims just so happen to be running from places of war and where a form of new capital is released to market. The intention of the Crown and the Banksters in bed with the Crown and in the same bed with the powerful in other nations, is to subjugate both those people and us and everyone else under one coin of the realm. Any other explanation is simply untrue. And if you insist on not believing me, read your phooquing Bible; it will tell you the very same thing.

    • Good for them, muslim is a religion and they do not have the right totrample te rights of other religions, exspecially in another land. They want to worship in peace then they need to go back to ther own land and worship. Every countryman/woman needs to do this across the world. Our leaders don’t care what we think, they are trying to make a one world government and we should not stand down and let them take over. We should all love the life God gave us enough to fight to keep it. Kick some butt Ireland!!

      • Islam is NOT just a religion. It is a complete theocracy. To simply call it a religion gives it credence and they don’t deserve any.
        No other “religion”, anywhere in the world, preaches the heinousness as islam does. NONE!

    • I am a proud Muslim and an equally proud Irish. Two questions to my fellow countrymen: (a) Where should I go to? (b) What if other countries (including the US and Australia) adopt a similar approach towards us (Irish) and force them to return to Ireland? BTW, there is a huge Irish diaspora in Dubai also! Have some sense, please! Take your head out of your butt as your thoughts are now stinking.

      • You have a choice of 57 countries. Why do all you Muslims claim to be a “proud” Muslim? I am Jewish and in my entire life have never called myself a “proud” Jew, nor have any of the 47 million people who have visited here, many who have posted comments, ever referred to themselves as “proud” Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.

        At a guess, I’d say that at least half the muslims who post comments here sign on with the user name “Proud Muslim.” Do you have to declare your pride because everyone known what evil, violent, sadistic cult Islam actually is?

        You savages disgust me.

    • Do you guys really think it is OK to staple the entire lot together and treat them all with one stick? Don’t forget, we Irish were all branded as “terrorists” until not so distant past and we abhorred it. There still are more of us outside of Ireland than those within. Do we really want to be on the other side of the table now? Is that justified?

      • Look scumbag Moslem. You’re not fooling anyone with your Taqyya lies. There is NO moderate Islam. You ALL follow the SAME Queeran. Which only for one thing, says to torture and kill ALL non believers, in your Allah……who is Satan. You are ALL finished, lol.

    • Seems it is only “hate” speech when others point out the evil of Islam, but what about the actual persection of Christians in all Muslim countries. I agree with the recommended action of this post. The time is ripe for a Crusaders ll.

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