How Egypt deals with it’s Muslim Brotherhood problem (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Egypt quickly put an end to the armed al-Qaeda linked Muslim Brotherhood violence in August by supporters who took to the streets demanding release of deposed president Mohamed Morsi. Kudos to General Sisi and the Egyptian Security forces. The Muslim Brotherhood has now been banned in Egypt. Obama isn’t happy.









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  1. Sisi is a murdering dickhead & your about to realize he is worse than Mubarak. Dumb ass-holes have sold out their own revolution so i hope you don’t start moaning when your next. “Free Palestine”

  2. For each and every one of you guys firstly you are all talking as if sisi is not a muslim maybe its news for you but our whole army are muslims some are good guys and some are bad just as it is everywhere in the world and in every religion known to man secondly before taking such aggressive positions against our great islam and hating it so much why don’t you first try to know what exactly it is and stands for by just reading our holy book Qura’n and see first hand what our religion is about and what god ordered us to do and how to behave, don’t just judge. When you know enough about islam you can then judge whether islam is bad or is it that muslims are like jews and christians who are all humans and undergo the same concept of good and evil.

    • Sorry to have to break it to you, but many of us have read that incoherent tripe of a book. If in fact the foundation of Islam were truthfully that of peace. Then no one, literally NO ONE would care what Muslims did. But it’s not. Deception and hate is what it contains.

      There may very well be 1 billion peaceful Muslims in the word. They are all considered Heretics and Apostates by those that actually practice the Cult of submission.

  3. Unfortunately for nomal human beings, this type of savagery is normative for muslims of the evil cult of islam. This is why we must stop all muslim immigration to democratic countries that love freedom. This seems to be the only way that muslims can be stopped. This solution is the only way that works and it is less than the atrocities that the muslm demon hood has done to all of the infidels that they rape, de capitate and so on. All support for Sisi to eradicate the muslim demon hood in Egypt.

  4. It looks to me like these guys might be dead. Pretty much all head shots, too. I’m no expert, but snipers maybe? Would make sense.

  5. AT LAST muslims I can appreciate. The jug eared wonder must be really upset the people of Egypt refuse to roll over as he thought they would.
    Maybe we should import more Egyptians and less muslims, kind of a balancing act!

  6. From some things I’ve read, I’m not so sure that the Christian Copts are that much safer with al-Sisi in power. Muzzies of all stripes seem to abhor the Christians – the kafirs – in their own countries. Anyone up-to-date on the state of affairs for the Copts now that Morsi and the Brotherhood are out of power?

    • Joy, yes, they are. Sisi vowed to rebuild all the churches destroyed by the MB there and the Copts very much support him. I have first hand knowledge of this from a BNI reader who has Coptic Christian family there.

  7. The muslim superiority complex, and all the narcissist, self-absorbed, moral snobbery that exists within it is hard for some non-muslims to understand. These people will rape, rob, beat, kidnap, lie, destroy and murder- and feel justified in doing it.

    The muzz male have no guilt in living off welfare, or have muz women and of course infidels work to support them. Muzzie men can commit the most disgusting acts of barbarity against the most innocent of people and not even blink. Yet, have the gaul to “cry bigotry” when infidels DARE stand up for their rights. The muzz male has absolutely no respect for any human, culture, belief or living thing other than themselves.

    When the muzz are amongst other muzzies- the superiority complex does still exist. In the case of this article- their smugness of being members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    What would have been PRICELESS… was to have seen these arrogant, self righteous SOBs when they realized that their protests weren’t going to cause the Sisi army to capitulate. That their being Muslim Brotherhood supporters wasn’t going to give them a green-light to intimidate the Sisi supporting army. The same MB monsters who got to power by intimidation and stealing the election, by raping countless young girls, by butchering Christians…

    It would have been priceless to see the look on their faces right before the blunt objects crashed into their skull… or right before the bullet was put into their head.

    I can’t help but recall the terrified young Russian soldiers or French civilians about to be be-headed. The look of horror on the face of a child murdered by muzzies. It is horrific. The disfigured melted away faces of young girls who rejected muzz sexual advances… and who were pelted with acid.

    The above pictures of the MB supporters would have been even sweeter if the looks on their faces would have been preserved in their deaths.

    Shocking as my statements may sound… it is the only language that muzz supremacists understand. The muzz will think themselves invincible until the time someone proves to them they are not!

    In the sick and twisted world that izlam forces us into… these photos are of hope. That maybe, just maybe the world has a chance at civilization, at life, at survival. Evil can be stopped.

  8. Nobody who is half civilized likes to see heads with gaping holes but they belonged to our enemies and if not their heads then it would be ours. Egypt is the only country in the world acting appropriately toward the Brotherhood. Better yet, they told Obama to go fly a kite. And now Angola is banning mosques! Things are looking up in this world.

  9. It appears their deaths were instantaneous….no butchering with a rusty, dull implement so in that way they were very fortunate.

  10. When people ask me why I hate Islam I can only refer them to these pictures. If not for the barbaric hatred entrenched in Islam, these men would be alive as so many others would be also.

  11. They would love to do MUCH WORSE to us. They are merciless, primitive savages with an incredible feeling of ENTITLEMENT to rule the world.

    These dead morons LOVED enslavement, misogyny, censorship, torture, brutality, extortion, lying, dictatorship. They crow that they ‘love death’. They have no compassion for anyone, even themselves.

    We must defend ourselves from these inbred braindead hate-filled killer zombies Mozman jihadists.

    • Remember that Obama loves the evil Brotherhood. He has them in top positions in the WH and he is letting thousands and thousands of these rabid animals into our Country. It is quite obvious what Obama is going to do to this nation and to us. We have little time left and most people are still not seeing

  12. Excellent. The muzz sure make a big fuss over some dead terrorists like it is horrible. But they have no problem sawing heads off women, children and innocent men. Having sex with goats and donkeys. Looking at their dead is like seeing dead cockroach’s.

  13. Payback time for all the mutilation and torture they’ve put the Copts through. All these soldiers that died last week in Sinai, I can only imagine what the perpetrators will go through once they are found. I have a feeling they already caught them.

  14. It looks like a bunch of double/triple tap headshots keep up the good work Sisi, I think the country of Egypt is in much better hands.Death to ohbumas muslime brotherhood.

  15. Since Obama keeps importing Muslim “refugees” by the tens of thousands, will our solution be any different – or will those images become of us? Got enuf ammo?

  16. Gross! But that’s the language moslems understand – death with absolute cruelty & barbarianism. Not that I care they do it to one another.
    But no sane person wants as immigrants people who are capable of such savagery.
    Even though they are killing Muslim Brotherhood scum & doing the world a favour, there is no fucking way in the world would I want as a next door neighbour someone who is capable of that stuff, no matter the reason.
    Well let the moslems kill the moslems as a community service just stay there & don’t immigrate anywhere else!

  17. Hmmm,….

    Hollow points perhaps?

    Far more humane than the kidnapping/rapes/ beheadings etc that go in abundance from them.