HEADS UP, SYRIA! Obama-backed FSA terrorists doing what they do best (WARNING: Graphic Images)

According to several sources this took place on the 25th of November, 2013 in the area of East Ghouta, Damascus. The FSA accused them of being Hezbollah fighters. Apparently, they also were tortured before they were beheaded.

LiveLeak (h/t golem bar) One source said that the executors were the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra, the other one said it was the Islamic State in Iraq and Levante. Either way, both are terrorist groups now embedded with the U.S.-funded FSA ‘rebels.’ The message of the original uploader is to behead all their enemies and to send the heads as gifts to their families.











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  1. There is no difference between Islam and Islamism…just the intensity of the individual Moslem’s commitment to this Death Cult.

    Islam is a Death Cult.

    Make Islamism into Islam ISN’T. Islam should be banned.

  2. Doing it all for their moon god allan and his ped-o-file prophet mo. Let these koranimals kill each other, send them more rockets, guns, dull knives and bullets.

  3. Like the after picture better. The only good hezb vermin is a dead hezb vermin. The next time around hopefully Israel will have bunker busters that can penetrate nasrallah’s bat cave and incinerate him and his BFF’s and their families. Remember right after the offensive started in Afghanistan. What the USAF thought was a command bunker turned out to be a hidey hole for taliban dependents. About a thousand incinerated. Aw shucks. A small down payment on 9/11.

  4. The British police are searching for a white English man who ‘insulted’ a Muslim on a bus while the British government funds and supports this terror in Syria
    Why did I wake up in this nightmare of an excuse for a country – Britain- horrible country

  5. If they actually are hezb vermin this is an example of vermin abatement. This is something worth paying for (with documentation). The difference between hezb vermin and al qaeda is like the difference between AIDS and rabies. hexb vermin are invaders as much as al Qaeda. What would be the cherry on this treat is if the sunni terrorists in Lebanon hit the funerals for these cockroaches with car bombs. Remember the Marines murdered in 1983. When a hezb vermin dies I can only say Happy Happy Joy Joy.

  6. Islam is the new Murder Incorporated. If our troops were decapitating corpses and posing for photos, there’d be
    such an uproar in this country. Yet we are inviting in those who espouse the same Islamic doctrine that thse demons are acting out.

    • Ahh, but troops who pissed on the corpses of dead Taliban scum who had killed Americans, were prosecuted!

  7. These terrorists are less than human. In fact they are less than an insect. They are a scourge upon the earth and on humanity and the U.S. gov. supports them and says nothing about the atrocities they commit. I am so ashamed. I want others to know that the American citizens DO NOT support them.

    • I will give one time kudos to anyone kills a hezb vermin. Even a broke clock gets it right twice a day. They deserve no sympathy. None at all. Kill them without mercy as they have murdered so many. Any tool works. Remember 213 Marines murdered as they were sleeping. Remember the 63 murdered when the US Embassy was bombed in Beirut. Remember Col. Buckley kidnapped by hezb vermin; tortured and murdered by iranian filth. Remember the Bombing of the Israeli Embassy (and a Catholic Church across the street) in 1992 in Buenos Aires. 23 murdered and more then 200 wounded. Remember the bombing of AMIA (Argentine Jewish Community Centre) in 1992. 85 murdered. The scales are not close to being balanced.

    • The only thing disgusting is that they were dispatched quickly. Remember the Marine Barracks and US Embassy in 1983. Remember Col. Buckley, kidnapped and tortured by them. Remember the MENA (Jewish Community Centre) and Israeli Embassy bombings in Buenos Aires in 1993. The proper tools for dealing with these cockroaches is Napalm, Willie Peter and CBU-172s until the infestation is abated.

    • I would be willing to pay US taxpayers money to kill hezb vermin no matter who does the good work. iranian guards should meet the same fate.