Rumor has it that the Fort Hood jihadist, Nidal Hasan, has been beaten up in Fort Leavenworth prison

One can only hope.


The Liberty Digest  (h/t Grant B) If Hasan thought he was having a bad day when he had his beard forcibly shaven when he entered prison, his concept of a bad day got worse last week when, according to rumors coming out of Leavenworth, he had been beaten by three other inmates.

According to the rumors, three of Hasan’s fellow inmates set upon Hasan and beat him profusely while guards were “busy” looking away while transferring him from a religious service of his choosing back to his cell. It is alleged that he is suffering from a broken nose and several facial lacerations. (That’s all? This filthy Muslim terrorist is in a wheelchair, they should have done way more damage) The rumors are yet to be confirmed by the prison.