NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #106 – Yet another Muslim ‘headbag’ controversy

A Muslim woman in El Dorado Hills alleges she was given the OK to wear a headbag (hijab), worn by some Muslim women, to work. But the very next day, Rosemary Hassan was told to take it off.  “Because of my (Muslim supremacist) religious beliefs, I have to wear the headbag,” she said. 

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News10  Hassan started wearing her headbag to work at the Safeway fueling station in El Dorado Hills last week. “The manager on duty said it was fine, go right ahead,” Hassan said. The next day Hassan was called into the assistant manager’s office and was told something different.  “She looked at me and said, ‘Oh, you’re wearing it?’ I said, ‘yes, is there a problem?’ And she said, ‘yeah, you can’t wear it,'” Hassan explained.

Hassan was told to fill out a form and get approval before wearing headbag to work. But the form appeared to be one for people who needed accommodation due to a medical condition, Hassan said.  “When I read it, it did not say anything about the headbag,” Hassan explained. “It said something about if I had a disability.” (Being Muslim is a disability – a mental one)

She refused to fill out the form. Hassan was then told she couldn’t work as long as she was wearing the headbag. So she quit, then she contacted the litigation jihadists at CAIR. Suddenly, no doubt under threats of a lawsuit, the dhimmis at Safeway said she can have her job back and wear her headbag.