Why American advertisers need to include a disclaimer when they use Sikh men in their ads

The disclaimer must say: “The man in this ad is a Sikh, NOT a Muslim.” Gap slams ‘racist’ graffiti after ad featuring Sikh jewelry designer Waris Ahluwalia is vandalized with anti-Muslim slurs. (Too bad GAP is ignorant of the fact that Islam is not a ‘race’)



UK Daily Mail  GAP has been forced to defend its holiday campaign after anti-Muslim graffiti appeared scribbled on one of its advertisements posted in New York City’s subway system. The subject of the ‘racist’ (‘What ‘race’ is Islam?) graffiti is Waris Ahluwalia- a jewelry designer and actor who is Sikh, not Muslim.

For GAP’s holiday campaign – the theme of which is ‘make love’ – Ahluwalia, 39, poses with model and filmmaker Quentin Jones. But where the advertisement reads ‘make love’, one unknown New York vandal has crossed out ‘love’ and written in ‘bombs!’ below. The graffiti also includes a line that reads, ‘Stop driving taxis!’

The vandalized ad was originally found and captured by New York photographer Robert Gerhard.  Gerhardt forwarded the images to Muslim journalist and commentator Arsalan Iftikhar who quickly shared it with his near-40,000 cumulative followers on Twitter and Facebook. Iftikhar told MailOnline that the photo made him want ‘the world to see how brown people are viewed in America today.’ (Muslims are not necessarily brown, they come in a rainbow of colors)

Iftikhar feels that ‘This whole story just proves that we do not live in a post-racial America (Islam is NOT a race) yet when South Asians and those perceived to be Muslims cannot even grace fashion advertisements without racial epithets being directed their way.’ (Thus the reason for the disclaimer)