SWEDEN: Police arrest Somali Muslim man found anally raping a dying woman, claiming it was “consensual”

A 34-year-old MUSLIM man from Somalia is accused of raping a dying woman in a garage in Stockholm. According to the prosecutor, the woman died during the rape, but the man chose to continue the assault.

SWEDEN-SOMALIS-MONTAGE-3IVE  It was early in the morning of 27 September. Police received an alarm that the two men were having intercourse with a woman who was completely unconscious on the floor of a parking garage under the Sheraton Hotel in Vasagatan in Stockholm. When police arrived at the scene they found a 34 year old man from Somalia, who was in the midst of an anal intercourse with the woman. Police checked the woman’s pulse and found that she was dead.

The man was arrested by police and detained two days later by the Stockholm District Court, on suspicion of aggravated rape. The prosecutor had asked for him to be arrested for murder, but the district court found that the evidence for the suspicion was not strong enough.

Now the 34-year-old is charged with rape and crimes against the peace of the grave. According to the indictment, the woman was alive but helpless on the ground, such as from the influence of drugs and alcohol, when the man began anal intercourse with her. The prosecution alleges that the woman died during the sexual intercourse and the man then proceeded to have sex with the dead body.

The accused man denies that he was guilty of rape. According to him, there was voluntary sexual intercourse between him and the woman. This same Muslim is also being prosecuted for another similar rape that allegedly occurred on 13 August. At that point, the man targeted a woman who, according to the prosecution, was in a vulnerable position because of “sleep and intoxication.”