Israeli Mother of victim of rock throwing attack by Muslims speaks out

The mother of a toddler was still in shock on Friday, as two-year-old Avigail Ben-Zion recovered in a Jerusalem hospital from injuries sustained by rocks thrown at their moving car by four Arab teenagers on Thursday evening on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Sone-throwing Arab Muslims
Stone-throwing Arab Muslims

Algemeiner  “Avigail has a fractured skull, and we wait. I never thought that something like this could happen. Initially, I thought it was an accident, but then I realized very quickly that what crashed into us wasn’t any vehicle.” Referring to her assailants, Ben-Zion was at a loss for words: “I can not talk about them as people – those figures who decided to hurt kids, I have nothing to say about them.”

Asked how the attack will impact her life, Ben-Zion said that she has no plans to travel along the route again: “I will not return to this road, it is not possible that something like this could happen by mistake.”

Where the car was hit
Where the car was hit

At her side, husband Assaf Ben-Zion, who was not in the car at the time of the attack, said, ”My wife was driving the car and thought it was an accident and stopped the vehicle. Inside (the car) were two more children – Avigail’s twin and her older brother.”

Among those wishing young Avigail a speedy recovery was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Housing Minister Uri Ariel also commented on the attack: “We are talking about a serious incident which joins a long line of dangerous events. I wish to encourage the Prime Minister to take decisive and rapid action towards the elimination of the ‘Stone Age.’”

Stone throwers taken into custody
Stone throwers taken into custody

The four suspects in the case were Arab Muslim teenagers, aged between 15 and 20, from nearby Sur Baher, who were arrested at 2AM after being implicated by intelligence obtained by the police. They admitted to their crimes during a police interrogation, while the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court extended their arrests until Monday for a hearing.

Channel 2 also interviewed the father of one of the suspects who denied the charges against his 16-year-old son: “He did not throw any stones and was never in custody ever.” The teenager’s father said that what might have happened was that the boys were throwing rocks at sheep, which is a frequent game for them, and one of the stones my have accidentally hit a vehicle on the street. He also denied there was any nationalist motivation behind the stone throwing.”

As for baby Avigail, Dr. Eitan Kerem, head of pediatrics at Hadassah Medical Center, said, “During the evening and night, her situation improved. “

From the comments:

pinchas baram

Hey, throwing rocks at sheep or cars with Israeli plates with kids in them– it’s all a game to these little sadistic dreckheads, it’s part of their “culture” which we ae supposed to respect in the name of “diversity.”

In any case, once they’re released, and of course the weak legal system will release them soon, they will be received as young heroes back in their village and maybe get a congratulating letter from Abbas. Of course the NY Times will also jump in with a picture of one of their mothers in her kerchief looking plaintively at baby pictures or such…

Young Arab Muslims are frequently seen throwing stones at passing cars…not a sheep in sight