Witnesses said Muslim savage held British soldier, Lee Rigby, by the hair and tried to hack off his head ‘like a butcher attacking a slab of meat’

Family of Lee Rigby flee murder trial in tears as jury is shown CCTV footage of moment ‘Muslim converts ran him down before attempting to decapitate him with meat cleaver and knives.’

Lee Rigby, left, 2 Muslim savages, top, Rigby family, bottom
Lee Rigby, left; 2 Muslim savages, top; Rigby family, bottom

UK Daily Mail (h/t Susan K)  Lee Rigby’s fiancée, estranged wife and mother fled court in tears today after footage of the soldier being run down at 40mph and hacked to death was shown to the jury in his murder trial. Fusilier Rigby was ‘mutilated, almost decapitated and murdered’ by Michael Adebowale, 22, and Michael Adebolajo, 28, both Muslims, who ambushed him outside military barracks in Woolwich, South East London, the Old Bailey heard today.

There were gasps in Court Two when video footage of the soldier being mown down by a car, dragged into the road and executed was shown. The father-of-one, 25, almost had his head sliced off when his ‘motionless’ body was attacked in a ‘cowardly and callous’ execution, the prosecution has said.

Two women try to help the slain Rigby
Two shocked women try to help the slain Rigby

Richard Whittam QC said Drummer Rigby was hit by their car at up to 40mph as he crossed the road, leaving him helpless on the ground, before his alleged killers dragged him into the road. ‘The two men were armed with a meat cleaver and knives. They also had a firearm, a revolver, with them,’ Mr Whittam said.

‘The driver (Adebolajo) was carrying a cleaver in his hand. He knelt down by Lee Rigby and took hold of his hair. He then repeatedly hacked at the right side of his neck just below the jawline. ‘At the same time as Michael Adebolajo used the meat cleaver, Michael Adebowale was using a knife to stab and cut at Lee Rigby’s body.’

Rigby's mutilated head is intentionally blurred. Hopefully, the jury got to see it.
Rigby’s mutilated head is intentionally blurred. Hopefully, the jury got to see it.

Amanda Bailey saw the events from inside her Peugeot 206, the jury heard. She saw the Tigra strike Fusilier Rigby and carry him until the car crashed into a road sign. ‘The young man flew off the bonnet and landed about two feet in front of the car,’ Mr Whittam said. ‘She (Bailey) saw that his eyes were open but they looked frozen.’

Miss Bailey says she saw the driver of the car get out with a meat cleaver in his hand and hack at Mr Rigby’s neck up to nine times with ‘considerable force.’


Another witness, Gary Perkins, described the defendant’s actions as being ‘like a butcher attacking a joint of meat’.  ‘They wanted the members of the public present to see the consequences of what can only be described their barbarous acts.

‘They had committed a cowardly and callous murder by deliberately attacking an unarmed man in civilian clothes from behind using a vehicle as a weapon and then they murdered him and mutilated his body with that meat cleaver and knives.’

Canada’s Michael Coren weighs in on the savage slaughter and Muslim lack of concern over it: