DEARBORNISTAN: Couple under attack for flying an American and Israeli flag in front of their house


The husband, Hussein Dakhlallah, is from Lebanon. His wife, Theresa, is American but grew up in Canada. They say the trouble all started two years ago when they put an American flag and an Israeli flag up outside of their Dearborn home.

Click on Detroit (via Midnight Watcher via TMI h/t Susan K)  Dearborn is commonly known as Dearbornistan for its large Muslim population. Not sure if Mr, Dakhlallah is Muslim or Christian, but the couple says they are facing ethnic intimidation all because of a flag outside their home.


The latest incident they fell victim to was paintballs splattered all over their home and cars Friday night . Now the family says they fear for their safety. “They left Nazi signs in our front yard, ” said Terresa. “Two people were standing there, one with a lighter and one with a gas tank, telling us that they were going to burn our home down.”

The couple has been taunted over and over again — even on Thanksgiving as Terresa began to decorate her home for Christmas. And late Friday night a group men in an SUV came back firing paintballs at the cars and on the side of the house.

The couple is terrified and don’t feel safe in their own home. (If the husband is a Muslim, his life is definitely in danger) 


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