Dog lovers advised to skip this one

According to the description, this is from the United Arab Emirates.





























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    • I agree. What the fuck is wrong with these mentally disturbed humans that they would have fun harming and killing innocent animals. Dogs and cats are loving loyal animals. Their repressive religion has fucked their minds up. I would kill a person who harmed an animal on the spot. No questions asked.

  1. Does it say in the Bible that the antichrist is one person?…perhaps it is in the form of a religion? Especially one that seems to have mysterious protection from most Governments….

  2. The PC apologists will say that the perpetrators of these atrocities are Islamic fundamentalists. WRONG – Islam, itself, is fundamentalist and should be eradicated from this planet. It is an evil, sadistic, medieval, totalitarian ideology, hell bent on world domination.

  3. I forced myself to watch. When my L-rd Jesus comes back, all those so-called human scum known as Muslims will be crushed under His pierced feet and condemned to Hell forever.

    Meanwhile, in heaven, as far as I know, there are lots of animals. There is a book called Heaven Is For Real, written by the father of a little four year old boy who died on the operating table in the hospital and came back to life after going briefly to heaven. The little boy had very clear memories of heaven. Among other things, the little boy said he saw lots and lots of animals, all living together in peace. I like to think that all animals to go heaven, especially the ones tortured to death by Satan’s followers (Muslims) here on earth.

  4. I couldn’t watch the video I belong to animal organisations and know the atrocities that man is capable of doing -islam has no tolerance -empathy or compassion for animals -you only have to see what they do to them when they practice their filthy halal rituals-it is pitiful to see how they suffer at the hands of these barbaric bastards -we love and care for our animals to see them treated so inhumanely is heart breaking -my dogs I value more than the life of a black hearted -filthy low life -muslim if it were my dogs -their death would be -avenged .

  5. For anyone who suffers the innocent animals like that, it would be better to put a ball and chain around his neck and toss him to the deepest depths of the sea.

    The video is deeply disturbing. I watched only a few seconds.

  6. I could not watch the video, I have a beautiful chocolate doberman cross puppy, replacing my truly loved and missed Alsatian cross who passed @ 13, dogs are truly one of the most beautiful animals on earth, they give unconditional love, filthy Prophet Muhammad the rapist (may shit be upon him) hated them so that means it gives free reign for these savages to abuse them with impunity..
    I thought the Chinese/ South Asians were bad to animals, but they are improving albeit SLOWLY!! as they get more educated and more wealthier , these muslime savages never change they are getting worse.
    I saw one vid on here where some mudslimes set a donkey on fire, its still the worst thing I have ever seen.
    But.. BNI is doing outstanding compassionate acts showing and highlighting these acts of terror, we (not me cause I am a wuss) have to see what we are fighting against..

    • Shanker, I can watch beheadings videos and they don’t even bother me anymore. The animal abuse is excruciating but I force myself to watch. That donkey on fire was indeed one of the worst. But I post them, knowing full well my regular readers won’t watch them but there are new readers here everyday and I want them to see how muslims treat helpless animals on a regular basis.

      • Hey BNI…I totally agree Because of islime we have all sadly become desensitized to the horrendous acts on fellow living creatures by the hourly acts of islamic inspired horror, I saw Ken Bigley being beheaded with a blunt knife and it was terrible, i had nightmares, now its the norm..

        • Shanker, that’s how you know it’s al-Qaeda…when the knife appears to be dull and the beheading takes a long, agonizing time. The Saudi way is the most humane – one swipe with a big sword and the head is off in under a second.

  7. I tell you, nothing ever surpises me with these EVIL SAVAGES! They have no regard for any form of life. At first, I thought they were going to tie up the poor dogs to what I thought was a motorcycle and pull them to their deaths. I’m a dog lover and have a dog business in America. I may show my American customers the clip, who are, I might add totally oblivious to what’s going on with Muslims. If it’s not in their backyard the majority don’t care. All they seem to worry about is the Mexicans, who don’t seem to do anything other than work in the farming industries.

  8. Thank you for showing this. It should be forwarded to dog lovers everywhere. I hope this man is tortured slowly and dies with everyone around him laughing at his pain.

  9. One of the angels of God is going to cut your cojones off boy. Oh yeah, I would say you are probably a nut less islamic coward to start with.

  10. Islam teaches abuse of dogs. Islam teaches braindead inbreds to slaughter animals and become immune to their suffering so they can learn to torture and slaughter human kafirs with equal lack of feeling for their suffering.

    This is what makes a good Moslem: the abililty to be a heartless terrorist…so they can have eternal sex with slaves in paradise.

  11. From everything I’ve read since the past seven years, there is no such thing as a good Saudi or any said human being from that part of the world.

    If I ever meet one by accident, I will spit on the ground in front of him.

    BNI: I sent you a recent story about a Saudi selling a castrated black male on Facebook… should send it to Sharpton, Farakhan and friends.

    • “Susan K.”, so you would spit on the ground even in front of a good Saudi or other Middle-Easterner?? Have you forgotten people like Walid Shoebat, Taysir Abu Saada and Kamal Saleem – people who used to be virulent Moslems ready to kill all the Jews and Christians they possibly could, yet who met Jesus and became His Disciples just as much as anybody else???

      I understand and empathise completely with your sentiments regarding unconverted Moslems; however, please be careful… God Bless!!!

  12. this bastard deserves some personnel undivided attention from a rabid dog one can hope his actions will put him in final contact

  13. I would rip off his head & shit down his neck that piece of shit. I hope 1 day I get my chance. Payback is a bitch. There would be no stopping me now.

  14. When Salman Rushdie wrote “Satanic Verses”, he was UNDER exaggerating the evils of islam; GROSSLY under exaggerating. What I love about dogs is their unconditional love. Look at the word “dog” and you have “God” spelled backwards.

  15. As an owner of four rescued,abused dogs; I didnt watch. My eyes are welling with tears,imagining the horror. Setting on fire,gouging eyes out,cutting off body parts? I hate these savages so,i wish only the most horrendous pain for them all!
    God is dog backwards!plague on the arab sludge including the one in our

    • I have one video of one small dog (maltese) set on fire with petrol poured over him. Horrible to watch. Took the poor thing about two minutes to finally stop moving. These muslim animal horror videos stay with you… they do it to dogs, donkeys… they get tremendous joy out of barbaric animal torture.

      Of course, we have our sickos that do the same but they are psychos and few and far between. In the Islamic culture, there are psychos everywhere, this is the problem and we import them into our countries.

  16. I would love to see that muslim jerk get his with the dog returning and biting him in the crotch.

    The dog is the only animal to give up their life in the wild to live WITH man. More proof that islam is a satanic religion, worshipping Lucifer.

      • In Lleida, these assholes know that the natural reaction of the owners and natives would be more than justified violence against them if they had the opportunity to abuse innocent dogs in such a way… so what do they do? they mix steak meat with a yellow poison and leave it in the park. Now there are fewer dogs in streets…

    • Amen and seconded!!!! Knowing who and what Moslems are helps in saving me PLENTY of time and anguish in watching what they exult in – and that they claim to love death more than non-Moslems love life ought to be a reason in itself why Islam MUST be exterminated world-wide!!!!!

      Ceterum censeo delendam esse Islaminem!! [Paraphrased from Cato Censor (originally regarding Carthage): “Besides, I believe that Islam must be destroyed!!”]

      DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

      • Good question: my suspicion is that whoever wins will have achieved but a Pyrrhic victory at best because that’s when ALL – repeat, ALL – life will cease to exist (especially because the Moslems are more than happy with the thought of exterminating everybody and everything so they can get into their jannat (“Paradise”)). The poisons of radioactivity, chemical pollution, bacteriological activity and so much else will ensure that the planet will be utterly hostile to the survival of eventually ANY life-forms, such that even the bacteria and virii (plural of virus) will perish…

        My beliefs (as a Christian – if I can say that of myself, given how much hatred and bitterness are in my heart at what I’ve had to endure in this life, not to mention that I pretty well shun the company of most people if not all!!!) tell me that Christ instead will THEN INTERVENE (if not sooner) via His Second Coming in order to prevent that final destruction of His Creation (please see St. Matthew, chapter 24, for more details). The Commies and Moslems will then join together against Him under Satan’s influence – and will all be defeated, with MANY millions of people, alas, perishing at Armageddon. Christ Will then Institute His 1,000-year Reign of Peace upon His Earth while Having Satan and his demons bound in a bottomless pit throughout that period. [After that, Satan has to be let free for a “short” while, apparently so that those who’ll not have experienced life before that time will learn the power of his EVIL. Once again he’ll be defeated, and then will follow the Last Judgement…]

      • One last thing: Islam has ALREADY declared total jihad upon ALL non-Moslems!!!! Mohammed did so while he was still alive…

  17. muslim inbred bastard evil savages. Abuse of innocent animals is an atrocious crime as great as any evil crime. muslims have no sense of decency. This is a direct result of the islamic cult of evil.