MINNESOTASTAN: George Soros-funded, Obama water carrier ‘Media Matters’ is upset that FOX is calling Muslim girls only swimming hours “sharia law”

According to (far left) ‘Media Matters,’ “Fox News is inciting ‘Islamophobic’ fears in its reporting on a weekly swim class at a YMCA facility that ensures the privacy of Muslim girls learning to swim, framing it as evidence that “Sharia law is now changing everything.”

Muslim swimming attire is very unsanitary. Do they drain the pool when they're done?
Muslim swimming attire is very unsanitary. I hope they drain the pool every time the Muslims leave.

Media Matters  In October, a St. Paul YMCA in partnership with the local police department decided to offer swim practice to give  Somali Muslim girls ONLY, between the ages of 5 and 17, an opportunity to learn basic swimming skills, making considerations for the (misogynistic) girls’ modesty and religious beliefs.

Fox’s use of swim lesson for Muslim girls only to push the myth fact that Sharia is taking over is disconcerting to say the least. For many Muslim girls, this class represents their first opportunity to learn these basic skills, and the Star Tribune noted that this is an important and much-needed program for the community, and that “special considerations have to be made to address modesty concerns” (Send them back to Somalia where they belong)

Fox News’ decision to cite this story as evidence of “Sharia law” spreading through the country fits with the network’s history of pushing Islamophobia the truth about Islam and the myth evidence of “creeping Sharia.” In recent history Fox has led a smear truth campaign against Park 51 the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, an Islamic community center near the World Trade Center, claiming it would potentially be a haven for terrorists (As all mosques built on land they have conquered are).

The network has also been known to invite discredited anti-Muslim guests respected experts on Islam including ex-Muslims on its shows to push fears about Muslims. Fox’s pattern of Islamophobia Islamorealism has now reached the new low high of presenting swimming lessons for Muslim girls only as a (Islamic supremacist) problem so worrisome that Nauert promised to “keep watching this story.” (GOOD!)