SYRIA: Obama-backed FSA rebels and al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra invade ancient Maaloula again and abduct as many as 12 nuns and several orphans from St. Thecla Convent

UnknownAfter the first joint terrorist raid in early September by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front) on the ancient Syrian town of Maaloula, known for its special Christian heritage with Aramaic still being spoken by its residents today, and that ended up with the Syrian Army expelling the terrorists from the town, a repeated scenario has taken place over the last couple of days.

nunSyrian Free Press  The rebels, including jihadis from the Al-Nusra Front, sent tires packed with explosives rolling down from positions in the cliffs above the town, the source said. Syrian state news agency SANA said the rebels had entered the Orthodox Mar Takla convent, in the middle of the city, which had previously been controlled by the army. The convent is home to some 40 nuns and orphans, some of the few residents of the town who remained after rebels first entered in September, prompting fierce fighting with the army. The picturesque town is considered a symbol of the ancient Christian presence in Syria, and its 5,000 residents are among the few in the world who speak Aramaic.


The sisters were abducted this afternoon when a group of armed men stormed the monastery. For Vatican nuncio Mgr Mario Zenari and the Greek Orthodox Church, the rebels have taken the nuns to Yabrud, a city 80 km from Damascus.

“Armed men burst in the monastery of St Thecla in Maaloula this afternoon. From there, they forcibly took 12 women religious,” Mgr Zenari said, citing a statement from Patriarchate. The group of Islamist rebels has apparently taken them to Yabrud, some 80 km north of the capital. Neither the nuncio nor the church Greek Orthodox Church know reason behind the kidnapping.

Islamist Rebels from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) had invaded the small town on 5 September after driving out regime troops with the support of al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Brigades. After taking control of the city, they went on a rampage against Christian buildings, killing three young Catholic men.


More than 3,000 people, the town’s entire Christian population, fled their homes seeking refuge in Bab Touma, the Christian quarter of Damascus. Some found shelter with relatives in Lebanon or in local Greek-Catholic convents.

Only Muslims were left in town, plus 40 nuns at the St Thecla Monastery who stayed to help care for dozens of orphaned children.

Fighting is intensifying, sources told AsiaNews. ”The army is trying to regain control over the villages north of Damascus. For this purpose, it has launched a major offensive against the Obama-backed rebels, who are trying to hold government forces back through a scorched earth policy in the areas under their control.”

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    • It breaks my heart that people are so blind and for the pope to be this blind is just beyond my comprehension.

      My constant prayer of late has been for the people of Syria. It sounds as if every terrorist in the world has gone there to get in on the savage barbarism…a muslim’s idea of fun.

      Wake up, liberals….they are out to destroy you.

  1. It’s more complicated than buying more bullets, old man. We have to deprogram Moslems…that’s what this blog is doing. Many Moslems visit this site and are appalled by what their co-religionists are doing. It undermines their belief in the Death Cult. When support for jihad dries up, it will stop. We also need to stop buying their oil.

  2. It is assumed that all Christians trust the Allowites who have kept the lid on the powder keg of Syria for almost 100 years. Why is Obummer unable to see that the Allowite compromise is the only realistic solution for Syria. Every other choice would lead to constant warfare.

    • Unfortunately there are so many scuzzlum collaborators in our government, judiciary and law enforcementnow that civil war is the only answer. I don’t mind dying resisting the most evil, f’ed up, Jew hating ideology on the planet today. After all, millions of people died fighting the Nazis.

  3. Back and forth between Israeli and Syrian delegates to the UN after a series of bash Israel resolutions

    BASHAR JA’AFARI ( Syria) thanked the delegations for their support of those series of draft resolutions, including the one on the occupied Syrian Golan. Once again, Member States had sent a clear-cut message to Israel, the occupying Authority, to terminate its occupation of all Arab territories and to cease its violations of human rights and international law. The majority voting today in support of the draft resolution on the occupied Syrian Golan indicated that Israel’s attempts to annex the Syrian Golan were null and void and had no legal effect. It was not a secret that Israel’s violation of international law was manifold and dangerous. After occupying the Syrian Golan in 1977, it had established absurd laws, in a dangerous and provocative stance, reminiscent of Europe at the beginning of the Second World War. Only Israel had voted against the resolution on the Syrian Golan, which showed how it and its rulers and politicians paid no heed to international law. The “law of the jungle” must not replace international law, he cautioned.

    BENJAMIN SHARONI ( Israel) said that it took a lot of audacity from the Syrian representative to criticize Israel, considering Syria was responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

    Mr. JA’AFARI ( Syria) advised the representative of Israel to continue playing with his phone instead of talking politics, since he did not seem to understand the provisions of the United Nations Charter. Israel had annexed the Syrian Golan and the Security Council had condemned that annexation. But this Israeli representative had not yet been born and, therefore, did not remember or understand that resolution. That decision by the Israeli occupying Authority reminded the international community of the unjust decisions taken by Hitler on the eve of the Second World War. Hitler’s Nazi policies such as annexing territories by force and other criminal violent actions were seen in the occupied territories today. According to an old Arab proverb, “it was better to hide during a catastrophe”. It was better for the Israeli delegate to hide after the meeting and play with his phone instead of making himself a source of laughter and irony.

    Mr. SHARONI ( Israel) said that his experience in diplomacy might be slight, but it did not take a long time to see that war crimes were being conducted on a daily basis. Syria’s cynical statements were a desperate attempt to distract attention from a regime that had zero credibility. It did not care for the people of its own country or the Middle East. Assad and his cronies could not fool anyone.

  4. And there’s Pope Francis saying we must imort Muslims to the West and help them and that ‘authertic’ Islam is nonviolent, and here in America, the Catholic Charities NGOs that get govt money for importing ‘refugees’ focuses on importing Muslims, and in New York, the Cardinal is all about open borders and free movement of people and that the Muslims are part of the ‘abrahamic faith’, blah blah blah. Useful idiots all.

    Journalists, that’s what they call themselves, are the lowest scum. They ignore this genocide of Christianity, their lips are sealed. It doesn’t fit their PC peabrains.

  5. My prayers and thoughts of love go out to these brave nuns and the young girls they kidnapped. I pray this article will not have a worse ending, but with muslims savages involved … I believe it will.

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