The JINOS (Jews in Name Only) over at the anti-Israel website ‘Mondoweiss’ are spitting mad over the new Israeli Ambassador’s gift to the Muslim-in-Chief

Headline at Mondoweiss: “Israeli ambassador’s present to Obama — settlement cufflinks!”

Could Obama look anymore uncomfortable?
Could they look anymore uncomfortable with each other?

Mondoweiss  The new Israeli ambassador presented his credentials yesterday and tweeted, “Pic w/Pres. Obama-I look fwd to working w/you & your admin to make the bonds b/w Israel & America stronger than ever.’” And he gave the president some cufflinks. 

I also gave President Obama these custom-made etched menorah cufflinks all the way from the City of David, Jerusalem 

— Amb. Ron Dermer (@AmbDermer) December 3, 2013



From Scott Roth:

.@AmbDermer in other words from occupied East Jerusalem.

Scott Roth (@scottroth76) December 4, 2013

The City of David is a Jewish settlement near the Dung Gate of the Old City. On occupied land, and resisted by the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan, whose land it is taking.

The reader comments are typical of the lowlifes who frequent this antisemitic, pro Palestinian Jewish website. Here is a sample:

You can read the rest here: Mondoweiss

Woody Tanaka says:

Why is this ethno-religious supremacist state giving the President of our secular nation a provocative propaganda “gift” like this?

Well, I guess it’s better than the spit in the face that Netanyahoo gave to the pope.

“dating to approximately the year 0″

There is no year zero. It goes from 1 BC to 1 AD.

Krauss says:

It’s a reminder. The handcuffs are a way to show him: remember who and what constrains you.

I also think it isn’t a surprise that the cuffs are out from occupied East Jerusalem, a double way to show that we’ll do what we want and you better accept it.

Finally, by giving him the cuffs, they can directly measure if Obama is using the gift. If he isn’t, count on it to be a talking point to the neocon collaborationists that Dermer is close to in the America media. It’s like the whole “Obama threw out the Churchill statue” talking point only this time even more amplified.

“Why does Obama refuse to use the gifts he’s gotten”. Obama can’t ever explain away not using them in their company. Either he uses them or not. It’s a direct measure: how dedicated is he to our settlement enterprise and to toe the line we set out for him, with the help of the lobby?

The cuffs are actually a smart political move to try to box him in.
It’s an understanding that perception matters a lot in politics, and the cuffs are a clever way to force that issue on Obama.

Say what you will, but the even if the gifts being given by Israel are very telling of what country they are, and their mindset, they are clever and thought-through.

Sammar says:

I think Israeli politicians need to find a personal shopper or concierge service that can advise them on gifts. A book on the inquisition to the Pope and settlement cuff links to Obama?? Are they really that clueless on etiquette and diplomacy?

Philip Weiss (the Weiss in Mondoweiss) says:

I agree with you Sammar. Rudeness isn’t cute

(Finally, one intelligent commenter)

NormanF says:

Jerusalem is one of the oldest inhabited Jewish cities in the world.

Anti-Semites and Israel haters get upset at being reminded of Jewish antiquity – because the Jewish presence there preceded that of the Arabs by thousands of years.

Jerusalem isn’t a “settlement.” Its the eternal capital of Israel!

(Only to be answered by an idiot)

Woody Tanaka says:

“Jerusalem is one of the oldest inhabited Jewish cities in the world.”

Great. And it’s home to a centuries’ old Palestinian community.

“Anti-Semites and”

LMAO. Straw man.

“Israel haters get upset at being reminded of Jewish antiquity – because the Jewish presence there preceded that of the Arabs by thousands of years.”

Wrong on two counts. First, no one gets upset about Jewish antiquity (it’s not like anyone has to be reminded of it, given the way you zios babble on and on about it…). Second, to the extend people react to it, they are reacting to the criminal thesis that because there were Jews there are various points in the past, that the Jews of today have any right, soverignty or ownership there.

“Jerusalem isn’t a ‘settlement.’”

The Jewish developments in Arab East Jerusalem absolutely are.

“Its the eternal capital of Israel!”

LMAO. israel doesnt’ even have soveregnty over any of it. To judge by the embassies, the zionist settlement city of Tel Aviv is the capital. And, besides, for all but about 15 minutes back in the stone age, prior to 1948, there wasn’t even a political entity named “israel” that Jerusalem could be capital of. Nothing “eternal” about that.

Shingo says:

No Norman,

Jerusakem is a city. It was not built by Jews and thus is not a Jewish city. It’s not even in Israel.

And nothing is eternal. Stated come and go and when Israel is gone,it will be a city in a future state.