GERMANY: ‘Death threats’ in Arabic spray painted on multiple churches in Augsburg

The Arabic actually says “Allahu Akbar”(Allah is greater) but we know that’s the Muslims’ favorite battle cry when they are killing infidels.

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Islam vs Europe  On Wednesday night, unknown Muslims sprayed inscriptions on the gates of several churches in the inner city of Augsburg. According to the initial information the police have, Augsburg cathedral, the Moritz church as well as the evangelical Ullrich church are affected. On the cathedral both the northern and southern gates were sprayed with white paint.

Kirche (2)At present it is unclear what the background of the vandalisation could have. (Oh please, they are Muslims for crying out loud. What more do you need to know?) However, it apparently involves the Arabic inscription “allahu akbar.” It seems there is currently no trace of the perpetrators. The police hope witnesses have seen something.

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