Saint Nelson Mandela? Not so fast


This is the South Africa of Nelson Mandela. White woman raped and stripped naked, then thrown into the street, only to be kicked and assaulted with garbage by black men. Nobody says a word.

Barack Hussein Obama has compared him to George Washington. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews heralded him as “perhaps the world’s greatest hero.” The Las Vegas Guardian Express dispensed with the “perhaps,” declaring in headline: Nelson Mandela World’s Greatest Hero. Others have christened him “the greatest man of the 20th century. Many revere him as “the savior of South Africa.

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LiveLeak  What is it about Nelson Mandela the man that justifies this global adoration? To be sure,  he is tall, dignified, and statesman-like in appearance, gracious in public speech, and  grandfatherly in tone. He does not exude the radical, self-promotional hucksterism of, say, Al Sharpton, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, or the ANC’s current head, Jacob Zuma. And, yes, he served many years in prison, but not merely for opposing injustice and racism, as his legions of hagiographers would have us believe.

And here we see Saint Nelson singing about killing all the whites:

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He was a leader of the African National Congress (ANC), an organization designated a terrorist group by the U.S. State Department and many governments and intelligence agencies. He was also a co-founder of the ANC’s Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), a militant terrorist group within a terrorist group. He was tried and convicted for his terrorist and subversive activities  within those organizations.

Images of grossly tortured and mutiliated White South African farmers

• ANC and its terrorist arm, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), which was also controlled by the SACP, were trained in Soviet Russia and Red China;

• The SACP-controlled ANC and MK exploited the conditions of apartheid, racism and colonialism not to help South African blacks, but  to further the objectives of the Soviet Union and the world Communist conspiracy;

• The SACP-controlled ANC and MK used the Communist-provided training and arms to direct their terror, torture, and murder against South Africa’s black majority even more often than against the white minority;

• If Mandela was not only a Communist Party member, but also a top SACP leader — which the evidence irresistibly shows he was — then he is not only a colossal and persistent liar, but he is all the more culpable in the innumerable acts of terror, torture, and murder committed by ANC
mobs and MK cadres over the past several decades;

• Mandela has bequeathed South Africa a one-party state ruled by the increasingly tyrannical and kleptocratic ANC/SACP, which is leading the country down the path toward economic destruction, record-level violent  crime, chaos, and genocide. 

68_800 Whites Murdered since 1994 (altered) (Copy)

The genocide campaign against white South Africans has already been underway for several years, but has not yet reached the all-out intensity of the slaughter stages witnessed in Rwanda, Burundi, or Sierra Leone. But that time may be coming soon, and if it does, Nelson Mandela will have helped to launch it. Chilling video footage of Mandela singing an ANC/MK genocide song about killing whites belies the sainted image.


Censorbugbear  The battle-lines for a final show-down have been drawn in South Africa: the country’s 3-million Afrikaners now live in a state of constant siege and 1-million are destitute and marginalised economically and politically. In the country of their birth and their forefathers, the vast majority of Afrikaner families now are unable to move safely between their homes, their schools, shops, their churches and their places of public business without first having to take the most extensive security measures on the planet.

white girl murdered south africa

The country has more than 1-million private security guards and only 270,000 police officers who are increasingly antagonistic towards Afrikaners. The country’s best-educated people now are falling into destitution and increasingly unable to raise their next generation because of the ANC regime’s deliberate barring this most visible, best-educated minority in South Africa from accessing any part of the job-sector — and now increasingly also disowning all the country’s food-producing farms by a plethora of anti-white laws. Afrikaners are increasingly being forced into marginal lands such as the desert regions of the Northern Cape.

Theresa Eksteen panga attack survivor Jan262010 Stilfontein farm 51 serious condition_thumb[3]

The ‘white tribe of Africa’ is battening down the hatches and preparing for the final onslaught against the rights of all ethno-Europeans to even be allowed to live on the African continent.


The racist slogan ‘Africa for the Africans’ now specifically targets white Afrikaners for all-out increasingly ferocious genocidal attacks. This is the ‘secret genocidal process’ all set to finally burst into the open in all its ferocity – an event which the world’s top expert on this subject, Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch has been warning about since 2003. See his first report:


And this growing genocidal process occurs at exactly the same time when many hundreds of thousands of destitute black Africans also are invading the European continent with the thousands of waterlogged Muslim refugee boats — and are being given sanctuary and legalised access to the entire European continent’s resources – access which is being constantly denied to the besieged Afrikaners of southern Africa. This contrast between the humane way Europeans treat African refugees and the way black South Africans are treating the Afrikaner minority in their midst, is indeed becoming very stark.


Afrikaners now are fighting with their backs to the sea while at the same time, also having no other place to flee to: born and bred in southern Africa, living there for many generations through no choice of their own, many Afrikaner families who try to seek sanctuary and polical asylum in any of the countries of their forebears, are nearly always being sent back to a South Africa… where they are facing genocide and constant streams of state-sponsored hate-speech, armed attacks, racism and legal discrimination in the job and property-market.


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  1. Two of the cowards are schoolkids one with his school uniform on, probably born after apartheid. Where all you Americans, POMS,Aussies now. I hope the favour is returned to you when your countries become like South Africa. Like that soldier in the UK nothing will happen. Your days will come soon.

  2. you would think that the europeans arrived one day and threw out the natives and took over their wonderful country the truth is a little different . when europeans arrived in what is now south africa it was like the most of it then a waste land with hardly a native in sight it was hardly habitibital but the white man cleared it brought modern living standards with him and know how then turned into a comfortable country then the natives turned up for work and and built ghettoes and over time grew into a sizeable population and wanted it all taken off the europeans make no mistake about it it would still be a waste land other wise but alas as we have seen before it will become one vast unlivable ghetto again when the restraints of law order are put into the hands of un-educated rabble

    • I suppose the ill-treatment of Blacks for years has nothing to do with their response towards White people? I suppose forcing a people to adopt their ways, uprooting their culture and raping their women should be forgotten, simply because the natives received the benefits of the greater society. Oh, right. We didn’t figure out that apartheid policy that was put into place to put Blacks in their place. How silly to forget this…

      You know what? How about staying out of other people’s lands in the first place? White people were not invited to live with the natives; they conquered and subjugated the local populations, just like any other foreign invader. In fact, it doesn’t matter the race, religion or creed. Just look at how the English subjugated the Scots, the Irish AND the Afrikaners. Or when the Chinese tried to take over Vietnam, as part of expansion plans for a Greater China, post-communist rule. In other words, you can be magnanimous and charitable all you want, but you are still seen as an invader, or the descendants of invaders. No different in the reaction towards any invaders, including Whites who took over from the natives. Mustn’t forget that…

      But, here’s the thing. It’s not Blacks you have to worry about; it’s other whites, you have to worry about. Blacks don’t control anything, especially the message. So, if you can’t convince other whites that there is a ‘genocide’ against whites, maybe you should ask why other whites are ignoring these things? Think about that…

      • there are some parts of your comments that are true, so take it to the logical conclusion, america the great who not only stole the indians land but did a great job of wiping most of them out…

        there was not such a lot of rape in sa by the whites by the way, that honour goes to the blacks themselves . they seem to favour rape as a past time and of course the muslims today.. well

        i have a theory that says people who take others lands like say europeans, in the end their lands are now invaded by many of those that they stole from…and now they are in so much trouble with sweden the rape capital of europe, thanks to the muslims . and the strange thing is that europe is so submissive too.

        absolutely right about the lack of power of the blacks, only those with whites behind them rise to any level of importance.from martin luther king, to obama, to kofi annan etc and even mandela

        yes the most dangerous men in the world are not black for sure..absolutely. they are well educated men,with money, power and titles and watch out for he professors and elites, they come up with the final solution to all the people they dont like in the world.

        one of the few countries where the original people came back to and claimed their land. is my land israel. my birth land. how the world of liars,frauds and cheats gets furious that i want my land for my nation, and not for the arabs of egypt and saudi arabia. even hamas will tell you that there are no palestians ever, they came from egypt and saudi as their surnames tell us.

        so the fake world who steals others lands, like the mighty usa,the lovely british who are upset they did not wipe us out helping the ararbs the first time around(i live in a old house with a slick a hidden basement where the lehi and etzel people hid from the british, in our area we have many safe houses like mine). the list is so long of nations who condemn israel whose own hards are full of blood.

        belgium how much blood do you have on your hands … france .. ditto, too long the list

        as we know the missionaries came first to make the way open for the business men who could steal all the valuables of every land. dont forget the islands that have been plundered too.

        i gave up asking anything when i see that the white world controls the kiddie porn and sex trade, the trade in human body parts, slavery, etc etc etc… drug trade,weapon trade, again the list is far too long

        • Just to be clear: two wrongs do not make a right, and these people who feel that retaliation is the way forward, for the sake of “justice”, are the same types who prey upon their own people. These people foolishly think that getting revenge against Whites will solve their problems. Instead, what you get is a brain drain of capital and Western ingenuity that makes matters worst for the people. That’s why such luminaries as Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe are hated by their own people, after supposedly conquering “White Privilege” in Uganda and Zimbabwe. You look at those countries now, and see how much better off they are (I am being sarcastic, btw). The sad thing is that Africa is still rooted in tribal politics to such a degree that there will be few stable nation-states. White people have nothing to do with this, and to blame them for the collapsing nation state is silly. Add to the mix that these African countries have tried to use socialism and Marxism, as a means of generating equity amongst the people, makes the matters worse, since such political systems only encourages the centralize, authoritarian regime that is inefficient to the point of failure.

          My only point is that none of these atrocities should come as a surprise to anyone, given the history of South Africa and European colonialism, but, for me at least, knowing such history should not be used as an excuse to commit them.

      • The largest group of blacks in modern day south Africa were relatively recent arrivals to that part of Africa. They travelled down from central Africa. They themselves displaced other African tribes such as the Khoikhoi and San (Kalahari bushmen) during their invasion of the region.

        The Zulu were originally a major clan in what is today Northern KwaZulu-Natal, founded ca. 1709 by Zulu kaNtombela. In the Nguni languages, iZulu/iliZulu/liTulu means heaven, or sky. At that time, the area was occupied by many large Nguni communities and clans (also called isizwe=nation, people or isibongo=clan). Nguni communities had migrated down Africa’s east coast over centuries, as part of the Bantu migrations probably arriving in what is now South Africa in about the 9th century

    • You are wrong Africa was the first place that man kind first existed, precisely in Ethopia, white man existed 20,000 years after black people as it takes 20,000 years for a black generation to become completely white when adapting to cold weather. So when european people came to Africa they really killed and took lots of black people as slaves. If you laugh at what I am saying you are a brainless ignorant about science. Go and check the archives about history of human development.

  3. Regarding the video of the woman being attacked, part of your description reads “assaulted with garbage” when she is actually being STONED!! If you look at the video closely you’ll see the largest object is actually a concrete block being dropped on her (not garbage). Look at the weight of the block! It’s clearly heavy, the scum is having to use some effort just to lift it off the road in order to it throw it on her head/in her face. The smaller objects being thrown at her are stones or pieces of concrete. I wonder if she survived this vicious stoning.

  4. Tony they are. But Mandela is clever. As he has not physically murdered anyone. He incites it and he can defend it. People who kill in the name of Mandela are considered a fasicts group who are tainting Mandela’s name. Also SA love to hero worship anyone who outwardly does good. The people including whites believe that Mandela solely funded all those children’s hospitals and education funds. But he never earned money. Yes he was paid loyalties for his books. But who are his private investors. No one knows. So Mandela didn’t solely find anything he received money from an unknown source. Who and why. And next question who will continue the funding. Mandela has never once condemned any of the white killings publicly. He has never once denounce the ANC or made mention of the corruption. He could of easily started his own party freeing SA of such corruption. Never did. Why.. no one questions that. People of South Africa has treated Mandela as a seperate entity same as the world. No one sees Mandela as the face of the ANC that he represents their way of live. Shame now poor Zuma is the face of ANC so they are all anti the man not the party. People forget that the face of the party is a mere representative of what the whole party believes in. Mandela remained a firm hardfast left winged ANC member.

  5. I am British and i am shocked and horrified that these reports have not been publisiced through the media worldwide !!! Mandela and his gang were nothing but a group of murderous bastards !!!

    • The Media only tell you what they are TOLD they can tell you.
      It is brainwashing on a Worldwide scale.
      In the telling the truth or expressing an opinion can land you in jail!!
      It all started during the New Labour Rule 1997-2010!!
      I support NO political parties. NONE of them stand for decency or free speech. They are ALL receiving DIRTY money from sources that DICTATE everything they do.

      • something even more sad than the cover up of the media and the willifull ignorance of the elites is why this happens. so here is a example of how people dont want to hear.
        there is a man from …. who is very famous for his war against the pedophiles and i am the only one here in jerusalem really doing something , but outside the system. he has become part of the system, giving lectures etc etc. and his family is severly punished for his efforts and has to leave their country. so you think this man gives a damn about the massacre in sa of whites…his land is full of south africans by the way??

        no we had a bitter fight because he will not hear the truth. i sent him a few links after he said mandela is an angel. i lived there at the time and know the difference. he wrote back and said…i am not going to read the links you sent. there you go i am not going to read so therefore i dont have to face the truth . how lovely. may the truth anything you want it to be by ignoring the real facts

        i wrote to him before blocking him and said … you have become part of the system that you are fighting shame on you

        so bonni you and me have the right idea, you cant fight the system and expose it from safe inside it, all nice and warm and friendly bribe here bribe there kind…

        another woman who lived in sa and is in another land now also wrote to me,not to put up the links on her page only in a private mesage as she does not want her children to see – she does me the favour of agreeing that bad stuff went on

        bonni did you get the story i wrote about my life from age 5 after we left israel and moved to warmbad, a farming community. warm bad means warm bath and has mineral water that extraordinary, its warm and heals all sorts of skin diseases. they built up a huge complex there with all sorts of various muds and treatments and massages and the baths are out of this world , pure bliss and luxury. in the beginning it was a small place and my late dad used to go every day to soak in this fabulous bath. years later when i was pregnant with my third baby and this time back in sa . before the birth i had a amazing incredible special bath and treathment which was so relaxing and incredible. now the centre has probably been destroyed by the blacks who dont know nothing about nothing…being very generous here

        so i grew up with farmers from age 5 in warmbad, farmers from nylstroom , warmbad, settlers area. my late dad had 3 farms. one in settlers a tiny little area, and two on the other side of warmbad, forgot the name of the district ,its as you go out of warmbad but not to nylstroom…such beautiful land.. such huge farms.we drove for hours and the mountains and the scenery .. out of this world. gorgeous.

        we went to farmers to get a puppy, to visit , to do business, to talk about problems with the farms, to buy meat and so many other things. i remember when they had animals for sale outside warmbad, all the farmers came with their pigs,cattle,sheep etc and people were buying .. it was so cool.. so full of people buying and selling. tough farmers, salt of the earth .strong men..

        the boere did not hate the jews like the british did. oh the british… oh the british they should have kept out of south africa. with their spiteful little comments and hatred for the blacks and jews and afrikaans too…oh the british did not have enough fun destroying india and who knows where else. why did you come to sa.??

        the boere saw themselves as the new jew. replacement theology. the better jew. they are bible believers but in their way

        the first anti semitism i remember is when we went to the afrikaans school across the road from our first miserable tiny house.. they were picking on my young brother ariel and i offered to break their bones…then we had to go to settlers school on a bus, a long trip, we beng the jewish children of the town. then there was a bet knesset and a rabbi and jews, not many and most came to israel

        one day in the street some kids came up to me and said.. you are a jew you kill christian babies and drink their blood … .this was so absurd to me.. i was about 8 years old. went home and asked my father what that meant and he started to scream. he never explained anything just screamed and muttered and told me not to talk to the kids.

        then there was lizzie gottschalk .. from german descendant who married a farmer and her son was the best friend of ariel. she loved ariel and called him.. my little jew and years later she helped me in a very difficult time in my life..and there were many others like her who loved the jews and admired and looked up to us.

        i am talking about my personal experiences only but having lived with them until the age of 11 have some idea of what kind of people they are. my dad was an a accountant and did business with the farmers all the time, and he did the books of the black schools too.and for years after we moved to johannesburg, we still kept on coming back to warmbad , my dad kept his office there for many years
        and would travel there weekly.

        besides the two stories above as a teenager and adult i dont remember any other incident that was ugly to me. at all. in fact i was told of a afrikaans man greatly in love with me, by his mother, who did not tell me because i was the jew, my dad was the rich jew the accountant,and i was considered too out of his class to approach.

        there was a jew who fell in love with a afrikaans girl but it was back in the 50’s and the stigma was to strong for them to marry. she told me years later when she was old how much they loved each other…

        years later my friend jenny, a jew, married a big huge afrikaner as the stigma was already over by then. not that i agree with that, i married a cohen, israeli and now am with a moroccan jew shmuel ben david ohion.. but to explain that things changed. i only wanted children who were throughly jews from a man who did not smoke, drink, or take drugs. i wanted beautiful, strong, intelligent children and that is what god gave me..with fabulous hebrew names nesya meaning the miracle of Yah, Levavy meaning the heart of my father who passed away as a 3 month old, and elida meaning god has knowledge…

        now to the main point. how many of those farmers and their families i personally knew are still alive.. how many have been butchered in this brutal way… oh my god its horrendous to think about this…my italian friend marie who my father wanted to get married off so much and her farm outside nylstroom.. what hapenned to all those people????????

        all i can do today is mourn their passing. we will need a yad v’shem memorial for the fallen of south africa, a monument of names of all those butchered by the barbaric savages of africa in a mad quest for revenge. they kill the farmers and then squat on the land but they grow nothing. nothing nothing nothing

        when my first husband came to south africa , fresh out of israel, the first time he travelled outside israel we went to the farms of my father. one day the black supervisor and erez were talking and the ssupervisor took erez to his own home. outside were 5 small rows of mealies..corn growing….and a huge piece of land that could have been planted with all sorts of crops.. suddenly the ten year old daughter of the supervisor runs up playing ball and runs to the mealies, lifts up her skirt and pisses on them….

        erez came back to me horrified. he had worked in the 5 star hotels in tel avivi on the beach front. all clean and sparkling and now he sees this. i just shrugged, so what is the problem. welcome to africa….

        yes folks welcome to africa where they piss on their food and take the land from those who can grow food and feed the nation and squat there and wait for food to fall out of the heavens…. come to think of it my irish friend married a black woman and went to farm in zambia ??? wonder if he is still alive….????? good grief i have to stop remembering or i will go mad . .or maybe i should start a list of all the people i remember who may not be with us today……..or least their names should be remembered

        israel would be better off taking in boere from sa then teh muslim blacks that are causing crime and terror here, the illegals of europe the whites who are trouble makers too and the damn cursed arabs murdering us all the time. but then israel leadership would have to have a brain and not be corrupt to bring in the right people instead of the trash they allow in.the boere could work with us on the kibbituzim and moshavs as they are excellant farmers and hard workers and would love to be in the land of israel…

        • Yes, Ruth, I think you did tell that story but not in quite such detail. We are privileged to have you commenting here. Your insight and experiences are a gift to my readers.


      • Ryth I am jews too but you are wrong about muslim as they do not rape people. If you make false comment like this, jews and muslim will always fight and this is not what is the best as jews and muslims are the closest related religion. We have the same religion like muslims just our language is different. You look at a jews and a muslim physically you will not be able to say which one is jews or which one is muslim. Lets all pray for this war between jews and muslim stop, too many have lots dear ones on both sides.

        • Dutchman, you are done commenting here. I don’t care that you are stupid but now that you say you are Jewish, you are not allowed to post here. Personally, I think you are a muslim. Either way, take a hike.

    • Hi Tony, please do the following, this site can never be the only source of these dubious claims do ur own research and double check the validity of the so called expect that are mentioned if they actually did say what the guys say they said, i can assure you that the white people on this page are Racists in their tone say a lot of things that are not true at all, for instant check how many black people where killed in S.A since 1994, what these guys are saying is white people shouldnt be subjected to violent crimes only blacks should, these guys dont socialise with blacks as they think we are subservants thats why they claim that the whites are the most educated and what they do is they treat the dogs that they are currently employing like dogs and when those blacks one day decide to fight back they clain foul play. e.g Eugène Terre’Blanche

      • Interesting Kevin I’m not racists I never had any domestic workers. And because of that I would have black woman in a secured complex walking asking around asking for work. When I said sorry no work. A: I lived in a small townhouse and didn’t need help B: on a tight budget couldn’t even afford one. Anyway they got so upset with me they started banging at my windows trying to open the doors one even managed to get her arm in the open window and was pulling the curtain down. Security had to come to get these two woman out.. that racists of me now. How about my little 3 month old baby was in his pram lucky I had him strapped him as I turned my head to see where my mom is this black man had both his hands in my pram trying to grab my son.. so thankful I turned in time and shoved him away. Mmm black man… Again hijacking outside my complex I witnessed it. All black men AK 47 against my friends head stole his bakkie and money shot and thankfully missed his head.. 5 black men.. need I go on… Whites on this site who have/are living in SA are telling about their experiences and guess what it’s blacks against us… So get over it. We are allowed to vent our frustrations.

    • in the above video thats not a white woman and all these guys know its not, they use anything to spread their propaganda, that is a black male (Criminal), what you are seeing there is vigilantism, no doubt that we are living in one of the most violent countries in the world and it affects both black and whites dispite of what these guys say.

      • What about all those other photos of white people brutally murdered. Or is the white or coloured woman more the factor regardless what her skin colour is the footage is still horrendous

      • so if i am a racist why did i save the lives of many blacks when i lived in south africa. i will not give you the exact number of those who are alive because of me,because that is not modest to do so. i endangered myself to run and help those under attack, took my time and money to get them to hospital and looked after those in trouble.. this makes me a racist. no i did not get paid for it either. so this makes me a racist. so take your head out of the comfortable pc wall you have it stuck in, maybe the sunlight will heal your sickness.

        because i was so good to my blacks in my business, which you can check out as it made all the media news story. the cohens of berea, johannesbur in 1994 ,95. we had one hundred black tenants renting rooms from u s in 7 different houses, big houses, big rooms,clean, not overcrowded, houses there are big, with rooms outside, garage, sheds etc . the blacks were moving into johannesburg and desperate for accomodation .my rooms were kept clean,and no drugs, alcohol or violence was tolerated ever

        because i was so good to my blacks and because they loved me, i was their jewish mama, my family is alive. when jota came up against us our blacks would not turn on us and come to kill us. they left the houses not to be part of the murdering schemes of jota. they came to my house which was being watched , to tell me that they loved me and were leaving because they did not want to harm me.

        a old couple came one day and sat in my house and said these words to me “mrs cohen, you are our mother.. dont hate my people, my people is stupid” they were crying and i was half their age…i have never forgotten those words ever…

  6. Here is some food for thought!! To all the people who feel that this is payback to all the whites here is my opinion.
    If this was a blog and photos shown of black people being murdered by whites then this blog would be so active condeming whites. Bringing up the past as if it were yesterday. People around the world would be protesting and calling us whites racists. All the past apartheid. American slaves, Indians, aboriginals will all be brought up and people will judge all whites. But the minute anyone defends or protects white people from black hate. Well then the whites deserved it. There is no such thing as black racism. So in other words. All white people today. All our innocent kids and all white people born after apartheid are still racist and thus deserving the brutality of such crimes against us. So when in your eyes. Are children innocent oh right all children except whites. Correct.. !!!!! And all you people wonder why the world is mostly governed by white people. Because with all your logical thinking this world would of ended centuries ago.

      • To Barenakedislam. Sorry for voicing so much on your blog. I get very passionate about this subject. I’m not blinded by what our forefathers have done. European history is full of violence and monasteries. But at what point do we move on. Why must I be blamed for things my ancestors did. Why must I automatically be classed as a racist just because I’m white from South Africa. And why can’t I protect and defend my fellow man. I give to world aid in Africa. I cry over the senseless rape and murder of Sudese woman and children. I have empathy towards man kind. But why do I have to proof it. I’m sorry but the world is evil and powered by greed and corruption and hate between all races. So yes Blacks can be racist too. And they too should be judged.

      • Well said Liz. We will never move on if things don’t change and I am sure as hell sick of racism from other cultures but nothing is said but the moment a “white” says something we are condemned. Racism works both ways. It is rampant right now and most people want to be so bloody PC about it they hide and hope it goes away. NEWSFLASH! It won’t.

    • liz, i came to sa from israel at age 5, so my schooling and working years where all sa, when i travelled overseas at age 18 in 1971, with a jewish surname, krinsky, not a boere name. i was attacked so many times by ignorant fools who know nothing about nothing.

      i told them i am not responsible for the apartheid laws, and did not make them .made no difference.those who know nothing about their own history sure know how to condemn others who they dont know anything about. it really made me furious.

      then i saw the other side, walked down the street of harlem.. .wow freaky man…my liberal american boyfriend who told me to read cry the beloved country and would not read it himself.. well we were hitch hiking and got dropped of in me it was just a lot of black people. no sweat. i never feared blacks ever growing up with them. never. and suddenly liberal david is turning snow white and growls to me, walk next to the shops not in the street, dont be so visible. me a pretty blonde of 18 not visible, hell i stand out without trying …. and he was so afraid, so afraid. i was cool did not understand his fear at all. then i saw the blacks there were not the blacks of africa but we found a subway quick and left. he never mentioned that ever when he was blasting sa for their mean ways

      i lived in a area of philedelphia that was jewish and turned black.. that was the first time i saw black hatred, to me to others. the destruction of the neighbourhood, the filth and dirt. the screaming in the night as someone else was being attacked,raped, murdered. i saw vicious blacks for the first time in my life and worked out one thing. the blacks of america are the most miserable people, they came over as slaves and dont know their tribes or roots or history and are so lost

      a huge black woman, enormous high on drugs tried to kill me one day, i said i was from britian that one time, but it was because i was white, white skin, blonde hair. good enough reason to kill. the angels were guarding me because well the door ws closed and there were other woman in the room and this mountain mama trapped me at the door and she came up to me screaming fury and wanted to break my bones which she could have done easily… so i looked at her in the wild eyes and said to myself – you will show no fear ruth you will show no fear. no fear no fear and waited to die…..with dignity not like a coward snivelling or begging and she walked away.. she walked away howling like a sick dog… the door opened and i fled…. shook for many hours but was still alive…

      so much for the world and their condemnation..the slums of america tell the true story of america. however the irish, the polish, the i talians, the jews lived in slums and worked their way out to better lives. the blacks seem to have some sickness that they dont progress they dont seem to know how too…its sad. very sad but the truth is the truth is the truth is the truth

      i wish we could bring white boere to israel and kick out the illegal european goy whites who are mostly criminals, the muslim blacks who are criminals nd the crime rate has gone way up since they came, and they are now outside my door in jerusalem too, the arabs living illegally all over my land, but our leaders are corrupt idiots and take in trash only. the boere love the land and know how to work. we dont want the chinese and asians here either.

  7. The American Indians and Black slave families in and throughout american history know first hand what thats like Jim Crow style before and after, that happened here in america and in Africa by white Europeans and american European settlers. Finger pointing changes nothing but you might want to look in the mirror when you do point. Selective ways of thinking is why these things end up being done for or against you. thanks for your post of this picture now only if you found some of post and pics of the whole thing not just the white deaths war is war and karma is a bitch

      • Don’t worry about people like them. It just shows how ignorant they are. 420 obviously doesn’t know much about SA history. The history of black tribes and of course the history on apartheid is completely one sided. And yes there bad afrikaners but they were definitely in the minority. But they made the news more because people like to hear that all whites had slaves and we chained them up and beat them daily just for fun. Gosh if we killed them by the thousands on a yearly basis then we wouldnt of had so many to contend with now. I say to 420 go live in a squatter camp in South Africa. For 3 months if you survive. Then try and voice the same opinion.

    • To 420. And too all people that are from overseas and don’t know much about SA. Back in 1994 when Mandela came into power. The truth and reconciliation commission was set up. This was to account for all the crimes committed during the apartheid years. There was an extensive list of ALL the parties that were directly and indirectly involved. From farmers to politicians. They were tried and sentenced to the punishment deserved. Some lost their lives, some are still in prison. They all lost their land and wealth and families. All were named and shamed. All people that did abuse their workers were dealt with. This was to heal the nation. So all this racists killing and justification of those murders are on innocent people. We did them no wrong. The white man is broken. Anything that we named and built is gone all our streets names changed. Our white statues torn down. Our old flag gone. White CEO in companies don’t exist. White men are last to be employed. White families are broke . We pose no threat of uprising. We live by their mercy. So why carry on they have won.

  8. Is this any different than whites slaughtering blacks in South Africa? South Africans whites still exhibit the mindset they are untouchable. Best advise to whites in South Africa, leave…

    • Deb. U are right there is no difference when white kills blacks. But the biggest difference is the crime that is committed. White men don’t go into a location like Soweto in the middle of the night and snatch a little black child. Take the child to another place for about a week where this poor child gets raped and tortured and then mutilated and then return the body to the bedroom so that the parents can find their child in that state. And even in apartheid. Yes some whites killed blacks but most of the deaths like necklacing was from the ANC. The Brutality and the hate that is shown in these murders are just horrific. Rape is not longer just rape. It’s mutilation ans murder. They dont just rob your house they wait for the occupants to come home so that they can rape and torture the children and wife while the husband is tied up. So he can watch. And if you think the black on white crime is horrendous the see what they do to eachother. Why they rape their own black babies.and little girls. That 80% of black girls under 10 in the whole of Africa are raped and sexual exploitated. WHY??? It is no surprise why it is called a godless nation. There are many good black families that have managed to escape and live here in Australia. Go and walk in the streets of SA and speak to the older generar and they will all agree and say that they want the old government back. That on fact the white apartheid government protected them from all fighting and killings from other blacks. There culture is steeped with fighting and witch craft. They still practice it today. Africa is very complex and they only to understand the mindset is to actually love there. But I get why Americans and Europeans don’t understand. We see blacks in USA on tv. And we think they are just like us apart from colour. But it is not. It’s a nation with many tribes and different cultures. It’s just so messed up.

  9. what about the ethnico-religious background of those who created and foisted this terror on the EuropEan people in South Africa?

    Ronnie Kasrils, Jo Slovo, Ruth First and all the others – google these names to discover the truth behind who is really responsible for unleashing all of this on Rhodesia, South Africa, America, Australia and Europe

    • Thanks Bob, I was trying to remember Ronnie Kasrils name, having looked him up before and found a long history of soviet corruption, most of which seems to have disappeared from the Internet.

      Ronnie Kasrils went to that snakepit, the London School of Economics. I wonder how many communist spies and islamist terrorists they turned out over the last fifty years?

      “Ronald Kasrils (commonly known as Ronnie Kasrils) (born 15 November 1938) is a South African politician. He was Minister for Intelligence Services from 27 April 2004 to 25 September 2008. He was a member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the African National Congress (ANC) from 1987 to 2007 as well as a member of the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party (SACP) from December 1986 to 2007.”

      “He underwent military training in 1964 in Odessa, USSR and at the end of 1965 was sent to London to work for the movement [ANC] there. During this time Kasrils worked with Yusuf Dadoo, Joe Slovo and Jack Hodgson and they formed a special committee (1966–76) to develop underground activities in South Africa from the United Kingdom.”

      With the blessing of the UK government and ‘security’ services?

      “Kasrils is known for his strong criticisms of the government of Israel and for his sympathies towards Palestinian political struggles.”

      Their ‘military struggles’ (terrorism) he ignores.

      “He sums up the rise and fall of his vision for a socialist South Africa simply and accurately: ‘Regarding national liberation, as Vladimir Lenin put it, the character of the outcome depends upon the organised strength of the working class. For quite a period of time we saw the left rising and becoming strong and then post-1990 we see the rightwing agenda becoming so strong with its alignment to capital.’”

      “Whatever the drawbacks and failures I am convinced that in years to come humanity will look back to Soviet achievements as a source of profound inspiration”


      Back to Lord Mandela:

      Lately some group in Canada has been examining the clay feet of ‘monumental heros’. I couldn’t attend their critique of Saint Gandhi. But since he went along with the disastrous mohammedan plot to partition and destroy India, I think quite a few million supposedly sane people have no wish to remove their heads from the sand, and acknowledge what an unmitigated disaster that was and is.

      When this fake euphoria dies down, maybe someone will do a body count:

  10. Born in Johannesburg lived in Durban and Cape Town. Now I’m in Australia. My family has a long history in SA. Even to the early Settlers. My grandmother is the direct descent of Andries Pretorius. Pretoria is named after him. And Andries was a good man. In fact he also maintained and respected the natives of the land.

  11. Do you know what makes South Africa even sadder and one of the main driving points in our immigration. Yes the black hate crime towards white is horrendous. I almost had my baby boy snatched from my pram. And again weeks later almost attacked again. (Was warned by a black lady that white baby boy penis’ they use for muntity. Potions by the witch doctors) I definitely had a guardian angel watching over us. But it was when the sector of whites that decided to take advantage of the criminal element and also rob steal& murder whites. White businessmen under paying over charging white people. That’s when you can truely understand what a godless country SA truely is. And I believe that only until all whites. Afrikaans and English unite and form one combined party and stick together only then we will ever stand a chance. But the blacks realised that the only way to break the Whiteman spirit was to break his home and make the man not a standing figure. And we have divided ourselves too much.

  12. BNI I’m gonna bite here, I think you’re a bit harsh in your criticism of Nelson I mean he was no saint but he did the best he could for South Africa, it wasn’t easy and the country still has many a ways to go… just like everywhere else on earth there is no perfect government and no leader is a magician or god who will just clap their hands and everything runs smoothly, after all did the USA not see many tragedies during the reign of their past presidents?

    Another point, being African (Southern Sudanese to be exact) myself I kinda sympathize with the South Africans with their stance when it comes to the Whites after all the whites marginalized them for decades simply because of the colour of their skin and even to this day many white South Africans view the indigenous blacks with the utmost contempt. Yes I agree that Mandela is no saint he even said it himself when he was first elected president, but he did a hell of alot better than Bush or dare I say the obama-nation sitting in the White House

    • Hi. I think there is a great misconception about whites hating blacks in SA. The apartheid government never spoke for the majority of whites. There was also segregation amongst the whites. English and Afrikaans. There were a lot of white people that treated their black helpers with respect and helped them against the Afrikaans government. I know my grandparents were one of them. A lot of whites were also protesting against apartheid and also said that blacks should have the right to vote. So again it is a total misconception. When apartheid ended whites and blacks rejoiced. What the world doesn’t know. Is that Mandela opened up the SA borders. Calling all people from Africa to come to South Africa. He promised them land and jobs. Now instead of Mandela trying to heal the nation between the different races within SA. We now had san influx of Nigerians, Kenyans all those countries. Allwith their own cultures, war torn areas and anti white stance demanding free housing land and jobs. So a lot of these anti white crimes were done by these foreigns blacks. Nigerians have taken over Johannesburg, drug dealers, prostitution, sex slaves. That’s the problem. They are also slaughtering the South African blacks.So when the SA blacks started killing the foreigns blacks. Big media coverage big story. And all media was pointing a finger at them because it violated human rights. So now what. One big Giant mess.

      • when i left sa i n 1995 the star newspaper reported a thousand gangs in johannesburg as liz says drugs, prostituion etc crime out of control. and in my business of renting accomodation i met blacks from all over africa

        the nigerianss who came were all doing drugs and i never gave them a room to stay in or any of the other foreigners. at the time i was told that the sa blacks were killing the foreigners to stop them taking their jobs
        nigeria has become a huge drug dealing country to the point that in 95 the word nigeriaio and drug dealer went together.

    • If you are South Sudanese you should know who your enemies are, and they are not “whites”, without whom you might all be dead or slaves by now.

      • look douche, I’m sure you saw that I said I could sympathize with them I never said whites were our enemies in Sudan. and yes I know who my enemies are it’s the Arabized muslim government whom the British handed control over to during the colonial era

    • no he did not do the best he could for the blacks, oh give me a break. he did the best he could for him and his pals. like go into one of the most expensive car shops and order a fleet of cars, only expensive and never pay for them. and that was reported in the newsppaper at the time.

      wo which blacks did he help then??? dont sing the pc song if you have no clue. the blacks certainly did not feel he did the best for them. but then they told me that in secret in fear of their lives and you would never hear the truth or recognise it if you prefer pc lies

      ask liz what happened to the coloureds when saint mandela came in and how their situation is.

      i hate when people who have no clue are the first to sprout the the best for the blacks.. necklacing. gang rapes.reign of terror while living the good li fe ..some how i dont think that is the best for the blacks do you??t

  13. Listen to PW, Liz, RC and so on who know first hand the brutality that has taken place in S A after the country was taken over by the ACN. mandela is a media suit with feet of clay. All support to any sheriff and any organization, who refuses to low our flag to half mast.

  14. we moved from israel to sa in l959 when i was 5 years old. i went to school in the warmbad area . most of the jews from warmbad, moved to israel. the bet knesset closed down and so we left for pretoria. later we moved to johannesburg when i was 13.

    i have had many experiences there good and bad but when we were attacked in 1994 and beginning of 1995 it was a huge story all over the entire media. i will never go back again as the trauma is far too great. we came far to close to being murdered.

    even though i know the black men are violent and regularly beat up their woman, its amazing how much more violent and vicious they are now. part of it is the necklacing of winnie mandela which destroyed the soul of the land and the gang rapes of her gang. after that the barbaric cruelty went wild.

    when we left terrible things were happening already. i dont have a clue how people stay there who could have got out. it is so beyond me. my own family are still there but then they hate israel and jerusalem so they prefer that insane violent land to their own homeland. one brother and my sister were born in israel but they have no feeling for this place at all. like so many jews in galut they stay in their places no matter how dangerous and insane it is.

    sa has turned into rawanda. that is seriously scary.

    there are still days when i walk the streets of jerusalem saying oh my god i am alive i got out , my daughters are alive, oh my god we escaped. still after all the years it still gives me the shivers and shakes. the only reason we survived was because i went after the mafia guy who attacked us relentlessly so that he gave up as i was too much trouble for him. every time he turned around i was there. it freaked the living hell out of him.

    there is only one radio station 702 and he would phone in to whine and complain and one night at 2 in the morning i suddenly woke up and put on the radio and there the bastard was lying through his teeth. so i phoned the radio and the black woman the presenter said “moses moshoe shoe someone wants to talk to you ” and he was so confused he agreed and he did not click when she used my name. and i said in a very soft voice ” moses why are you making our lives so hard ” and when he heard my voice he went hysterical and started ranting and raving. and the woman presenter said to him “mrs cohen is being very respectful to you why are you screaming moses” and he screamed even more. it was delicious. delicious. that kind of stunt kept us alive plus of course the angels ……

    if you ever find yourself in real danger remember the more courage and fai th you show the quicker the thugs will leave you alone. it works and has worked many times in my life.

    that is when i realised that i am a real israeli warrior and nothing and no one can frighten me when i am fighting to keep my children alive.

  15. how many people black and white have been saveagely butchered in south africa before you get it.. my late father was almost one of them, my 2 daughters and us were almost butchered too., how much blood is enough to satisfy the lust of those who want to worship men… and i am insulting your holiness honey… wow all you folks who trample down the blood of the butchered victims, face the wrath of the living god who considers all man has children. sa has turned into rawanda with the savagery. two young men came to my business in sa from rawanda, yougn men who told me such horror stories and had lost all their family. a man from malawi came to us and told us horrific stories of massacres there years ago and he was the only child survivor and saw so many rapes and murders as he fled from country to country. he managed to escape being taken as a child soldier. he was the most sweet kind gentle man i ever met. and when the mafia came to kill us, he was the only one who came to comfort me, not the whites, not the jews, not my family, raphael the angel from malawi . i will never ever forget that angelic man ever. so how much blood satisfies you deborah ananda how much before you say its enough,, you dont need to answer me after all our corrupt left wing elites and leadership in israel, like in other countries, get sexual thrills out of dead bodies and cant get enough of blood. liberals are the most savage and violent people in the world as long as its someone else being buthcered. i dont know if you are liberal or not deborah,but you have no sympathy for the millions of victims world wide because you have to adore mandela because its cool and in and sexy. shame on you. so where is this great jewish neshama where is mama rachel crying for the children, all the children…where where where

  16. when our business was attacked in l995 in south africa, we were truly protected by the angels and managed to get out alive with our 2 young daughters . it was nightmare and our story was all over the media of sa the cohens of berea johannesburg and jota who tried to wipe us out .it was then a nightmare so i cant even begin to imagine the horror that is going on today.

  17. Hi. Im an expat from South Africa. Left in 1999. I am almost sure that there are speeches Mandela made that werent for the world to hear. I can recall a speech made at a rally in a soccer stadium. Where he told us whites to leave the country or we will die. I am sure Mandela said that speech which has been echoed through Mbeki and Julius Malena. I am remembering wrong. Or can anyone else remember that speech.

      • Hi thanks for the reply. I was told that many speeches and video footage have been eliminated from history records. That doesn’t surprise me. But one does not easily forget something that changed your life. I can still see him standing there. Telling us to get on the planes and go back to the country we came from or we will die. It was that speech that we said. Ok I think it’s time to get our documentations in order and leave.

  18. I’d like the full story on that video. Before I read your subtitle but watched the video I did not think that was a White woman, hard to tell if it was even a woman. Then after reading the rest of the story an old saying came to mind, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Whites have to MAN up and stop bending over with the “White Guilt” appeasing guilt shit. Kick ASS or Die you pussies. Maybe once all the White wimps are dead the survivors will start kicking some ass.

  19. the Dutch whites that invaded South Africa did so to rape the countryside of its gold and diamonds and nothing more .. South Africa has every right to evict them and send them back to Holland

    • You mean like we also have the right to kick all the Muslims out back to Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq, Turkey, and whichever primitive cesspit they emerged from?

      • well if you also mean the natives have the right to kick all the whites back to Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, Germany, etc then cool.

    • The dutch Boars were forced inland by the English. When gold and Diamond were discovered the English followed naturally.

  20. The brutality that was mandela is mind boggling…I have known of this for years and have spoken out against this murdering swine as well…I am very disappointed in levin and every other so called conservative speaker..including every single politician and republican ..who have had nothing but praise for mandela….the murdering swine.To have our flag at half staff..that is unadulterated bull shi*….but then what would you expect from a communist ..muslim lover ..swine..obama…Meanwhile obama could not even have the decency to attend Margret Thather’s funeral…BareNakedIslam….I am so very disgusted with every single media,commentator,newspaper,TV,and every single suckup politician..including both Bushes…My ears want to shoot off the side of my head..Thank you for having the COURAGE to report on these stories with honesty….integrity….followed up with pictures ( as horrific as they are )..BNI…..YOU ARE THE BOMB…thanks…mike the way I post onto my facebook page ..everything I see here…and tell others about you folks on different sites..I hope that is OK….Thanks again….mike b

    • Thanks, MB. I was a little reluctant to post this, but am glad I did.

      Donations are always welcome. It is very expensive to keep having to increase the security necessary to stay ahead of the hackers who are trying to take me down everyday.

      • If I was a wealthy man …there would be no question ..for I would support you in a heart beat…as I am on social security disability,and raising 3 grandchildren…and inthe process of buying a home ( ..i will be in a better position this summer..and will be happy to help in any way I can…BNI…..thankyou for all that you do….if i was would be well supported…for i believe in you with all my heart and soul….anyone with your honesty…integrity..and true grit is a national treasure,in my humble opinion…..mike burch

  21. Well, everyone might not agree,but we all know that there are two sides to every story. Maybe the natives of South Africa felt the same way about the Boer invaders that we feel about the Muslim invaders..

    • Boars originally settled on marginal uninhabited coastal land. English later forced them inland where they met the zulus who were invading from the north.

    • check your history. why did the dutch even come to south africa to begin with??? dont be lazy find the facts…now the british is another story they did not come fro such noble reasons as staying alive.. and dont talk for the blacks of sa as you have no clue what they think unless you live with them, like i have. dont project your pc western pretty ideas on others. where do you live america… tut tut how do the indians of america feel about the white ways of buchering them nearly all to death. e urope?? w here… am sure your country has its hands full of the blood of others who they t ook from without mercy. the natives of sa were hardly farming and nomads and fighitng each other and that was about it..

  22. is it too late for the USA? only if we are willing to do what’s necessary.

    Jim Morrison’s song “THE END” to me was always more than just a song.

  23. I’m a South African. We basically have to live behind 6ft walls with either barbed wire or electric fencing on the top, electric gates, armed response, security guards, vicious dogs, security gates, burglar alarms – you name it, we’ve got it – and that just to live safely in one’s home. The ANC encourage the influx of black people from all over Africa, but make it impossible for any foreign whites to settle down here, thus a huge skills shortage in the country. Car jackings are rife, blowing up ATMs with explosives to obtain the cash, cash-in-transit heists were rife a few years back and there were often shoot outs on the highways with 12 or more robbers armed with AK47s surrounding the cash-in-transit vehicles, shooting the security guards dead and making off with the money. They’ve recently implemented e-tolls on Johannesburg’s freeways, yet corruption is rife, they steal and fritter away millions, so much so that there’s a huge deficit in the national budget, with the result of the South African Revenue Services trying anything and everyting to drain every penny out of anyone they can.

    This country has gone to the dogs, the police are totally useless and under the thumb of druglords and criminals (on their payrolls). Most of the time the dockets opened to report crime are lost or stolen and criminals get off scot free. They think nothing of robbing banks in shopping malls and whoever is in the way gets shot.

    This country is being raped and in another 10 years time it will have reached the same status of any other African Banana Republic. It’s what happens when you hand over the country to savages with no morals, ethics or basic human decency. It’s the same old crap – they go around killing the whites because they’re racist and have such an intense hatred for them, yet they’ll never admit to being racist themselves. They want to nationalise all the mining companies, and when that happens one can kiss the economy good-bye for sure.

    America doesn’t want to know anything about taking white South Africans in who ant to flee the country – they’d rather take Paki’s and the like, same goes for the UK. The only place that is really friendly to South Africans is Canada. Australia and New Zealand will take some in who fall on the list of their skills shortages – but they’ll never consider white South Africans refugees or persecuted people.

    Once they’ve managed to wipe out all the farmers here – the rest of Africa will starve as our food is exported to feed most of Africa, and the farm murderers will starve along with them – that is how utterly dumb they are, one cannot wrap one’s head around the way they think – they are so myopic.

    When they break into your house they’ll even steal the pillows, pillowcases, bed frill, take the best clothing (branded items), they’ll drink your booze, eat the food in your fridge and basically have a party in your house and destroy furniture and any items in your house at will – even urinate on the beds and sofa’s.

    Why these farmers do not have firearms like sawn off shotguns to defend themselves is beyond me. If it were me I would’ve acquired an AK47 and would shoot the crap out of them, then bury them. A couple I met a few months back had the idea to take the dead bodies to the local Abbatoir (slaughterhouse) and mince them and throw the remains in the open veld – I would do that and not blink an eye if it came to defending myself or my family against savagery. But white South Africans have become politically correct and want peace and try the Ghandi pacifist way of reasoning, but you can’t reason with savages. It makes me wonder when enough will be enough and they start shooting to kill?

    When Nelson Mandela was released we were all living under the idyllic notion that there’d be peace and harmony and equality in this country – boy were we shocked – all we got was car jackings, violence, rape, robberies, torture, murder and affirmative action. Africa isn’t for sissies.

    Anyone want to marry me so I can get the hell out of this country? LOL!!

    • WOW! Thanks PW, you have opened a lot of people’s eyes who were doubting that what I posted here is real. Can you come to the US or Canada on a student visa? Then you won’t have to leave, just overstay your visa and you’ll be given amnesty in a few years. I’m serious.

    • PW, thank you for this eye opener, I knew it was bad there, but this?!!!

      These “people” are completely at rock bottom. Well they are at the bottom of the world I.Q. scale and this horror video bears that out—every bit as bad as muslims (which some of them may well be)

      Excellent comments here by many of you. My wife and I both have South African doctors, who got out while the going was good.

    • I stayed some weeks in the RSA in 1980…It was a wonderful country, with a right politic and normal laws which assured a way of life for each people.Unfortunately you had Klerk, who sold the white Nation….without building a white independant state.
      God bless you and the Afrikaners.
      Your french friend.

  24. Black savages strip naked and rape a defenseless white woman; throw garbage at her and kick her in the street BECAUSE GOD CREATED HER WHITE.

    ‘3-million Afrikaners now live in a state of constant siege. The racist slogan ‘Africa for the Africans’ now specifically targets white Afrikaners for all-out increasingly ferocious genocidal attacks.’

    It pleases our evil Western leaders for white Christians in South Africa to be mass raped, tortured and barbarically murdered. Afrikaners are barred from escaping to our countries. Just as Jews were barred during the Holocaust. Our evil leaders open up their arms into our countries to millions of Muslims and blacks who hate us because we are infidels and because we are white.

    Western leaders and media are fully aware of Mandela’s dreadful cruelty and evil. They respect him. They admire him. Mandela the demonic MONSTER is their hero.

    A Briton said he dare not go into an area of his city because he would be physically attacked for being BRITISH and being WHITE. Attacked by immigrants wicked leaders have colonized Britain with. Immigrants who are given free homes, money and healthcare. Immigrants who hate us and want to murder us.

    In the greatest crime in all of human history wicked British and European leaders have colonized our countries with Third World Muslims whose belief system and culture is alien. Whose ideology from birth teaches them to hate, commit atrocities and wage jihad against our non-Muslim people.

    Quran (9:5) – “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush.

    Join the heroic EDL!

    Join Paul Weston’s heroic counter-jihad political party, LIBERTY GB!

    Paul Weston: Preventing White Genocide

    American Student Brutally Beaten by Muslim Gang in London

  25. Communist Mandela:

    Mandela laid a wreath on the grave of Ayatollah Khomeini, the father of the Iranian revolution, warmly greeting his successor, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. “We are indebted to the Islamic Revolution”, Mandela proclaimed. It is the same Mandela who claimed that Communist Cuba had achieved the “systematic eradication of racism”.

    Jew Hater Mandela:

    In 1990, Mandela likened Israel to a “terrorist state” and declared that “we do not regard the PLO as a terrorist organization. If one has to refer to any parties as a terrorist state, one might refer to the Israeli government because they are the people who are slaughtering defenseless and innocent Arabs in the occupied territories”.

    Muslim Mandela:

    During a trip to Libya, Mandela declared that “we consider ourselves to be comrades in arms to the Palestinian Arabs in their struggle for the liberation of Palestine. There is not a single citizen in South Africa who is not ready to stand by his Palestinian brothers in their legitimate fight against the Zionist racists”.

    Pro Palestinian Mandela:

    In 1999 Mandela supported the Palestinian Arab use of violence. With Arafat seated next to him in Gaza, Mandela declared: “All men and women with vision choose peace rather than confrontation, except in cases where we cannot proceed, where we cannot move forward. Then if the only alternative is violence, we will use violence”.

    And they’re flying our flags at half staff!!!!

  26. I must respectfully disagree with this posting. I find it contemptible that so many are rushing to bash Mandela. He wasn’t a Saint, but he isn’t the monster that so many of you make him out to be.

    It’s true that Mandela belonged to a communist organization, but he renounced his communist views, and came to recognize the importance of an economy based on free enterprise. Whites are still the most prosperous ethnic group in South Africa, and there was none of the seizure of land and businesses which happened in Zimbabwe under Mugabe. That Mandela was a communist doesn’t change the fact that he fought the highly oppressive system of Apartheid.

    Mandela spent 27 years in prison, he was released because the White government realized that Apartheid was not sustainable, and that they’d have to face the music someday. Mandela, instead of calling for retribution, he called for peace, and neither “Black Domination” or “White Domination”. At Mandela’s inauguration, he sang the National Anthem in Afrikaans, and was saluted by the White generals of South Africa. Mandela was a symbol of reconciliation, thousands of Whites chanted his name when he entered a rugby stadium wearing the colors of the national rugby team (a symbol despised by most Blacks).

    You cannot blame all of South Africa’s problems on Mandela. The idea that Mandela approved of the farm attacks, or the high incidence of rape in South Africa, is simply ludicrous. In fact, Mandela condemned the farm attacks, and since the police were stretched thin, allowed Whites to form armed commando groups to defend themselves. Mandela lost one of his sons to AIDS, and he stated so publicly, in defiance of the AIDs denialism policies of the Thabo Mbeki government.

    I am appalled by the racism and bigotry of certain people commenting here, calling black people savages, you are certainly not helping the Counterjihad movement, of which Africa is one of the front lines.

    • In the counter-jihad movement there are plenty of people who have black people in their families! NO ONE is saying that all black people are savages! MONSTERS who perpetrate atrocities ARE savages. There is NO ONE to protect white people in South Africa! NO ONE! God help them!

      Nelson Mandela sings about killing whites

    • i am appalled by your stupidity and lack of concern for the tens of thousands of v victims black and white . you are a disgrace. go to south africa and see how long you will be alive.

  27. Thank you BNI for publicizing this atrocity. The world needs to know about these low life cowardly scum. There should be a world-wide boycott against South African blacks.

  28. Two sides to every story. A neighbour here was one of the monks who helped the Dalai Lama escape Tibet when China invaded. They call him a “terrorist” because under his rule, the poor were denied education. The Dalai Lama sent around his thugs to collect money from the poor to support the lavish lifestyle of the monastery and when the poor couldn’t pay, they robbed them, beat them, trashed their homes and forced them into the street to starve. That’s what they say anyway. Two sides to every story. Also, maybe two sides to every individual .. sure looks that way sometimes. The main thing is for the good side of individuals to support opposition to the oppression of Islam and of racist governments of all sorts. As a child growing up, I had a hard time understanding racism of any kind but in light of some of the atrocities like those committed by the NAC against white farmers, it becomes easier to appreciate. Not that I support violence against anyone. I don’t. But forced civility, yes, there is a certain logic to such a plan even if it may look unfair to those proponents of Islam who believe in forcing the whole world to submit to a shari’ah caliphate. We must not allow that.

    • The Dalai Lama is an interesting subject. Despite having possessed artifacts that bring to mind Ilsa Kuchs AKA the Bitch of Buchanwald he is among the world’s icons that resists critical examination. Drumheads made of human skin, instruments made from human bone. I think they waited for the source material to die by natural causes. Still totally disgusting.

  29. Once again, I have been clueless! I had no idea what a monster he was due to my information source, THE MEDIA! Thank you again Bonnie for opening my eyes to these monsters!
    Now for my thoughts on this crap; Maybe GOD had it right when he seperated the different races! Brown people here yellow people here red people here black people here white people here! We were not meant to mingle in large doses! At least evil muslim people! Dont get me wrong, I can get along with anyone who doesn’t try to force their crap on me !

  30. He sided with the pali vermin. Enough to scratch him off my list of decent humans. Don’t know if it would be worth it to celebrate his trip to hell with a box of candy. Maybe I will hoist a can of diet Coke.
    PS Look up his wife Winnie on google. She is even worse.

  31. One of my friends is from South Africa and of Dutch descent. He said there were so many places a white person can’t go and even black people because of all the tribal and political faction warfare going on. He said Mandela was the instigator of a bunch of black churches being firebombed, burning lots of women and children alive becaus they were of a different tribe and weren’t on his Marxist bandwagon. A big thing down there is putting tires over people and then burning them alive. Chopping people up with machetes is also a popular pastime. On a lighter note, after my friend’s family moved here his sister applied to and got accepted to a college in Colorado but when she got there they tried to take back her scholarship because she wasn’t black. On her application she marked off ‘African American’ because she was born in South Africa, seemed like the logical to her. She didn’t know it was some bullshit way of finding out if a person is black here in the U.
    S. She said why didn’t they just ask me if I was black or white? Anyway, they couldn’t kick her out because she was technically correct.

  32. Hello friend!
    The first video is a man supposedly of Ethiopia.
    The reasons are unknown

    If you do not dislike I continued translating and publishing your news
    Greetings your post is very good keep going!

    • Michael Warden ” A light has gone out of the world ” that is exactly what the first Prime Minister Nehru of India said when Gandhi was assassinated .

  33. As far as mandella goes, I wouldn’t piss in his mouth if his guts were on fire. Early form of radical islam is all this jagoff was about.

    • Usually these videos are taken by a horrified bystander and posted to the internet. The media wouldn’t dare talk about it so there’s no information other than what is posted with the video.

  34. And remember that the ” Prophet Mandela , peace be upon him “, was a good friend of Arafat ,Castro ,Gaddafi ,Mugabe and all there like , of course that means the leftist intelligentsia and Marxist media love him all the more !

  35. And BNI don’t forget the large amount of muslims in the ANC.A leftist organzation that it is, ANC is also helping fellow leftist militant party ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe.ANC is also rabidly anti Israel and anti jew by the number of boycotts that it has imposed.

  36. if peoples minds weren’t poisense with political corretness this would never happen. It’s just like with the jews in nazi germany.

  37. When Nelson Mandela was put in prison, he was a fierce and criminally violent terrorist, believing killing the Afrikaner was the best way to fight for the rights of black people. I heard him say in an interview on TV that while he was in prison, he changed, and it was because of the kindness his white guards showed him, and talking to them gave him an insight into their side of the issue. He realized that not all white people were enemies of the blacks, and that the best way to help his people was to win the hearts and minds of white people. When he came out of prison, he was a completely changed person, and as a result could no longer live with his wife Winnie, who was still in favor of violence and killing. So he divorced her, and married a more reasonable woman — and with this attitude of friendship and understanding he achieved the goals he never could have attained through hate and terror. Prison has been a good device in the healing of many a convinced terrorist — Anwar Sadat also changed after being imprisoned by the British, and came out wanting to establish peace in the world, and even went to Israel and spoke to the Knesset. For his efforts to bring peace into the Middle East, he was of course murdered, as Islamists do not want peace, they want to conquer, they must kill all Muslims who do not adhere to Islamic policies.

  38. Mandella was nothing more than a terrorist and thug..perhaps even more so than Jomo Kenyatta…both should have been executed immediately after capture. Colonel Mike Hoare and the ‘Wild Geese’…the Colonel’s army of Belgian Mercenaries…were the saviors of Kenya’s and Rhodesia’s Caucasian populations in the 1950’s and 60’s Mau Mau and Simba uprisings. Sadly the good Colonel is now long in years . Even if he once again would assume the mantle of brilliant and gallant commander of those former conflicts, the leftists/iberals would crucify both him and the brave men he commanded, while championing the filthy barbarian terrorists as ‘Freedom Fighters’. These are indeed twisted and strange times we find ourselves living in…

  39. It’s chilling and terrifying. I am shocked. I had NO idea, and I consider myself well informed. These savages can teach even Muslim subhumans how to mutilate, torture and inflict damage. And just like European Jews trapped in Europe and doomed to horrible death because no country would have them, the Afrikaners are being quietly murdered in the name of political correctness and no one will speak for them, help them flee, because they are “white oppressors” . It’s insane, completely insane! I am used to revolting, blood chilling images on BNI but THIS left me completely shaking.

  40. With Mandela gone only two are left… Mugabe and Castro. He is not the saint people hold him out to be. Instead of getting even with the Afrikaners, he should have devoted his time to educating the black contingent so they could actually run the country.

    • I wouldn’t put Castro in the same boat as Mandela and Mugabe. At least Cuba is a better place now than it was when the old Batista regime was ejected, with even better health facilities, better educational standards, and a longer life expectancy than that of the USA. Like it or not, the Cubans have benefited from its revolution, that was pushed into the Soviet camp by American interference.

      South Africa and Zimbabwe, however, is a different matter, where the natives are clearly in a worse economic state than before black rule was imposed, both countries now ruled by corrupt cronies of Mugabe, Mandela and Zuma, all of whom now live in luxury houses and mansions in gated estates with chauffeured Mercedes, much of it financed by Western aid.

      • Before commie Castro took power, Cuba was a prosperous, extremely affluent country with a HUGE middle class. And was a FREE country!

      • @ Linda Rivera & Leninandmccarthy

        Cuba was ‘prosperous’ only for a small minority of wealthy Cubans as well as foreign criminal playboys. There were not even normal elections there, just a dictator (Batista) who was a puppet of the US. “Free?” It was commonplace for dissidents to be arrested, tortured, and disappear. That’s why Castro was so successful and popular; he could never have been successful without such support, which was not forthcoming from outside the island. Furthermore, at the time of the revolution he was NOT a Communist; his politics were more akin to Social Democracy. It was only after continual attempts by the United States at overthrowing his government that he was forced to turn to the Soviet Union for assistance, and consequently then proceeded to become a ‘Communist’.

        I don’t care what anyone calls themselves, just as long as they work for the benefit of the ordinary people, and like it or not, that is what Castro has done for the Cubans, who now have a longer life expectancy than the average US citizen, as well as better health care (amongst the best in the world) and better education than the US state system.

  41. Absolutely chilling.
    I like to think of myself as being well informed on world events concerning Terror and genocide.
    I have not seen a single news report about this genocide in South Africa.
    I remember well, the atrocities and the downward spiral of Rhodesia in the “80’s”.
    The take over of the “White farms” with the accompanying murders and purging of people whose family’s had been living on these lands for hundreds of years,(Racism at it’s best )
    At the time of it’s fall,Rhodesia was the bread basket of the continent.Since the “Politically correct” (Thanks Jimmy Carter) take over, Rhodesia now imports most of it’s food.

    I agree with the author that the United States faces the most dangerous threat to our existence in the form of Legal and Illegal immigration as well as the changing of MY American culture.

    The only exception I take with the authors warning is that this is The United States of America, not Rhodesia.
    Yes we have a healthy population of people that want to let every swinging dick into the country and love to suck at the government Teet.
    There time for redemption and revenge from the people that work for a living and support these fleas will come.
    Fortunately we also have a large group of the population that are patriots, have a sense of history, have lot’s of guns and ammo and has had enough of this madness,
    Our Justice /Political system is having trouble dealing with the current crop of the Urban Troubadours , to many repeat offenders.

    The last thing these monster, (terrorist/ criminals) want is the loss of the rule of law. This is the only thing keeping them alive,
    When WOROL(World With Out Rule Of Law) happens,Patriotic Americans will no longer be restrained by artificial and arbitrary laws hoisted upon us by the government that will not allow us to protect our self’s . When WORL happens,We can let the Constitution guide our decision on how to deal with offenders of the law
    “Let the bodies hit the floor.”
    At last count there are 300 million guns in the U.S.
    As I live in the Liberal bastion of Minnesota, The ruling class has yet to find a way to deny me my right to carry a weapon openly in public. (I love the Constitution )

    In South Africa, the Blacks are the indigenous people . They do not recognize the advancement that European immigration has brought them over the last 200 years.

    In The United States, The first ” immigrants” were the Indians, they didn’t spring from the land,
    These same Indians warred against other tribes of Indians with no mercy for hundreds of years.
    Then came the evil Europeans
    That s when the racism started..


    • when it is time , we will come to her defense , we will pour out of the seam’s of her cloak by the millions , of this i have no doubt for Our Lady Liberty .

  42. John Howard settled a lot of white South Africans in Australia, but under the commies and that red headed slag, they shut the doors on them. I have no doubts hope Tony Abbott will open them again.

  43. I see Obama in that video and words. This is what’s going happen in the U.S. Unless we stand firm . We must protect our Country. Stop the immigration that is flooding the U.S..

  44. The mainstream media news here in Britain is terrible: virtual 24 hour coverage about ‘Saint’ Mandela, with not a single mention of the cesspit of crime that he is responsible for with his fellow corrupt ANC co-conspirators. The supposedly ‘right-wing’ press is just as bad as the left wing BBC, arch propagandists of anti-white Cultural Marxism.

    Mandela’s true legacy: 50% unemployment amongst black workers, 49% of black schoolgirls HIV positive, a once prosperous country now one of the most dangerous, crime-ridden cesspits outside of the Muslim world, where over
    60,000 whites have been murdered, many bestially, since Mandela and the ANC took power. Yet the brainwashing continues by the Western mainstream media, and, no doubt, in the schools where most impressionable young minds are ready to become victims of their left wing school-teachers, enthusiastically ready to indoctrinate them according to the agenda of anti-white Cultural Marxism on behalf of the NWO.

    • Cranky…….and did you see Bill Clinton wittering on about “truth and honesty”in one clip and then to put the tin hat on it our very own”Call me Dave” Cameron singing Mr.Mandela’s praises.What’s the odds he’ll throw millions of pounds of tax payers’ monet at South Africa when he pops over for the state funeral……………

      • Not the Cameron one, but I did see Clinton. I could have thrown up every meal I’ve had in the last four weeks watching him spew out that sycophantic garbage about Mandela, as though he were the Second Coming. And yes, get ready for another flood of our hard-earned tax revenues being sent to these savages to help fund yet more mansion development for high ranking ANC officials.

    • Sadly, the same can be said for the American media in general. I am glad Bonnie (and the other few) have shedded light on this.

  45. All Whites should be making preparations to leave. I’ve seen on TV that some have settled in Australia, which seems friendly to them even if Europe is not. I’d be surprised if the Netherlands would not let the Afrikaner in; they’re largely of the same blood.
    The article says that there are only 270,000 police officers in SA. I’ve read just recently that the U.S. has only about 750,000 law enforcement officers in the whole country: includes city police, county sheriffs and state police. Not very many when the FBI stats show that we now have 1.4 million gang members alone, not to mention all the other criminals.

  46. The white South Africans were dreamers to try to build a country when they were a tiny percentage among the hordes of savages. Apartheid was like Americans living in gated communities to separate themselves from American savages except that civilized Americans (of all colors) are in a great majority. Had the Dutch started a country that attracted Europeans as America has, they would have had a chance. At this point, a white man is nuts to live in S.A. It’s like a Detroit times a thousand and worse. We have yet to see a black ruler who has any concept of ruling. Given enough time Obama would turn America into a South Africa by filling the country with third world welfare bums, terrorist Muslims and African apes.

    • When it became attractive (Gold and Diamonds discovered) things went down hill for the Boars. The British invaded and forced the Boars inland and then followed them to exert control.

      • Boer War? And how many Americans even know about the Boer Wars? the concentration camps that would be an inspiration for Hitler? Of course the British claim it was not their intent to murder so many civilians, and that it just happened that they starved. Regardless of what the political leaders claimed was their intent or what they knew or didn’t know was happening, it was the intent of the British military to let the Boer people suffer. Unfortunately those political leaders were not held responsible and are praised as heros by todays British right-wingers.

        The Boer well. They had their atrocities. Murdering natives (i.e Magaliesberg).

        The Natives…. a collection of various largely hunter and gatherer tribes.. some friendly.. some aggressive… the hunter-gatherer societies didn’t blend well with the agrarian society. You have the hunters doing what they do and hunt and take. then you have the agarians who farm animals for food.. obviously the farmers are going to take it personally when their animals are hunted. Theft or presumed theft was punished by death generally led by farmers themselves against the first tribe or natives that came across. Next thing, the natives fight back.. then the whites fight back.. and so forth.

        The Boer were no saints neither were the British. But when you have political, military and other leaders demanding blood what to you get. Mindless and endless blood shed. Cowards in the beginning. Cowards at the end. All believing they’re ENTITLED to something – their protected Land and prosperity rights by their preferred government masters.

        But this event just shows how corrupt and pathetic humans are. Both sides claim to be saints and their own delusional followers praise their leaders as heros. Evil men are just evil. Brittish, Boer. Well I’ll never put any man or group on a pedestal and claim them to be such.

        What’s happening in South Africa today does not surprise me. Hell it’s EXTREMELY old news. But it was a boiling pot waiting to happen. In simple terms, during apartheid the elitist power brokered whites ignored the crimes against the natives and now all whites are paying. Now the most important part that is never mentioned by sites or commenters is the fact a lot of these same elitists fled and the elitist that did stay are well funded for protection.

  47. Anybody remember ” Necklacing, ” courtesy of Mrs. Mandela? Many a Political dissident opposed to the Mandelas, found themselves with a burning tire around their shoulders! The ANC and similar savages, killed almost with abandoned savagery the Afrikaner Boers in Rhodesia during the 50′ with what was know as the ” Mao Mao ” Uprisings, machetes being their favorite killing instrument. Looks like one of the victims in the one of the above pictures has been wounded grieviously by machete, I would venture. I think I have most of this correct from memory. I have followed the adoration of mandela with disgust. Ten years ago, when he was supposed to be dying, the word was that his death would bring about the deaths of ALL of the Whites in South Africa and the African Continent by extension. I may have read that jewel right here on BNI…not sure, but it was recent. The above article brought a lot of this to mind!

    • Doyle – I support your overall stance, but you do need to be careful of what you write – The Mao Mao were active in Kenya during the early 50’s and not in RHODESIA. The victims of the Mao Mao were not just farmers of South African ancestry, but those who had ties in England as well, further more there were also indigenous blacks who were victoms as well. Ones credebilty tends to suffer as a result of inaccuracies such as those you have stated but as I said I agree with your general stance.

  48. Mandela’s heroic image was a creation of Hollywood script writers and the leftist news media. With such a horrible past record as he had it must have been a resounding success to transform him into a saint. When they came around to working on Barack Hussein Obama, it was a piece of cake compared to Mandela.

  49. One very chilling video. What is even more chilling, at least for Americans is the virtual silence of the media over the years since apartheid ended in South Africa. Crimes against whites in South Africa are simply unheard of because of the media’s P/C bullshit sensitivities, therefore making them complicit with these crimes. I truly believe if we Americans are to have a fighting chance at saving our country, we will have to spill oceans of blood, our own and those of our leftist and pseudo-conservative enemies who are bringing about this coming nightmare.

    This video resonates with my reasoning because when you look at it against 0bama administration policies, it is all too clear.

  50. For this, our flag has been ordered to half staff in honor of this “saint”, “statesman”, “father of his country”, yadda yadda. Hussein will be spending our tax money to make pilgrimage to his funeral. Is it any surprise that 20 years of soaking up “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright’s hatred of whites and America encouraged any sort of concern about such a genocide? He’s probably sorry he has to do it the long drawn out way using Obamacare instead of machetes.

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