SWEDEN: Only probation and fines for Muslim animal abuser who punched a woman when she called him out for abusing his helpless puppy

A woman in Malmo, Sweden photographed a filthy Arab Muslim, Sajofi Abdul Karim, 23, punishing his puppy by kicking it while he let it dangle in the air by its neck (photo below).


Vlad Tepes (h/t Stefan D)  The woman took a picture of the cruelty perpetrated against the animal and told the man that he wasn’t allowed to treat the dog that way. Abdul Karim responded that he was entitled to treat his dog exactly like he wanted to and obviously felt that he could do the same with the woman. He initially spat at her in the face and when that didn’t help he punched the woman in the face.

Abdul Karim was charged with violating the Animal Welfare Act and abuse and battery. He received  only a suspended sentence and a fine. This despite the fact that Abdul Karim already has convictions for assault, drug offenses, violations against the knife law and for having forced a mentally retarded woman to perform oral sex on him, he even urinated in her mouth.

The puppy, a French bulldog was taken into the protection of the animal welfare agency. They discovered that the puppy was limping, had sore paws and had clearly been mistreated in the past. Abdul Karim stated that this was the way the puppy should be treated.