Did you know that adoption is forbidden in Islam?

Islam prohibits adopting children. Period. Adoption in the technical sense is not allowed under Islamic law. Allah prohibited adoption in Islam and annulled all the judgements pertaining to adoption.”


Faith Freedom  Adoption of orphan/helpless child was a very popular and moral practice amongst pre-Islamic Arabs. By adopting orphan/helpless child, they used to consider adopted child as their own.

The all-wise legislator of Islam willed to undo the above mentioned Arab practice of adopting children. The divine legislator willed to give the adopted son only the right of a client and co-religionist. For that reason a verse was revealed: “God did not make your adopted son as your own sons. To declare them so is your empty claim. God’s word is righteous and constitutes true guidance. (Q.33: 4).” 

About Islam  The Islamic term for what is commonly called adoption is kafala, which comes from a word that means “to feed.”  In essence, it describes more of a foster-parent relationship.  Some of the rules in Islam surrounding this relationship:

  • An adopted child retains his or her own biological family name (surname) and does not change his or her name to match that of the adoptive family.
  • An adopted child inherits from his or her biological parents, not from the adoptive parents.
  • When the child is grown, members of the adoptive family are not considered blood relatives, and are therefore not muhrim to him or her.  “Muhrim” refers to a specific legal relationship that regulates marriage and other aspects of life.  Essentially, members of the adoptive family would be permissible as possible marriage partners, and rules of modesty exist between the grown child and adoptive family members of the opposite sex.
  • If the child is provided with property/wealth from the biological family, adoptive parents are commanded to take care and not intermingle that property/wealth with their own.  They serve merely as trustees.

For unknown reasons in nature, sometimes a mother abandons her baby, leaving him an orphan.

Hours after his birth, Breeze was found stumbling around by a farmer.  The newborn foal was abandoned by his mother. That’s when the farmer took him to Devon-based Mare and Foal Sanctuary where they instantly started caring for him.  What happened next is heartwarming. Staff could bottle feed the foal but they couldn’t risk putting him together with another mare. So they put a 4-foot giant Teddy Bear in the stall with Breeze.

The bear's name is Buttons and Breeze quickly warmed up to him

The bear’s name is Buttons and Breeze quickly warmed up to him

Without his mother, Breeze has found an adorable replacement.

Without his mother, Breeze has found an adorable replacement.

The two have been inseparable and they expect Breeze to be just fine

The two have been inseparable and they expect Breeze to be just fine.

Thanks to the rescuers and those who cared enough to take this little Cutie in. And thanks, of course, to Buttons.

Thanks to the rescuers and those who cared enough to take in this little baby horse. And thanks, of course, to Buttons.


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  1. You can adopt but you can’t change the name because of something called incest. Did you not hear the story in England where a guy and a girl were attracted to each other and later they found out they were brother and sister.
    “Unknowing twins married, lawmaker says”
    “Accidental incest”
    Another way to look at it.

  2. Because of a lecherous old man’s sexual desires children who would ordinarily be in loving homes are in the care of orphanages or roam the streets. The ridiculous Islamic gender separation rules are the cause of all of this, I knew a “his, hers and theirs” type family where the oldest two children were not biologically related to each other and were forced to comply with the separation rule when they hit puberty. The parent’s solution- marry the girl at 12 (she hadn’t reached full puberty and looked about 9-10) to a 22 yo man. I left right about the time that this happened but I can well imagine the heartbreak of this little girl since I’m sure that the “husband” raped her starting the first night.

  3. The story of Mohammed banning adoption is typical of Moslem opportunism. His adopted son had a beautiful wife. He wanted her. Sayid was afraid he would be killed if he refused. Mohammed pretended he didn’t care, then received a convenient revelation. It’s now in the Koran. Then even that was not enough. People saw how opportunistic Mohammed was. He required now that Allah change adoption forever! The excuse was lame. Moslems didn’t buy it. They are still today shocked when they learn this story. In the end, the scandal didn’t go away, so Mohammed having stolen Sayid’s wife, and disinherited him, sent him on dangerous military expedition and commanded him to carry the flag at the head of the Moslem jihadists. Sayid was quickly killed. Mohammed betrayed and killed his own son. It is one of the evilest stories in history. Moslems cannot defend it.

    • mohamed made his son divorce his wife, so he could marry her!

      Interesting how allah allows a man to have 2, 3 or 4 wifes, and even then allowing to rape his slaves…

      But the ‘example to mankind’ had lot’s more then 4 wifes. So which to follow?
      allah’s 4, or many more by mohammed’s example?

  4. Herein is the message: Islam is about self-perpetuation, NOT compassion. Only male heirs are desired and only the patriarchal lineage is important in Islam.

    This is just one more way that Islam is precisely OPPOSITE to the worship of the only Living God. THROUGHOUT real scripture (the Old and New Testaments), God shows adoptive love towards humanity. Even we Christians are ‘adopted’ through Christ Jesus. “By His Blood, we have a new bloodline. In His Name, we have a new name.” Most of Islam DOES NOT adopt – and then only to the advantage of the adopters – NOT for the sake of a child in need.

    Muslims breed like MAGGOTS in hopes of crowding out the non-Muslim population. They have no issue whatever with using offspring as weapons against the civilized world.



    • Exactly, when rapey Mo was lording over the sand dunes boys would go straight into the army and fight for jihad and get abused in the name of allah., and girls after from the age of 6 (the age @ which mohammed the filthy started to abuse Aisha) would be married off, there is no need for adoption in islamic an sharia wonderland. The reason for the children being orphans is allahs will in the first place, so who are we to argue against allah. islam is one of the purist forms of circular reasoning.

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      To fix the problem, you can move the formula to another cell (press Ctrl+X to cut the formula, select another cell, and press Ctrl+V), or change the formula.


  5. Amazing how “Allah” NEVER FAILS to provide the means and “Religious” justification for EVERY Filthy Perversion his prophet/creator cared to indulge in. From Pedophilia to Necrophilia, from Bestiality to Lachanikaphilia.
    There should be a dedicated chapter in the DSM just for these Savages.

  6. Thank you for the diabetic coma I am currently responding to you in, no thanks to the bought of overly sweet, heart warming, soul tugging strings of that foal and teddy bear. (My mare that passed last year wasn’t too much older than Breeze was there)

    The Bible says, in Christ, we are the adopted sons and daughters of God. No wonder that evil book they worship condems adoptionship.

    • WC, that’s horrible. What did she die of?

      Be sure to check back on SuperBowl Day. I have some wonderful videos of the Budweiser Clydesdales and how they train them to do what they do in the commercials.

      • She colicked shortly after her 18th birthday. (Her mother died five months prior, at 30. They were inseperable and we think if her mother was alive, she would have survived.) Thankfully, I’ve still got the ‘stang. =)

      • You might call me crazy, Bonni, but after she died, well, I’ve had horses for 20 years and after that time, and I’m sure you can attest to this, their scent doesn’t hit you immediately anymore. (I love to put my face in their necks and just inhale.) Anyway, shortly after she died, I was in the kitchen of all places and her scent just… surrounded me. It brought me to tears, she was there. It happened outside, too, a few days later. And when I feed the mustang, he acts like she’s coming up to steal his food. He even looks behind him to pin his ears at something only he can see.

        I’m sorry you two lost your horses. They are so amazing, so wonderful and can heal a broken soul in ways non-horse people just can’t understand. Thank you for letting me tell you about them. =) Do you have any others?

        • I can’t afford one now so I am riding my friend’s horse as she doesn’t ride more than twice a week. He’s a nice TB and strong. I haven’t jumped him much, kind of lost my nerve I think.

          When my husband’s horse, Skinny’ died, my mare ‘Lacey’ was up at Cornell with an infection they couldn’t seem to get rid of. When we finally brought her home, I didn’t have the heart to put her in her stall next to his which was now empty. So I turned her out in one of the riding rings where we sometimes turned them out together. She started smelling the ground frantically all around the ring. I knew she was looking for him so, finally, I walked up to her put my arms around her neck and said “Lacey, Skinny is dead, he’s not coming back.” She pulled away from me and ran to the end of the ring and just stood there with her back to me for about 20 minutes not even moving. I knew she understood what I said, Eventually she walked back to me and didn’t try to smell the ground again.

          Both of them died at age 26.

  7. As far as I am concerned this is a good thing:

    What a terrible start to life being adopted into a Muslim family ,as a young girl being forced to cover your entire body (oppression-get in early!)
    Run the risk of being married while still a child with the ”blessing” of your adopted father
    Brainwashed by that vile cult..

    And as a boy brainwashed into thinking it is acceptable and right to:

    rape inappropriately dressed non-Muslim women
    beat your wife to correct her behaviour
    marry children…child molesting is an accepted practice!
    (I could barely bring myself to type that..)
    kill your fellow man because his views are not the same as yours

    I was adopted myself, and the family that chose me from the ward of 40 babies when I was only days old are wonderful..
    I won the lottery in that respect.

  8. Allah made it this way so Muhammad could marry his adopted son’s wife; with the old rule it would not have been possible to him as she would have been considered as a blood relative and thus not marriable to him. Allah had a wonderful way of always accommodating his creator’s wishes.

    • When returned to the order Mohammed dictated it, Raymond, the parallels to his most trusted biography by Ibn Ishak become obvious: in that “perfect copy of the perfect book that has rested by Allah in paradise since the beginning of time” we find Allah sanctioning whatever Mohammed wanted, whenever he wanted it which proves theological determinism – even every thought of ours has been scripted by Allah since the beginning of time,…. but if that’s true, how is Allah testing anybody? See why kafir are foebidden and Muslims discouraged from reading Islamic doctrine and especially questioning it? “Science has questions that may never be answered. Islam has answers that can never be questioned.” But what can we expect from a long-dead Epileptic who used his seizures to pretend he was some kind of Über-prophet?

  9. This is not about adoption but finally getting back on BNI after several weeks of error
    messages and re-sets etc. Is this only me or is BNI being blocked by the muzzie- in -chief and his todies?

  10. Islamic Muslims are EVIL!! DO NOT TRUST Muslims Brotherhood and Muslims, they ALL FOLLOW a FALSE god named allah!!

    Adoption is GOOD for Kids and Families!! Jesus Christ is GREAT with us, and He would also LIKE Adoptions Children’s for Families!! Children Need LOVE from LOVING Parents that Follow Jesus Christ!! I have Christian Friends that have Adopted Children and that is a BIG Blessing From God Above!! ALL Children are a BLESSING from God Above, and His SON Jesus Christ!!

      • Sharia: (A: Adoption is unlawful in Islam when it means giving a child one’s own name, a share of one’s estate division (irth, def: L1.0), and so on. But when it merely means giving the child a home and other advantages provided by family life until it grows up, then it is a charitable act rewarded by Allah. And Allah knows best.)

      • Almost, I believe it was iran allowing men to marry their adopted ‘daughters’! The land ‘liberated’ by the paedophile khomeini, who had no problems with sex with infants and animals…

        No outrage in our libtard press!